The Latest On Thunder Rosa’s Reported Injury

Posted: 09/09/2022 in AEW
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AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa is currently sidelined with an injury, but apparently there are still questions about it lingering backstage.

While Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter was able to confirm that Rosa is injured, there are some behind the scenes who believe the timing of her announcement was suspect, as it came only hours after being told that she would drop the championship to Toni Storm at AEW’s All Out event. Rosa reportedly feared that wrestling another match would further aggravate the injury and cause her to require surgery; however, according to Meltzer, it is reportedly the type of injury that many wrestlers would work through to at least drop the championship before taking time off. At the same time, Meltzer noted most doctors would likely not recommend working through the injury.

Amidst rumors of friction between Rosa and other wrestlers backstage, some have made comments about the suspicious timing of the injury announcement, including, seemingly, Storm herself. At the post-show media scrum following her victory at “All Out,” Storm spoke about becoming the interim champion. “It’s not ideal, but Thunder Rosa says she’s injured. Okay. So when she says she’s not injured, she can come back and lose to me, and that’ll be the end of that.”

Rosa has reportedly been working hurt since before winning the AEW Women’s World Championship back in March on an episode of “Dynamite.” She recently detailed her struggles wrestling injured while being champion on the “Athletic and the Arts” podcast, saying, “I couldn’t feel my legs when I got out of the ring. But I have to get out there. I couldn’t let people down.”

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