Former AEW Star Calls CM Punk A “Cunt”

Posted: 10/09/2022 in AEW
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Former AEW man Bobby Fish has described ex-alumni CM Punk as “a cunt”.

Fish refused to hold back during an interview with NBC Sports Boston. He recalled how dismissive Punk was following their match together on the 27 October 2021 edition of Dynamite – Bobby was particularly annoyed that Punk took him to task “for a mistake [he] made” in-ring.

The ex-WWE NXT star was also irked by Punk’s over-reliance on MMA flourishes during their bout. Fish has trained extensively in martial arts, so he was “insulted” by the two-time AEW World Champ’s desire to showcase his “bunk-ass” skills on a national stage.

Worse, Bobby was expected to sell for these moves/holds.

Fish believes Punk should’ve been “grateful” that he was willing to go out there, do business and stare at the lights for him. Instead, according to Bobby, Punk was anything but gracious after the match backstage. That didn’t sit well with him, and it’s why he said what he said during the interview with NBC.

CM Punk has yet to respond to anything Fish said. In fairness, he has a lot on his plate right now.

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