Triple H Reveals ‘Valuable Lesson’ Taught To Him By Dusty Rhodes

Posted: 23/09/2022 in WWE
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Paul “Triple H” Levesque recalled how the late Dusty Rhodes taught him a lesson that has stuck with him. Rhodes worked behind the scenes on the “NXT” brand as its creative director before passing away on June 11, 2015, and Levesque never forgot how crucial “The American Dream” was to the decision-making process.

Now the WWE Chief Content Officer, Levesque has a platform to put his creative vision on full display, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. In those situations, Levesque remembers the valuable lesson he learned from Rhodes.

“When you’re first starting something, the successes stick with you, but the things that go wrong stick with you even more so,” Levesque told The Ringer. “You’ll have something in mind, and in your mind, it’s gonna be great. And then you watch it come to life and you’re like ‘that was terrible,’ and you beat yourself up. And Dusty would always walk by me and he’d tap me on the shoulder. He’d say. ‘Kid, remember what I said, if you get 70 percent of what you see in your head to come out on TV, that’s a grand slam.’ I keep that thought in my head all the time. It’s been a valuable lesson.”

Levesque believes it speaks volumes to Rhodes’ legacy that his work still serves as inspiration to those in the wrestling business today.

“When we lost him, it was tragic, because he contributed so much to the business, and his ideas and his concepts and his business ideas are still floating around today,” Levesque said. “That should tell you something, because there’s very few people in this industry with that [influence].”

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