Ex-WWE Wrestler Says He’ll “Never Truly Retire”

Posted: 09/09/2022 in WWE
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Chavo Guerrero says he’ll “never truly retire” from pro wrestling.

The veteran, who recently worked a short spell in AEW alongside Andrade El Idolo, told the ‘Wrestling Perspective Podcast‘: “A Guerrero’s never retired”. So, basically, Chavo plans to wrestle at least a handful of matches each year to keep himself ticking over.

The former WWE man knows he’ll never wrestle full-time again, but he’s cool with that. Guerrero gets a kick out of it when younger workers pull him aside and say they’re surprised he can still wrestle such a frantic pace on the independent scene – that means the world to Chavo, because it shows he still has enough gas in the tank for a few bouts here or there.

Guerrero also mocked Ric Flair’s recent retirement by asking, “Which one is this?”. He doesn’t want to follow Ric’s lead by working advertised “final matches”, and instead plans to stay involved in the industry by keeping tabs on everything happening and occasionally dipping his toe in.

‘Chavito’ wants to do that forever, and can’t ever see himself announcing a definitive retirement from the biz.

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