Ex-WWE Star Campaigns For Hall Of Fame Induction

Posted: 09/09/2022 in WWE
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Ken Shamrock believes WWE should stick him in their Hall Of Fame soon.

The ex-wrestler and MMA fighter told the Universal Wrestling Podcast that both fans and the company itself should ignore the fact that he only enjoyed a “two and a half year run” with WWE – Shamrock joined in February 1997 and left in September/October 1999 to reignite his Mixed Martial Arts career.

Most assumed that Ken would rejoin the promotion at some point, but it never happened. He did, however, work a short stint during the early days of TNA’s existence. That elusive WWE comeback though? Yeah, it was just never on the cards.

Shamrock doesn’t think that should stop Triple H from green-lighting his induction at some point in the near future. When asked why he thinks he’s deserving, Ken said that he helped reshape the submission game in pro wrestling by bringing his mat-based influence over from UFC.

That has left an “everlasting” impression on WWE, which is undeniable. Shamrock also says he won’t lose sleep over the Hall Of Fame, but did admit that he’d love to go in.

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