Bobby Fish Addresses ReDragon Not Getting AEW Matches Against The Young Bucks And FTR

Posted: 13/09/2022 in AEW
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To quote Col. Tom Parker, “What good is hate, if it’ s free?” Bobby Fish doesn’t think AEW capitalized on his team reDragon, nor the competitive spirit in the locker room.

“I think the ball was dropped,” Fish told “The Ten Count” on NBC Sports about his former home promotion of AEW. “Obviously I’m biased in a certain direction. You gotta know what you have and understand the value of your talent and what you have. To say that project was ‘mismanaged’ would be a monumental understatement. We were a proven commodity as a group. A proven commodity as individuals. Don’t screw it up stupid.”

Fish thinks that the backstage tensions and animosities in AEW are only a problem if no one is capitalizing on them. “There’s money to be made in that. I’ve had stuff go down recently with stuff who were true pros, and again money left on the table when it came to reDragon/FTR and some of it veered into some real life stuff. You got four guys who are professionals,” but Fish says that temper still flared due to the testosterone between the four men, “and that’s good for pro wrestling.” 

But what isn’t good in Fish’s eyes is when it “takes place in the locker room,” instead of the ring. “Nobody benefits from it and nobody makes money from it.” 

Fish targets former AEW Champion CM Punk, saying being a politician in the locker room gets “nobody anywhere.” Fish advises using animosity to everyone’s benefit, which is why he recently challenged Punk to a fight.

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