Trish Stratus Undergoes Emergency Surgery After Driving Herself To Hospital

Posted: 19/09/2022 in WWE
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Trish Stratus recently underwent successful surgery to remove her appendix. The WWE Hall of Famer revealed via social media that she drove herself to the hospital after experiencing “a nagging pain” in her lower right quadrant. 

Upon reaching the hospital, Stratus discovered that her appendix was about to burst and that it was a wise decision on her part to rush to the emergency room.

“A reminder that if you ever have a nagging pain in your lower right quadrant – do go to emergency…,” Stratus wrote on her Instagram.

Along with a lengthy note describing her ordeal, Stratus shared a video of herself at the hospital. Stratus revealed she was “working through the pain” after “a crampy 10 hour travel day” last Monday (September 12) and was preparing to make an announcement until she realized the pain was “getting pretty intense” and had to be tended to. Stratus added that she avoided disaster by taking the initiative of driving herself to the hospital.

“I have a pretty high pain tolerance so when what I thought was 💩 cramps but ended up getting pretty intense I drove myself to emergency and turns out my appendix was getting ready to burst – which can be really bad if it happens and like cause death and stuff so I’m really glad I went to check it out, you know to avoid the whole dying thing,” Stratus wrote. 

Stratus then implored her followers to “listen to your body” and never take anything for granted. As for her recovery, Stratus described the situation as “definitely manageable.” Stratus also confirmed she will be making an announcement on Monday, September 19.

While there’s no word on the nature of Stratus’ announcement, there have been rumors of her returning to the ring over the past year or so. During the 8/22 “WWE Raw” in Toronto, Stratus teased coming out of retirement until she was interrupted by Bayley’s Damage CTRL stable. Stratus also got physical in the ring at a pair of WWE live events in Canada last month, coming to the aid of Alexa Bliss & Asuka during their brawl with Bayley’s stable.

Stratus officially retired following her loss to Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam 2019 in Toronto.

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