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Gail Kim has knocked back several bids from promotions to wrestle again.

The former WWE and TNA star worked her final match against Tessa Blanchard on Impact Wrestling’s Rebellion pay-per-view in April 2019. Since then, she’s been approached multiple times, but told WrestleZone that she doesn’t want “to go back”.

Kim didn’t reveal every company chasing her signature, but the 45-year old did say that Impact wanted her to work a program vs. Deonna Purrazzo – although Gail was flattered, she’s mindful of running the risk that a comeback would “ruin [her] status” with pro wrestling fans.

Health concerns are also a factor.

Gail said “there’s a high percentage of a back surgery” if she does ever work a match again. That’s not something she’s keen on, because it’s already challenging to ignore various aches and pains in everyday life. Kim thinks it’d take “something quite impressive” to coax her out of retirement at this stage in the game.

She doesn’t really miss active wrestling as much as she feared she would either. Gail was “deathly afraid of that”, but is happy with life post-retirement.

“The door is open” for Paige to debut in Impact Wrestling when her WWE tenure formally comes to an end on July 7th.

Fellow former Divas Champion and current Impact producer Gail Kim was asked about the potential of the two sides working together during an interview with SEScoops, and wasn’t;

“Never say never. I love Paige, I admire everything that she’s done for women’s wrestling. She also came up kind of in that period where maybe it was so powerful — what it is now.Women’s wrestling is probably at its best right now with main eventing. Pay-per-views, shows, it’s not an irregular thing for that to happen. So you know, Paige was part of that process. I have nothing but respect for her in and outside of the ring. And hey, if she wants to come over to IMPACT Wrestling I feel like the door is open. So, come on over, Paige!”

The former Divas Champion announced that she’d no longer be with the organisation going forward after over a decade with the organisation. A statement about the departure posted to Twitter alluded to a possible in-ring return, which rapidly expedited speculation that either AEW or Impact Wrestling could be her next destination. With no no-compete to contend with, the return could be soon, too.

Chelsea Green wants to be a star, both in the wrestling world and beyond.

Green frequently competes for IMPACT Wrestling and NWA, among other promotions, but because she hasn’t signed an exclusive contract, “The Hot Mess” has the freedom do choose her path forward.

In an interview with The Universal Wrestling Podcast, when asked about her goals for the next year, Green explained that she wants to “transcend wrestling.” She noted that she’s passionate about entertainment and character work, so she wants to focus on these aspects.

“I think my main goal really is to, I’ve always wanted to transcend wrestling,” said Green. “I think a lot of us feel that way, but I felt like that was my goal from the beginning. I loved wrestling, but I didn’t grow up as a huge diehard fan. I grew up with a love for just like entertaining people and character work. And I fell into wrestling because it was something that kind of called to me in that moment. So I think that one thing I wanna do this year because I have so much freedom and I really don’t have any company holding me down, I’m not contracted to anyone, I just wanna work on character work.”

Green then stated that she has been taking acting classes, and she has her sights set on potentially landing roles as the host of a TV show, a YouTube show, or a game show. She also noted that she hopes any venture outside of wrestling would benefit her in-ring work.

“And I’ve been taking acting classes, so whether that means auditioning for roles, whether it means going out there and trying to be a host of a TV show or a YouTube show or a game show or something, just doing things outside of wrestling that really are going to, I hope, benefit me in the long run and also benefit my in-ring career wherever I end up,” said Green. “But at this point, I mean I’m a free agent so I can really do whatever I want. We’ll see what happens.”

“The Hot Mess” will compete in the first Queen of the Mountain Match at IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary on June 19.

IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Josh Alexander was involved in a car accident the day before defending his strap against Tomohiro Ishii at the Under Siege pay-per-view.

Alexander tweeted the following late on Friday evening, revealing, fortunately, that everyone was fine, having been saved by a matter of “seconds or inches”:

A scary situation for sure, though the good news is that everybody involved was unscathed.

Josh went on to wrestle New Japan Pro Wrestling cult favourite and all-around hard-hitter Ishii at Under Siege. If Alexander was shaken up by the accident, it didn’t reflect in his performance, as he engaged in a spirited 23-minute main event that concluded with him putting Ishii away to successfully retain the IMPACT World Championship.

This was Alexander’s second defence of the IMPACT title since defeating Moose to claim it at Rebellion 2022 on 23 April. His title win was followed by an immediate rematch with Moose on IMPACT’s 28 April episode, after which Ishii emerged as the next challenger, going face-to-face with Alexander to set the bout up.

Alexander, 34, has been with IMPACT since 2018, signing his first full-time deal there in February 2019.

Deonna Purrazzo, joined SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio to preview her debut match on AEW Dynamite.

The Virtuosa will take on interim ROH Women’s World Champion Mercedes Martinez to determine who will be the official title holder moving forward.

“I’ve kind of been a little jittery all week,” Deonna said. “I feel like I do always get butterflies and I don’t particularly sleep well before big things like this, whether it’s our IMPACT pay-per-views or tonight on Dynamite. I’m a little anxious. I just want to get the day started, and I want to get there. I’m walking into new territory. I don’t know a lot of these people at AEW, or I haven’t seen them in years. It’s gonna be like getting back in my groove in this new place with some new and familiar people, but I’m like a newbie here.”

Deonna Purrazzo’s career has skyrocketed since she was released by WWE in April 2020. The Virtuosa has won a number of championship’s including the IMPACT Knockouts Championship and the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship. She revealed her gratitude towards IMPACT Wrestling for giving her a chance during the pandemic.

“I was talking a bit about this last night,” Purrazzo said. “The new round of [WWE] releases and how, but not to compare because everyone’s situation is different, but that first round that I was in, there was a pandemic and there wasn’t independent wrestling happening, and there wasn’t companies necessarily hiring a lot of  people. It was just a very weird period for everybody.

“I was really able to thrive at IMPACT, and really not need the independent bookings and not do the signings because IMPACT has figured out a way to showcase everybody, and use social media to our advantage and do something like Wrestle House, where more people were being showcased in different ways, and I got to benefit from that.”

The two-time Knockout of the Year revealed that her dream was always to perform at WrestleMania and to win the Divas Championship, but now, her dreams have changed.

“I think dreams change,” Deonna Purrazzo said. “I think as we get older and experience more things – like my dream was always to wrestle at WrestleMania and be, at the time, the Divas Champion. That’s all I knew in wrestling growing up, so that was my ultimate goal. Then I got there [to WWE], and it was like, I don’t like anything about this system, it’s just not a conducive environment for me and my dream changed. Now I just want to go somewhere that’s going to appreciate me for me, and give me an opportunity to wrestle and see what happens.”

Impact Wrestling star Moose reportedly had informal talks with WWE for a deal that likely would’ve taken him straight to the main roster.

It was reported in the summer of 2021 that Moose signed a new two-year contract with Impact Wrestling, despite significant interest from WWE and rumored interest from AEW.

At the time, Impact officials wanted to re-sign Moose before he hit free agency, but he received feelers from WWE officials who are no longer with the company. Fightful Select adds that Moose confirmed to them in a new interview that he had decided to leave Impact for WWE, until Impact Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore approached him with a final offer, which got him to stay.

Furthermore, the feelers from WWE reportedly led to informal talks, and there were pitches for him to go straight to the main roster, but that still had to be signed off on by WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon. Impact officials then came to him with a significant offer and a major improvement to his old deal, but their offer required a quick response in signing it.

Moose then decided to stay with Impact. WWE sources noted that there was no heat on him for making that decision. This wasn’t the first time WWE tried to sign Moose as they wanted to bring him on Tough Enough a few years back before he left ROH for Impact.

One of the WWE officials who sent feelers to Moose was former Senior Vice President of Talent Development Canyon Ceman. He was let go from the company last summer.

You can click here for Moose’s December 2021 comments on choosing Impact over WWE.

Moose won the Impact World Title for the first time back at Bound For Glory in October 2021, cashing in his Call Your Shot contract to defeat Josh Alexander just seconds after Alexander won it from Christian Cage. He carried the strap for 182 days before losing it to Alexander at Rebellion on April 23. Moose then came up short against Alexander in his rematch for the title on Impact last week.

There’s no word yet on what Impact has planned for Moose moving forward, but he recently teased that we will find out what’s next at Saturday’s Under Siege event.

It appears that there is more controversy surrounding pro-wrestling superstar and former IMPACT World Champion, Tessa Blanchard.

Blanchard signed with WOW (Women of Wrestling) last October and was one of the promotion’s hottest acts, so much so that her signing was announced alongside WOW’s newest syndication deal with ViacomCBS. However, it now appears that Blanchard’s stint with the company is in jeopardy.

According to Fightful Select, several names have come forward to reveal that once again there are allegations against Blanchard, and the two sides had a bit of a falling out after she deactivated all of her social media channels. This news comes only a day before WOW’s scheduled television tapings in Los Angeles.

A source told the publication that Blanchard got heat from the roster after she “tore apart” Samantha Sage during a workshop class this past April. Apparently, it was bad enough that several of the trainees had to speak up.

A different source revealed that Blanchard is no longer in charge of training talent and that Selina Majors now heads that department. This same source later implied that Blanchard may only get work in the Mexico wrestling circuit going forward due to the reputation she has built for herself in the U.S.

One former star of WOW told Fightful that they believe Blanchard is done with the company entirely, although that is not confirmed. However, it was teased that there has been a major shift from WOW’s original plan last fall.

As a reminder, Blanchard had a number of accusations over the last two years for problematic behavior, which included racially charged comments and causing issues with other established talents. This was right around the time that Blanchard had her ugly departure from IMPACT, where the promotion stripped her of their world championship.

During the latest Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T spoke about The IInspiration leaving Impact Wrestling. The news came yesterday that the former Knockouts Tag Team Champions have departed the company. For Booker T, he isn’t overly surprised by the announcement.

“You know what, I am not surprised or anything like that. They were in WWE for what, seven, eight years? They had been in the company for quite some time,” he said. “And to be a part of the machine for seven to eight years, that right there is a run in itself. A lot of females don’t even have seven, eight-year run careers. For those two to just be in WWE for seven, eight years, that was a hell of a run for them. Then to work at that level is something as well.”

Booker T didn’t take anything away from being able to work for Impact Wrestling. But, he did point out that there is a difference for being with them and WWE. He believes that could be the reason that they’ve come to the decision they have made recently.

“Taking nothing away from Impact, it’s a hell of a different ride,” Booker said. “Back in the day we had the Texas Cyclone and you wanted to jump on it, that was the WWE. I am not even going to make a comparison there, but Impact is not the Texas Cyclone. When you’re stepping down to a different level, the crowds are different, the shows are different, and more importantly, the pay is different.

“That right there might be the one thing you can’t get past. When you’ve got road expenses, car, hotel, food, they’re going to take care of your airfare and stuff like that, and then pay your check, and you’ve got bills to pay at home. Sometimes you’ve got to rethink the situation, that may be the place that they’re in right now.”

The IInspiration have claimed that they are stepping away from the ring for the upcoming future. But for Booker T, that does not mean they’re on forever.

“To take an indefinite break doesn’t mean that you can’t come back if somebody gives you a phone call,” he said.

Chelsea Green has had her Twitter account suspended on two separate occasions this week. According to the IMPACT Wrestling star, Twitter locked her handle twice citing a profile banner of her in a bikini.

On Thursday, Green called out Twitter for not addressing verbal harassment on the social media platform, and instead focusing on her header photo.

Second time this week.
@Twitter maybe focus on the verbal harassment’s that we deal with daily on this app instead of my profile banner. WTF

As seen below, Green shared the profile banner that got her suspended in the first place. She has since changed the photo, after her temporary suspension was lifted.

Green and her husband, Matt Cardona, were recently in a feud with Jordynne Grace and W. Morrissey on Impact Wrestling. Chelsea was last seen in action at the Impact Wrestling Multiverse Of Matches special event, where she & Cardona lost to Mickie James & Nick Aldis in a tag team contest.

Chelsea Green suffered a wrist injury at last month’s Sacrifice pay-per-view, but didn’t require surgery and has continued to wrestle wearing a cast.

The IInspiration (Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay) announced earlier today that they are indefinitely stepping away from in-ring action. The news was shared by the tag team and IMPACT Wrestling in a joint statement.

“We first want to thank Scott D’Amore and the entire IMPACT family,” The IInspiration said in the statement. “We have had such an amazing experience, working with the incredible IMPACT staff and roster. We will cherish these IMPACT memories forever. We are excited to start a new chapter in our lives and explore other opportunities that may come our way.”

The IInspiration made their IMPACT Wrestling debuts at the Bound For Glory pay-per-view last October. They defeated Decay’s Havok and Rosemary that same night to win the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Titles.

The IInspiration held the Knockouts Tag Titles until the Sacrifice pay-per-view last March and were dethroned by The Influence (Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood). Their final appearance for IMPACT was during the Countdown to Rebellion pre-show Saturday night where they lost a Knockouts Tag Title rematch to The Influence. The IInspiration did not appear at the IMPACT TV tapings the following day.

“The IInspiration have been a great part of IMPACT’s Knockouts roster and wonderful to work with,” IMPACT Executive Vice-President Scott D’Amore said in the joint statement released Wednesday. “Cassie and Jessie are incredibly talented performers. Everyone at IMPACT wishes them every success in the future.”

Prior to arriving in IMPACT Wrestling, The IInspiration spent nearly seven years in WWE, where they worked as The IIconics. They won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania 35. WWE later split up their tag team. They were released by the company last April.