Booker T Was Not A Fan Of Recent AEW Creative Decision

Posted: 09/09/2022 in AEW
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Booker T is shaking his head at the conclusion to the AEW World Trios Championship tournament. “It don’t look good at all,” Booker T said on his “Hall of Fame” podcast. He doesn’t think it was a smart move by All Elite Wrestling Executive Vice Presidents Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks. “I mean these guys beat everybody. No one can beat ’em. It’s almost ridiculous in a sense. They’re EVPS and then create a division and then be the first ones to win it. Like you said I mean, what are we doing here?” 

Booker doesn’t think the EVPs putting themselves over is appropriate. “‘Let’s give ourselves a bonus. Let’s give ourselves a raise. We’re EVPs we can do whatever we want to do.’ And if I was in that position,” Booker mused, “I wonder what I would do. I get it. I understand. But the question was should they have had those titles from the beginning? And I told you. What did I say from the beginning?”

Booker’s co-host reminded him that he did not predict calm waters when AEW was first announced with The Elite as EVPs. “This is not going to end well, I know how the boys are.” Booker explained that things can get really ugly when people have that kind of power and said that AEW’s Tony Khan has made “a huge mistake,” much in the way frequent AEW critic Eric Bischoff had. “I’m sure he would say it, and one of those mistakes was making friends with the boys,” Booker added.

“Tony Khan being a young guy relatively, those guys can connect with each other from a friendship perspective,” Booker went on. “I just don’t think that friendship and business — when you’re in an authority position like Tony Khan — that can never really happen. At least not with everybody.” 

Khan’s relationship with the AEW locker room has come into question after Khan sat alongside former AEW Champion CM Punk as he eviscerated the EVPs of the company. The rant led to a violent confrontation in the locker room at All Out, which then led to the World Title and the World Trios Titles being vacated, as well as the EVPs suspended from their own company and scrubbed from the opening video package.

“Sometimes you get caught up,” Booker assured. “Sometimes it’s not about anybody but you.” Booker noted that he runs a small promotion, Reality of Wrestling, and that he’s always said he doesn’t want to be a part of his own show, preferring to approach his promotion “from a distance.” ROW has been active since 2006, and has seen Booker in active ring action three times in the past three years, often in tag matches or singles matches that heavily feature young wrestlers, as ROW also has a training program.

“I understand that it’s not about me. It’s about my young guys and if I can give them a rub.” Booker attributes the short-sighted nature of Omega & The Bucks’ management to youth, but warns again that power can make messes. “Man, it can be chaos.”

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