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Lingerie football league star Liz Gorman is hoping to make it as a WWE Diva. SquaredCircleSirens are reporting that she was one of a dozen female talents who took part in recent tyrouts at the WWE performance center.

The 28 year old is a lingerie football league legend, having been named Defensive Player of the Year in 2010 and being nominated in 2011. She was also an All Star in those years, and was inducted into the LFL Hall Of Fame this year. She’s 28 years old and has both the athleticism and looks to make it as a WWE Diva.

The Lingerie Football League is a tough sport and requires serious athleticism. Don’t be fooled by the lingerie, these girls are athletes.

Gorman would be following in the foot-steps of WWE’s Summer Rae. The 31 year old was a player from 2008 to 2011 and made it to all star level. While she’s mainly been a valet type character in WWE, she is an athlete and does occasionally wrestle in the divas division.

Presumably Gorman would report to NXT if she was signed, meaning she wouldn’t be on Raw until around 2017. Maybe her and Summer could do a feud based on their past, just don’t expect to see any of the lingerie in PG WWE!

The 2015 Legends Cup Championship game, taking place in the Pacific Northwest, was the most anticipated game in Legends Football League history. One team searched for its legacy as history would be rewritten, while the other believed in its own destiny of becoming the next LFL Champion.

It was a game that started out lopsided in the first half and quickly turned into another must see game, as the Mist edged the Bliss 27-21. Fans were at the edge of their seats during a game that went down to the final minute and for the second straight year, the Legends Cup finished with an onside kick attempt as the team seeking to get the ball back was down by six points.

Seattle won the coin toss and elected to defer on the opening kickoff, indicating that they were ready to take on a Chicago Bliss offense that has been led by a dominant ground attack all season long. Indeed, they were ready. The Mist defense forced the Bliss into a quick four-play turnover on downs as Chicago faced a 4th-and-1 from their own 20-yard line. Game MVP, Stevi Schnoor, came up big reading the Bliss inside hand-off to Nneka Nwani and stopped her in her tracks as Danika Brace finished her off and gave her an earful, as the Mist offense started taking the field to begin their drive at Chicago’s 19-yard line. The Seattle Mist had not come to sit in awe of Chicago’s past. They had come to win.

On the ensuing play, quarterback KK Matheny, on a play action pass play, found Danika Brace for a 9-yard completion. After a third down 3-yard rush by Schnoor, Seattle had a 1st-and-goal from the 7-yard line with 5:52 still remaining in the first.

Chicago’s defensive line came up big on the next two plays, putting intense pressure on Matheny and forcing two incompletions. The Seattle offense had yet to face a defensive front as strong as the Bliss, which features linebacker Nneka Nwani and two fierce ends in Chantell Taylor and Yashi Rice. Matheny had already felt the unforgiving turf, after multiple hits. Something the Bliss had hoped would rattle the Seattle signal caller.

But just like the 5’2” veteran quarterback has done all season long, she stood back up and reined in her troops for the next play call. On 3rd-and-goal Matheny found Brace for a 7-yard touchdown completion, capping the Mist’s six play 19-yard drive. Seattle went for two on the extra-point attempt and converted on a Matheny pass to Lashaunda Fowler to take an early 8-0 lead on Chicago.

With 3:24 remaining in the first, the Bliss took over on offense. On 2nd-and-10, quarterback Heather Furr shuffled a pass to ChrisDell ‘Ferrari’ Harris who followed her blocks and escaped a Jessica Hopkins tackle, scampered downfield to the Mist’s 7-yard line. The Bliss offense was in position to answer the Mist’s previous drive, with a 1st-and-goal.

While the Bliss’ confidence was building, Seattle’s defense was preparing to make arguably the biggest defensive stop of the season. On 3rd-and-goal from the 2-yard line, Jessica Hopkins brought down Harris at the 1-yard line as the first quarter came to a close.

With a break between quarters, Chicago and Seattle had ample time to prepare for the next 4th-and-goal play to begin the second quarter. The next play resembled a rugby maul between rival teams as both the Mist and Bliss looked to control the three feet separating the ball and the goal line. On the play Seattle’s front didn’t give an inch, and the wrath of Danika Brace was simply too much for the Ferrari, as Harris was stopped for a 1-yard loss, leaving her to idle on the sideline.

Beginning with 9:55 remaining in the second quarter, Seattle’s next drive featured a play that would have been costly for the Mist, when Chicago’s Dominique Collins intercepted Matheny’s pass and returned the ball near the 10-yard line. However, on the play Chantell Taylor and Nneka Nwani were lined up well over a yard into the 3-yard allowed space between the spot of the ball. An excited Bliss team quickly realized that their cheering was premature after hearing the call.

Two plays later Bliss corner-back Di’andra Frye committed a costly pass interference on Mist receiver Bryn Renda, that gave Seattle a first down from the Chicago 22-yard line extending what turned out to be the longest drive of the championship game.

Still on the same drive, shortly after the two minute warning, Seattle capitalized and took a controlling 14-0 lead, when Stevi Schnoor scored on a 4-yard run with 1:47 remaining in the first half. The failed extra-point attempt kept the lead at 14.

It was now time for the 2x defending Legends Cup winning Bliss to cut the lead in half with their 2-minute offense. The Bliss’ offense was clearly jittery as Furr displayed choppy footwork in the pocket on the pass plays and ChrisDell Harris jumped committing a false-start on what appeared to be a run up the middle. Normally a confident bunch, Chicago began making the mistakes of a team with too much work on its plate. The anxiousness didn’t bode well for Chicago as they turned the ball over on downs again after just four plays, failing to get the first down yardage.

With only 18 seconds remaining in the half, Seattle had another shot at the end-zone, taking over from the Bliss 17-yard line. The ensuing play, Jessica Hopkins with her veteran receiving ability made an incredible catch over defender Dominique Collins at the 1-yard line. The following play on a Fowler run, the Mist took a demanding 20-0 lead before half.

To the surprise of nearly every LFL fan, the Chicago Bliss found themselves down by three scores in the biggest game of the season. It was evident that Seattle wanted it more and their execution on both sides of the ball was a notch better than Chicago’s. For the first time all season, the Bliss appeared to lack the swagger and confidence they had portrayed a week ago at home in Chicago against Atlanta. Maybe the atmosphere at the ShoWare Center in front of a loud Mist fan base was too much for them, just like the environment that many suspected was Atlanta’s demise the week prior in Chicago. Either way, the legend of KK Matheny’s ability to scorch opposing defenses was now evident and somehow, they’d found a way to contain the Ferrari.

During the halftime break, Bliss head-coach Keith Hac simply stated that it would not be easy to come back from the hole that they had dug themselves with poor execution. He finished by explaining the plan was to throw the ball, score quick, and not allow Seattle to control the ball like they did in the second quarter. It was a tall order, considering their quarterback, Heather Furr, had been criticized all season long for her inability to deliver accurate deep strikes as a result of her shoddy mechanics.

For the first time in nearly 2 seasons, Bliss fans in attendance were worried. If anyone was questioning whether Chicago would come out strong in the third quarter, however, Jamie Fornal’s deliberating blow on Seattle’s Katie Whelan during the kickoff was enough to convince everyone that the Bliss were ready for the next 20-minutes of football. They had put themselves in a bind, but had a Ferrari and the league’s best defense backing up their comeback efforts.

On third down, Chicago’s Alli Alberts intercepted Matheny’s pass in the end zone and made it only out just beyond the 1-yard line. With a long field to go, with 8:04 on the clock ChrisDell Harris took the sweep play 26-yards downfield.

Seattle’s 22-yard line is the furthest the Bliss would find themselves after four plays and three incomplete passes by Furr. With Seattle taking over with 5:14 remaining in the third, it appeared they could be in control.

Control was exactly what the Mist had after Lashaunda Fowler scored on a 1-yard run to top of the scoring drive with 2:50 remaining in the third. A converted extra-point attempt gave Seattle a 27-0 lead over Chicago. It appeared that the Mist would coast to their first ever Legends Cup Championship before a championship-starved crowd of Mistfits who’d backed them since training camp.

With a comeback unlikely to occur, Chicago did score with :56 remaining in the third on a Deena Fagiano 8-yard run. With a Furr extra-point rush for 2, Seattle was still in control leading 27-8.

After turning the ball over on downs with 7:59 remaining in the game, the Mist defense became complacent, as the secondary left Jamie Fornal wide open for a 24-yard touchdown completion when Alberts threw a strike on a reverse pass. After another extra-point rush Chicago found themselves within two scores as they trailed 27-15 with 6:55 remaining in the game. It was at that very moment that Bliss fans began to believe once more. They had the experience and they were watching their squad claw their way back into a ballgame in which Seattle’s defense appeared to go on autopilot.

Enter the legend of KK Matheny. The Mist offense established a drive that almost put the dagger into the Bliss’ hopes of a comeback. After shaving nearly six minutes of playtime during the drive, Seattle was in striking distance on a 4th down play in the red zone. A Matheny pass that was slightly under thrown to a well-covered Bryn Renda, was still nearly caught which would certainly have had the Mistfit Nation of fans tasting victory. But instead, it was time for Chicago to mount their comeback.

It took just one play for things to get exciting as Furr connected with Harris on a laser strike deep downfield getting to within the Mist 5-yard line. Chicago quickly scored two plays later as Furr bulldozed her way up the middle. A failed extra-point left the Bliss within 6 points of getting their third consecutive Legends Cup victory, as they trailed 27-21. The touchdown had revived the Bliss sideline as Mist fans sat in silence. They were in disbelief as their team of destiny was in the fight of its life.

An onside kick with 20-seconds remaining was Chicago’s only hope of victory. This time on the opposite side of the onside kick attempted in the 2014 Legends Cup when Atlanta attempted to get the ball back from Chicago, the Bliss found themselves gearing up for the magic that needed to occur. Having made mistakes early in the game, Chicago now pinned their hopes on the hopes of perfect execution and a miracle.

However the Collins kick was quickly scooped up by Mele Gilmore who even returned the kick 5-yards. One kneeling play by Matheny separated the confetti shower that the 2015 Legends Cup Champion Seattle Mist experienced in front of their home crowd. Seconds later history was etched as the Seattle Mist joined the Los Angeles Temptation and the Chicago Bliss as the only teams to win a Legends Cup Championship. It is quite fitting that they are the only three franchises that have been around since the inaugural season in 2009, proving it takes time to build a championship culture.

Game MVP Stevi Schnoor finished with 48 yards on 13 rushing attempts and had four receptions for 24 yards, and scored one touchdown for the Mist. More importantly her performance on the defensive line with not allowing space in the middle gaps made it difficult for Chicago to get the Ferrari going Sunday, and kept the Chicago ground game in check.

Coming into the most lopsided Legends Cup in history, not many had any expectation outside of a very one-sided win by Chicago. Instead, it was a well fought game at times, at other times perhaps one of the sloppiest championship games in LFL history.

Neither of the high-powered offenses which included Atlanta’s No.1 ranked passing attack and Chicago’s No.1 ranked rushing attack impressed in the 1st half. Instead fans were treated to some solid defensive football and again, sloppy play. The game simply lacked the intensity and intrigue you would want in a championship game in the 1st half.

Chicago opened the scoring with a ChrisDell Harris 5yd touchdown run in the 2nd quarter with 5:43 remaining capping a 7 play 46yd drive to take an 8-0 lead. The score highlighted why Harris earned 2014 ‘Offensive Player of the Year’ honors finishing the 1st half with numbers that would equal most backs full-day’s work, Harris picked up 78 yards on 7 carries. Chicago played to their billing with a one-sided offensive scheme electing to call 9 rushing plays and 2 passing plays, one of which led to an interception.

Atlanta’s offense simply did not play to the physical level of Chicago in the 1st half, its offense stalling on its first two drives then once again waiting to the final seconds prior to getting on the scoreboard with a Nas Johnson 1yd TD run with only :06 seconds remaining in the 1st half, crawling back into the game at 6-8.

At halftime, the cocky smiles on Chicago’s player and coaches faces during Legends Cup week were changed to a look of concern, the incumbent champions were coming into Saturday night as a heavy 18.5pt favorite and no Eastern Conference team had ever won a Legends Cup since the league’s inception in 2009. However at halftime, understanding Atlanta’s 2nd half heroics, there was a definite concern in the Chicago locker-room about their mere 2pt lead.

The 2nd half began with a sense that the 1st half was a mere warm-up, you cannot harness the No.1 passing team and the No.2 running team to only 14 points combined. Chicago responded driving down to the Atlanta 4yd line only to see the Harris fumble and it was recovered by Holly Oakes of Atlanta. Then the sense of ‘meant-to-be’ or a team of destiny when thinking of Atlanta started to become more real. Now, the stage was set for the 2014 ‘Rookie of the Year’ Dakota Hughes to step up after a big stop by Atlanta defense.

Hughes and the Atlanta offense did manage a response to the tune of 8 plays for 38 yards but came away with no points. This was one of those drives that could have changed the momentum of the game, instead they turned it over to Chicago and the champs capitalized with wait for it…..guess who touches the ball? The Ferrari, who else? Harris went for the home run ball going for a 23yd TD run with :15 seconds remaining in the 3rd Quarter, extending Chicago’s lead to 16-6.

In typical Atlanta form, they waited until the 4th Quarter for their fireworks. Managing an impressive 7 play 35 yard drive ending with Hughes connecting with Coco Montgomery on a 5 yard TD pass to draw within 4 points to 16-12 with 3:52 remaining in the game.

Chicago took over with 2:57 on the clock and went back to their horse, ChrisDell Harris who carried 3 of the 4 rushing plays that followed which led to another Ferris TD run from 3yards out, providing Chicago a comfortable 24-12 lead with now only 1:43 remaining.

If Hughes wanted to add yet another unlikely comeback to her rookie portfolio, here was the ultimate challenge. How did she respond, she went 2 for 2 despite being sacked on the series. The 2nd completion was a 12yd TD pass to Jodie Nettles but failed to complete another extra point having left a minimum 3 extra points on the field in the game with another missed extra point. The score now drew the game to 24-18 with :49 seconds remaining.

With :49 seconds remaining and Atlanta having a quick-strike offense, the game was not over. However, the ball was never put back into the hands of the Rookie of the Year because Atlanta could not recover the onside kick. What was baffling in this game was why Mia Alfonso was kicking the two unsuccessful onside kicks vs Jenny Mac who had successful kicked onside for Atlanta. #TeamJennyMac

As Chicago recovered, the dawning of the back-to-back championship was setting in. As they took their victory formation, snapped the ball and Furr took the kneel-down, the moment was realized as the confetti came floating down.

Here is a team poised to potentially become the LFL’s next Dynasty if it can reach the 3-Peat mark, then the all important 4th championship and Dynasty crown. Chicago is solid at every position outside of Quarterback. Heather Furr is one of the best all-time playmakers but could never deliver Chicago a passing attack, as evident by Chicago’s offensive coordinator Keith Hac calling a one-sided strategy every game this season. That is Chicago’s biggest hurdle, to challenge its offense to develop a balanced attack vs going for the obvious and keeping it vanilla. Vanilla may sound yummy now, but in 2015, it may be tougher to line up with teams that now have a full-season of tape on Chicago’s run-attack.

For Atlanta, a bright future awaits if they maintain the key figures as well as add a playmaking receiver to compliment Nettles and Hughes putting on more size to sustain a full LFL season. The biggest challenge for Atlanta is their lack of attitude, some of its most physically dominating players such as Coco Montgomery, Sharlene Fuller and Leanna Hardin simply lack the killer instinct.

WWE Diva Summer Rae during her tenure in the LFL with the Chicago Bliss

WWE Diva Summer Rae recently spoke with The Greenville Mixer to promote next week’s RAW. Below are some highlights:

Growing up watching wrestling:
“I always loved wrestling, but honestly I never thought it was within my reach. I like to always achieve what I set out for, and I think with WWE being 80 guys on the roster and maybe 13 to 15 girls on the roster, those are slim odds. I think deep down, I was just nervous of failing.”

Working with the Lingerie Football League:
“It’s full-contact, 7-on-7 arena football with little-to-no pads. When I was getting rammed and pushed into the wall and spending three to four days at practice, after two years I kind of just said, ‘If I’m spending so much time on this, why not go after what I love — especially if I’m risking my body for this?’”

Fellow East Carolina University alum Vince McMahon:
“The man himself! I think for a while he may have not known that (I was an ECU alum) and then I had my purple and gold on one day and said, ‘Oh, I’ve got to have my ECU colors on’ and he kind of doubletook, he was like ‘what do you mean?’ It’s very, very cool. Pirate pride.”

2014 LFL Australia Legends Cup Champions : New South Wales Surge

On February 8th 2014, The New South Wales Surge became the first team in LFL Australia, to lay claim to the league’s championship the LFL Australia Legends Cup.

The Surge’s 36-15 victory against the Western Australia Angels avenged the teams only loss of the year.

The New South Wales Surge 2013-2014 roster featured League MVP Bonnie Gillespie, Offensive Player of the year Jacinda Barclay, and Defensive Player of the year Bronte Zeiher.


by Dan Kinvig – Abbotsford News

Acrimony between Legends Football League Canada management and players in Calgary and Saskatoon has resulted in the complete cancellation of the 2013 season.

The four-team league, formerly known as Lingerie Football League Canada, announced last week that half of its scheduled games would be cancelled and the season-opening date pushed back by three weeks in order “to insure a better product on the field with greater preparation.”

A Metro Calgary newspaper report later indicated that there had been a mass exodus of players from the Calgary Fillies, a new expansion squad, amid complaints of league disorganization and safety concerns.

Then earlier this week, according to the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, the Saskatoon Sirens voted not to suit up in 2013 after their schedule was trimmed from four to just two games, prompting the league to dissolve the season entirely.

The move was described as “devastating” by B.C. Angels linebacker/receiver Kate Marshall, one of five returning veterans from last year’s squad which won the inaugural LFL Canada championship. The Angels play out of the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre (AESC).

The Angels, according to Marshall, were organized and prepared for the 2013 season – they had a roster of 17 committed players, and had been holding two to three practices per week in Vancouver and White Rock for the past four-plus months.

“Our team was definitely ready to go,” she said. “It’s a pretty big disappointment for us, because of the time commitment and everything we’d put into this season and launching the season in Canada.

“We were just starting to get into major promotion mode and selling tickets and everything.”

Complaints out of Calgary about player safety – the Fillies reportedly only received shoulder pads and helmets two weeks before their first scheduled game – weren’t shared by the Angels, Marshall said.

“Obviously with a contact sport, there’s a concern with player safety,” she noted. “But at the same time, we were pretty prepared in that aspect – we’d done a bit of hitting and contact with our pads and helmets to get up to speed. But my understanding is that a lot of the other teams hadn’t gotten there (practicing in pads) yet.”

As for the claims of LFL disorganization, Kevin Snell, who coached the Angels last season and has been mentoring the new coaching staff, noted that there’s not typically a lot of communication between the league and the coaches until just before the season starts.

“(LFL founder) Mitch (Mortaza) is running a U.S. league and an Australian league,” he said. “To be a coach in this league, you have to be a self-starter. They kind of give it to you and let you run with it, which is awesome – nobody likes to be micromanaged.”

Snell said that the Angels players are “crushed” and “devastated” that the season has been kiboshed.

“It’s unfortunate, because it’s about the girls,” he said.

Mortaza told the StarPhoenix that the LFL – which tends to generate controversy to begin with due to the players’ skimpy attire – plans to return to Canada in 2014 with six teams and an expanded schedule.

The B.C. Angels had two home games scheduled at the AESC, and ticket purchasers will be issued refunds.


Last Night after ten seasons the Chicago Bliss of LFL US, captured the franchise’s first LFL Legends Cup, defeating the Philadelphia Passion by a score of 34-18.

The bliss started their season off at 0-1 after a loss to Los Angeles before running the table finishing the regular season off with a 4-1 record.

The Bliss would face the Mist in the Semi Finals of the playoffs. The bliss would win that game by a score of 31-14 clinching their spot in the finals against the Passion.

Sunday’s night game was the Bliss’s second appearance in the championship game, their first appearance being a 27-14 loss at the hands of the Los Angeles Temptation in 2010.



Recently released from the New York Jets, many questions now surround the future of Tim Tebow’s football career.

That may not be the case for long, thanks to an offer from an unlikely source—the Legends Football League, formerly known as the Lingerie Football League.

According to Jay Busbee at Yahoo! Sports, Lingerie Football League president Mitchell Mortaza contacted Tebow’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, in regard to whether his client would be interested in being the national Quarterbacks Coach.

Here’s the letter in full: tebowlfl


The Legends Football League (or ‘LFL’) have announced an exclusive broadcast partnership with Canada’s number one French-language sports network, RDS.

“We are excited to partner with the Legends Football League to bring America’s fastest growing sports league to Canadian television,” said Robert Turcotte, Vice-president of Programming for RDS. “LFL Football has generated great excitement around the globe on sports-centric networks and we feel it will find a passionate audience here at RDS.””

The inaugural season of play in Canada was a tremendous success for the league with franchises in BC, Saskatoon, Regina and Toronto. LFL Canada’s success was highlighted by drawing a television contract in its first season of play as well as 20% higher than projected attendance. Partnering with RDS further cements the LFL’s strategy on building the sport in Canada.

“Following an exciting inaugural season in Canada, we further want to increase our exposure nationally and have taken a tremendous step toward further building our fan base north of the border,” said Mitchell Mortaza, Founder & Chairman, LFL Global. “With RDS not only have we partnered with a sports-driven broadcaster bringing instant credibility to our on-field product but we have also have made our game available to that many more Canadians.”

The newly renamed Legends Football League finished their first season in Canada this passed fall with the BC Angels claiming the first championship.