Another WWE Star Admits Their Character “Was Getting Stale”

Posted: 08/09/2022 in WWE
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Rhea Ripley has admitted that her on-screen character was “slowly starting to get stale”.

The Judgment Day member told ITR that she “really needed” to turn heel and embrace a different side to her personality, because her character was regressing badly. Pre-Judgment Day, Rhea was stuck in female tag-teams alongside both Nikki A.S.H and Liv Morgan – neither role particularly suited her.

On that, Ripley said: “I felt myself just sort of shifting back to that. I was like, Nah! Nah, fam. I don’t want this, I don’t like this!”. Rhea was keen to “be a menace and just be chaotic and brutal”. She also fancied switching up her ring gear and look a little too.

Going under Edge’s learning tree alongside Damian Priest, and then ousting Edge from power to replace him with Finn Bàlor, let Ripley experiment with some new gear choices. She’s very happy about that, and recognises the value of freshening things up occasionally.

Rhea told fans that she’d “lost [her] brutal steak” and was “becoming too lovey-dovey” on TV. That, she thinks, needed arrested before things went too far and she lost purpose.

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