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As first reported by Mike Johnson at PWInsider, last night saw Matt Cardona suffer an arm injury in his match against Blake Christian.

Competing at a GCW show in Las Vegas, Cardona suffered this injury whilst catching Christian on a dive. The current NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion would eventually emerge victorious in this bout, hitting a low blow and rolling his opponent up for the 1-2-3.

That Blake Christian was actually Cardona’s second outing of the day, with him having lost the IMPACT Wrestling Digital Media Championship to Rich Swann earlier on Saturday in a match for Wrestling Revolver.

Cardona was supposed to host an afterparty event last night, but that appearance was cancelled due to the one-time Intercontinental Champion having to get a red-eye flight to Orlando to get his arm checked out. It’s not known how serious this injury is, although Cardona himself seemed to suggest that this may be a bicep tear.

While Matt Cardona is one of the busiest wrestlers in the game right now, one major match he has on the horizon is defending his NWA Worlds Title against two-time Worlds Champion Nick Aldis at NWA Alwayz Ready PPV on 11 June. Of course, that contest could well be under question should Cardona’s injury prove to be a serious one.

Chelsea Green wants to be a star, both in the wrestling world and beyond.

Green frequently competes for IMPACT Wrestling and NWA, among other promotions, but because she hasn’t signed an exclusive contract, “The Hot Mess” has the freedom do choose her path forward.

In an interview with The Universal Wrestling Podcast, when asked about her goals for the next year, Green explained that she wants to “transcend wrestling.” She noted that she’s passionate about entertainment and character work, so she wants to focus on these aspects.

“I think my main goal really is to, I’ve always wanted to transcend wrestling,” said Green. “I think a lot of us feel that way, but I felt like that was my goal from the beginning. I loved wrestling, but I didn’t grow up as a huge diehard fan. I grew up with a love for just like entertaining people and character work. And I fell into wrestling because it was something that kind of called to me in that moment. So I think that one thing I wanna do this year because I have so much freedom and I really don’t have any company holding me down, I’m not contracted to anyone, I just wanna work on character work.”

Green then stated that she has been taking acting classes, and she has her sights set on potentially landing roles as the host of a TV show, a YouTube show, or a game show. She also noted that she hopes any venture outside of wrestling would benefit her in-ring work.

“And I’ve been taking acting classes, so whether that means auditioning for roles, whether it means going out there and trying to be a host of a TV show or a YouTube show or a game show or something, just doing things outside of wrestling that really are going to, I hope, benefit me in the long run and also benefit my in-ring career wherever I end up,” said Green. “But at this point, I mean I’m a free agent so I can really do whatever I want. We’ll see what happens.”

“The Hot Mess” will compete in the first Queen of the Mountain Match at IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary on June 19.

The Briscoes recently appeared on the Battleground Podcast where they spoke about Ring Of Honor. The duo discussed what was more shocking, the hiatus of ROH or the fact Tony Khan purchased the company.

“Which one was the bigger shocker? That’s a d-mn good question. They was both shockers. I would say Tony buying it,” they said. “I would say Tony buying it, man. God bless that man and, you know, it’s an awesome thing. We’re anxious to see what’s getting ready to happen. At the same time, we’re still laser-focused.

“We got them blinders on every weekend. Different shows, you know, wherever we’re at, we got a job to do. It don’t matter why the promotion is or who runs the promotion. If we in there, we gonna do what we do regardless.”

Jay Briscoe then gave his thoughts on the talent that is available right now. The Briscoes star pointed out that there’s so much around. However, he also noted there is only so much time to put together shows for a company.

“In my opinion, there is so much talent out there, you know what I mean? There’s so much time to do wrestling shows, there’s only so many hours in the week you can put wrestling on whatever you’re putting it on. Television, Youtube, streaming, whatever it is,” he said. “But now, you know, you got a whole brand, new platform or whatever you want to call it, and I think he’s going to keep it going and I think it’s going to be better than ever, to be honest with you.”

The duo is set to be inducted into the first-ever Ring Of Honor Hall Of Fame class. The Briscoes believe that the first class is a perfect one. They also revealed which other people that they would like to see join in the future.

“I think the first class is perfect. Do you know what I mean? I think us, Bryan, Joe, Punk. Now very, very soon we have to have, we have to have Homicide, we have to have Roddy Strong, we have to have Nigel McGuinness. I would say Nigel, in my opinion, I would say Nigel’s next, Nigel and Homicide,” they said. “You know, then once those two are in there, then I mean it, man, I mean there’s so — you gotta get Roddy Strong in there. Yeah, I would say Nigel and Homicide are the next to get inducted, in my opinion.”

NWA star Kylie Rae stopped by the Going Broadway Podcast to talk about her recovery process after she suffered a concussion last month.

While she is still recovering, Rae revealed she’s doing much better after a month and is already training to get back into the ring.

“Yeah, so much better,” Rae said. “Although I was a little wheezy at training this past Tuesday evening, but I think that was because of the black eye. I probably shouldn’t have gotten in the ring. So towards the tail end of the training, I kind of stepped back and I was like ‘okay, I’m gonna start listening to my body’, because a couple of years ago I had the habit of just ignoring all the signs my body is trying to tell me that it’s breaking down.”

A recent guest on the Going Broadway Podcast was AEW star and coach Colt Cabana. Rae talked glowingly about Cabana and how he was the reason she went to her first-ever independent wrestling event.

“Colt Cabana was the reason why I went to my first independent wrestling show before I started training because he was advertised on the show,” Rae said. “Yeah, up in Orlando. He’s just so entertaining. Like he’s so good at what he does. It really like drew me in to like, what he was doing and just independent wrestling as a whole. So I completely feel you on that from where it started to where it is now, it’s just a true testament to like, who he is, not just as a person, but also his mind for wrestling. It’s just, it’s so cool.”

Kylie Rae also praised current independent wrestler Athena, best known to fans as Ember Moon from WWE. She credited Athena’s first run on the independent circuit and the moves she was doing as inspiring Rae to improve her own wrestling skill.

“When I first started training, she wasn’t at WWE yet, but it was like shortly thereafter,” Rae said. “I would go back and watch her matches from like the indies and I would try to replicate the stuff that she did. She was doing stuff that not a lot of, I feel bad like, separating men and women, but there are some things that we’re just not able to do as far as like strength and agility, yadda yadda. But the stuff that she was doing, it showed me ‘hey, this is possible. Like me, as a female, I can do this as well.’”

Matt Cardona was a recent guest on Cultaholic Wrestling’s Straight To Hell series.

The NWA star discussed whether or not he would be open to a WWE return down the line and admitted he would certainly listen to a call. He feels it would be a lie to say he never wants to work at WrestleMania again.

“Listen, if Vince McMahon called me, or Bruce Prichard or John Laurinaitis called me, of course, I would pick up. Of course, I would have a conversation. Why wouldn’t I? I’d be lying right now if I said I never want to wrestle at Madison Square Garden again. Or, I never want to wrestle at WrestleMania again, I would be lying if I said that. Anybody who says that is fucking lying, quite frankly.

“But I am not doing what I am doing now hoping to get back. I don’t do what I do thinking, ‘what do I have to do to get back to WWE?’ Or, ‘what do I have to do to get AEW to look at me?’ No, I am doing me. If those opportunities present itself, great. But the sport of pro wrestling is on fire right now, you don’t need to be in those two companies.”

Despite that, Matt Cardona believes that he is trying to prove to people you don’t need WWE or AEW to be a success. Although he does think that having success within the independent world is all down to hard work, which is what he has.

“I am trying to prove that you don’t need it. Listen, you’ve got to bust your ass, you’ve got to work your ass off, you’ve got to travel, you’ve got to hustle. You’ve got to be your own boss, you’ve got to do interviews like this. You have to do the work.

“If you think you’re going to just sit back five days a week, Monday through Friday then just do some independent and think you’re going to be a star, and make money, you’re not. Spoiler alert, you’re not. This does not stop, this grind does not stop, this hustle does not stop. And I think that’s why I have been so successful outside of WWE and AEW. Because I have that work ethic.”

Matt Cardona also reflected on the fact there are plenty of people who were released with him who aren’t around now. He pointed out that those wrestlers are just waiting for a call. Cardona stressed they need to find a passion to create a buzz.

“It’s unfortunate to see a lot of guys who were released when I was released, and afterward, where are they? It’s unfortunate, because I know they’re talented, I know they’re great athletes, great superstars. But they’re expecting these phone calls, it doesn’t work that way. You’ve got to go out and you’ve got to bust your ass and create your own side thing.

“Listen, I am not saying everyone has to go out and start a wrestling figure podcast but find something you’re passionate about. Start something else, do something else, get your name out there. Create your own buzz, because nobody is going to do that for you.”

Last night on Night 2 of NWA Crockett Cup 2022Matt Cardona retained the NWA World Heavyweight Championship under controversial circumstances.

After a flurry of interference, Special Guest Referee Jeff Jarrett was low-blowed in the ring by Chelsea Green after being distracted. However, Mickie James arrived on the scene to send Green out of the ring. This allowed Aldis to lock in a Cloverleaf on Cardona who proceeded to tap out. Jarrett called for the bell, but awarded Cardona the victory by disqualification, claiming that it was Mickie who had delivered the sinister low blow whilst his back was turned.

Hours after the victory, Cardona joined SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio to discuss the questionable triumph and detailed the impact that he’s had on the NWA as a whole.

“I think he [Billy Corgan] knows this is working,” Cardona said. “He knows that I’m really saving this place. He might not like me, he might not agree with my tactics or the way I do business, but he knows that business is booming. I’m sitting here talking to you about this. If Nick Aldis wrestled insert wrestler, we wouldn’t be having this interview. You’d be talking about something else, you’d be talking about RAW tonight.

“But because I’m involved, and there’s controversy and there’s buzz. The buzz and the attention goes to the NWA. So Billy’s a smart businessman. He knows all about the business. He’s in the music business, he’ll tell ya. It’s not about how good you play instruments, it’s not how good you can sing. Can you create that buzz and that attention? And I can.”

Cardona also spoke about his opponent from last night, Nick Aldis, who went on a 1,043-day reign as NWA World Champion between October 2018 and August 2021.

“I will give him credit,” Matt Cardona explained. “He brought the NWA to new heights. When he had that thing with Cody at All In, all eyes were on the NWA. Powerrr came out and he was the face of the company. It was great. And he did get the NWA to a certain level, but it’s time to get it higher and higher.”

The former GCW World Champion insisted that the NWA would take a step backwards if Nick Aldis or Trevor Murdoch were ever able to take the gold from him.

“In my opinion, yes [NWA would take a step backwards],” Cardona said. “In my opinion, yes. Because listen, not just because of the social media following. My dog has more followers than Trevor Murdoch. Forget the social media following, I’m actually making towns. I am actually travelling every weekend with this title, bringing it on shows whether I’m defending it or not and I’m walking out with it.

“From Bumblefuck shows in West Virginia to GCW, I’m bringing it everywhere. Do these other guys even work? Do they even take other bookings? I don’t know. You gotta get out there. You gotta represent the company.”

Matt Cardona is your new NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

As per Andrew Mitchell of Wrestlezone, the current IMPACT Digital Media Champion defeated Trevor Murdoch at last night’s NWA Powerrr Trip tapings from Valor Hall in Oak Grove, Kentucky.

Cardona first made his presence known in the National Wrestling Alliance at the Hard Times 2 PPV last December. There, he immediately put Murdoch in his crosshairs – and now, the Deathmatch King has toppled Murdoch and taken the NWA’s biggest prize.

Taking to Twitter, the former GCW World Champion was quick to celebrate this latest victory, with upcoming GCW opponent Sean Waltman one of the first to respond to this win.

For Trevor Murdoch, this brings his reign as the NWA Worlds Champion to an end at 168 days. Murdoch bested fellow Harley Race trainee Nick Aldis to win that title at the NWA 73rd Anniversary Show in August of last year.

The NWA World Title wasn’t the only belt to change hands at last night’s Powerrr Trip special, for Anthony Mayweather defeated Chris Adonis to become the new NWA National Champion.

Elsewhere, Kamille retained the NWA Women’s Championship against Taryn Terrell, Nick Aldis beat Thom Latimer in an I Quit contest, Mike Knox defeated Da Pope, Chelsea Green beat Kenzie Page, Jax Dane bested Eric Jackson, Colby Corino picked up the W over Rhett Titus, and Idolmania Sports Management got the better of Cyon and Ill Begotten.

With Billy Corgan’s National Wrestling Alliance putting on its Hard Times 2 PPV last night, one of the biggest talking points coming out of this show is that Matt Cardona is seemingly on a collision course with NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch.

At Hard Times 2, the main event saw Murdoch successfully retain the company’s biggest prize against Mike Knox. Post-match, Cardona arrived to ‘congratulate’ the NWA Worlds Champ.

That congratulations allowed for Knox to hit a low blow on Murdoch, with Mick Foley then calling for assistance in the shape of Da Pope. Cardona and Knox would lay waste to Pope before then delivering a two-on-one beatdown to Murdoch. As the PPV went off the air, the one-time Zack Ryder gazed at the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title to suggest we’ll be getting Cardona vs. Murdoch down the line.

Following the show, Cardona was interviewed by Josh Shernoff for FITE TV, where he talked up his friendship with Mike Knox dating back to 2006, take a shot at Mick Foley, and stated how all he wanted to do was to find out if the iconic Ten Pounds of Gold weight ten pounds of gold.

Wait!! WHAT??? @TheMattCardona is here at @nwa #HardTimes2….but why? @SoSaysShernoff asks the question that’s on everyone’s mind!

Thanks to Josh and to the NWA for a beautiful night! 

— FITE (@FiteTV) December 5, 2021

Since being released by WWE in April 2020, the Long Islander has made quite the splash as he’s competed for, amongst others, AEW, IMPACT Wrestling and GCW – even at one point dethroning Nick Gage to become the GCW World Champion and self-proclaimed Deathmatch King.

Now, it looks as if Matt Cardona will be getting to mix it up in the NWA for at least a little while.

Following reports earlier in the year that Terry Funk was suffering with some major health issues, there’s now a more positive update on the Funker.

Those previous reports said Funk was in very bad health, was battling dementia and was staying in an assisted living facility. While the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion is still obviously fighting dementia and is indeed in assisted living, he is said to now be doing better and getting the care he requires.

This update comes courtesy of John Arezzi, who was commenting on the latest episode of his Pro Wrestling Spotlight podcast (as per

As Arezzi detailed:

“When I was with Mick Foley not too long ago, a couple of weeks back here in Nashville, he had talked to Terry recently and he said that Terry was sounding better. He’s getting the care he needs and it looks like Terry Funk is fighting, as he always had done, to this time just remain cognizant and just be the legend that he is, and we wish him the best and we pray for him all the time.”

When those initial reports of Funk’s health issues first surfaced in June, the official Terry Funk Twitter account – which is managed on the two-time ECW World Champion’s behalf – confirmed that Funk was dealing with certain issues that were affecting his body and his mind.

The Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title match is now official for the NWA Hard Times 2 pay-per-view.

It was announced today that Mickie James will defend the Impact Knockouts Title against AEW star Kiera Hogan at the pay-per-view.

NWA tweeted, “JUST ANNOUNCED [revolving light emoji] Saturday, Dec 4th at #HardTimes2, @IMPACTWRESTLING Knockouts Champion @MickieJames will be defending her title against @AEW’s @HoganKnowsBest3! This makes EIGHT multi-company title matches in one night [fire emoji]”

James captured the title at Bound For Glory on October 23, defeating Deonna Purrazzo. Since then she has retained over Mercedes Martinez and Madison Rayne. Hogan left Impact in July of this year, and debuted for AEW in mid-August.

The NWA Hard Times II pay-per-view will air live via FITE TV at 8pm ET on Saturday, December 4 from GBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.