Wrestling Legend Compares CM Punk’s AEW Situation To WCW’s Downfall

Posted: 14/09/2022 in AEW
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Eric Bischoff can see some unwanted parallels between CM Punk’s current situation with AEW and the one he found himself experiencing towards the end of WCW’s boom period.

Bisch told listeners on his ’83 Weeks’ show that he would’ve “snatched” the mic away from Punk during that controversial post-All Out press conference. However, Eric realises that he didn’t snatch anything away from Warrior when the one-time Ultimate star went on an 18-minute rant during his WCW Nitro debut in 1998.

That, Bischoff admits, was a mistake on his part. He has some sympathy for All Elite boss Tony Khan then, because it isn’t always easy to shut a talent up once they get on their soapbox and into rant mode. Punk was definitely keen to get a lot off of his chest after AEW’s latest pay-per-view.

Despite having some sympathy though, Eric does think that Khan’s plight is “self-inflicted”, and he can see similarities between WCW back then and what the AEW chief is going through today. Basically, everybody should be really worried if Jon Moxley starts seeing Punk in a mirror backstage.

Just saying.

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