Wilson ‘livid’ at Carroll for holding back 2019 MVP bid

Posted: 07/09/2022 in NFL
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The Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson publicly painted their breakup as amicable, but the relationship apparently wasn’t quite as rosy as they tried to make it seem.

Wilson grew frustrated with the Seahawks’ run-heavy offensive approach and his lack of say in personnel decisions, ESPN’s Brady Henderson detailed Wednesday in an in-depth piece.

An apparent key moment came in October 2019 when head coach Pete Carroll reined in Wilson and the passing attack after Seattle took a 24-0 halftime lead against the Atlanta Falcons thanks to the quarterback’s two touchdown throws.

Wilson was fighting for the lead in the MVP race with Lamar Jackson – who was on a bye that week – heading into the Falcons game. He was “livid” at Carroll for only allowing him to throw five passes in the second half, believing it had cost him a chance to cement as place as the MVP favorite, according to Henderson.

Jackson went on to win the 2019 award thanks to a dominant second half of the campaign. Wilson, meanwhile, has never received a single MVP vote during his career.

Seahawks general manager John Schneider’s willingness to explore drafting a quarterback further hurt Wilson’s relationship with the team.

Schneider was enamored with Patrick Mahomes ahead of the 2017 draft and would’ve drafted the former Texas Tech standout had he been available late in the first round, team sources told Henderson.

The GM reportedly also attended Josh Allen‘s Wyoming pro day the following year despite Wilson leading the league in touchdown passes in 2017.

Schneider justified scouting quarterbacks by pointing to his time with the Green Bay Packers – who drafted Aaron Rodgers in 2005 following his shocking fall to the end of the first round – but the decision still angered Wilson.

“They were fucking pissed,” a Seahawks’ front-office source said.

Seattle traded Wilson to the Denver Broncos, his preferred destination, in March for a package of top draft picks, quarterback Drew Lock, and defensive lineman Shelby Harris.

Wilson will open the season against his former team on Monday night.

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