The Miz Makes Bold Assertion About His Ability To Main Event

Posted: 15/09/2022 in Sports, WWE
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The Miz may be scared of Dexter Lumis, but he isn’t scared of the spotlight. The former WWE Champion expressed all types of confidence in a new interview with The New York Post as he firmly believes that he is still “awesome” enough to headline any WWE event he’s a part of.

“If you need a main event that’s gonna draw ratings and get people talking, you can put me there,” Miz said. “If you need, four, six, eight segments, you need the whole show revolved around someone, you can make that The Miz. I’m the person who can tell a story. I can do main event matches and not only that, I can do outside work,” Miz said. “I can host, I can do movies. I can be on promotion. Whatever it may be, I am your guy. I don’t know if there is anyone who can do it better than me.”

Miz does have the resume to back all that up. He’s worked in the ring with celebrities like Bad Bunny and Logan Paul in matches at WrestleMania and SummerSlam, all of which were received positively, and also famously headlined WrestleMania 27 with John Cena. Miz has been paired up with Tommaso Ciampa on “WWE Raw” as of late and the two have found their synergy as a duo. Miz currently finds himself in a stalker situation with Dexter Lumis, who just this past week on “Raw” was caught invading the Miz’s home. Miz last won the WWE Championship in February 2021, but only held the title for eight days before dropping it to Bobby Lashley.

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