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At this point in time, it seems like everyone has an opinion about the now-infamous backstage brawl following the media scrum after AEW’s All Out pay-per-view earlier this month. The latest commentary on the matter, and CM Punk’s role in it, comes from Konnan, who is part of Major League Wrestling and Impact Wrestling.

“What I don’t think was cool, bro, [was] he just totally embarrassed fucking Tony, which is not cool,” Konnan said in an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior Editor Nick Hausman. “Because Tony’s a cool dude, dude. I don’t think he deserved that. When he told them, you don’t need to clarify anything mean he just punked him. If it would’ve been me, it would’ve been a whole different story. I would’ve cut his mic off and that would’ve been the end of it. Tony just kind of, what could he do, bro? I felt so bad for him because I like Tony.”

Despite his sympathy for Khan, Konnan acknowledged that Punk was not the only wrestler to lose his cool.

“I’ve been in the Punk situation when I’ve been super mad, and I just went off on everybody or quit,” he continued. “I’ve been in the Punk situation, [although] I never did it during a scrum.”

Konnan wondered if Punk “holds onto vendettas too long” and questioned if he would “be willing to go into the ring and do business with ‘Hangman’ [Adam] Page – I just think this is a guy he never wants to work with.” Nonetheless, Konnan would not be washing his hands of Punk.

“Bro, I’m a Punk fan,” he said. “Look, when I used to watch WWE, he was the last person that for me was must-see TV. I was watching every week when he was throwing the pipe bombs. He was going toe-to-toe with Hunter, he was going toe-to-toe with Vince … I was so happy when it came back to AEW. Like I told you before, I didn’t like the ‘aw, shucks, I’m happy to be back’ Punk. That was very boring. I like angry Punk.”

This year’s hugely eventful AEW All Out PPV was headlined by CM Punk defeating Jon Moxley to become a two-time AEW World Champion.

While what happened after All Out essentially null and voided that match – with Moxley last night reclaiming the World Title that had been stripped from Punk immediately after All Out – there now comes word that the PPV was originally to have a slightly different main event.

As per today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, this year’s All Out was initially planned to be closed out by MJF challenging CM Punk for the AEW World Championship.

These plans were thrown up in the air once the Second City Saint injured his foot and was forced to vacate the company’s top prize shortly after Double or Nothing. With that injury, AEW opted to crown an interim World Champ in the shape of Moxley, with there clear question marks over whether Punk would be cleared to compete in time for All Out.

Indeed, the Straight-Edge Superstar managed to make it back for All Out, although whatever AEW had planned for Punk – with many presuming he was on a natural collision course with MJF once again – was thrown completely off the table due to the star now facing a lengthy injury lay-off and being suspended while a third party investigation looks into what exactly went down backstage after All Out.

As for MJF, it’s not known whether the Salt of the Earth’s recent absence from AEW would have happened or not if Punk hadn’t got that initial foot injury after Double or Nothing. Even all these months removed, there’s no concrete details on whether Max’s issues with Tony Khan and AEW were a shoot, a work, or a shoot that became a work.

Speaking on his podcast, “Foley is Pod,” hardcore legend Mick Foley weighed in on the now-notorious CM Punk press conference following AEW’s All Out pay-per-view earlier this month. Foley started off by saying that WWE has done a good job of keeping their top titles feel meaningful with Roman Reigns as champion, but noted that the same can’t be said for CM Punk in AEW.

“Anything that takes away from the joy and the prestige of winning that title is counterproductive. So if Punk is on camera and he’s not filled with joy, and he’s letting bitterness and anger come out, I think that detracts from the title,” Foley said. “By that standard, everything that … Punk did was disastrous, because it put Tony Khan in a bad position. … It was just really unfortunate. You don’t want to see that side of your superstars.”

Foley went on to talk about winning the WWF title belt from The Rock and how a win like that should be treated in the eyes of the fans. “I can’t imagine going backstage and being angry or bitter, or taking the joy out of the experience for our fans,” he said. “There’s a time and a place, maybe, to play with emotions, and if you have something substantial that can make people feel strange in their gut, but not after a title win.”

Overall, Foley felt the press conference and confrontation that followed was not in the best interest of the company.

“That wasn’t good for business,” Foley continued. “I mean, it might pay itself off in some way, but I think it was unfortunate, and sad, and it was a bad statement about the prestige of that title, that anything could be so meaningful that it took center stage over a title victory.”

Eric Bischoff can see some unwanted parallels between CM Punk’s current situation with AEW and the one he found himself experiencing towards the end of WCW’s boom period.

Bisch told listeners on his ’83 Weeks’ show that he would’ve “snatched” the mic away from Punk during that controversial post-All Out press conference. However, Eric realises that he didn’t snatch anything away from Warrior when the one-time Ultimate star went on an 18-minute rant during his WCW Nitro debut in 1998.

That, Bischoff admits, was a mistake on his part. He has some sympathy for All Elite boss Tony Khan then, because it isn’t always easy to shut a talent up once they get on their soapbox and into rant mode. Punk was definitely keen to get a lot off of his chest after AEW’s latest pay-per-view.

Despite having some sympathy though, Eric does think that Khan’s plight is “self-inflicted”, and he can see similarities between WCW back then and what the AEW chief is going through today. Basically, everybody should be really worried if Jon Moxley starts seeing Punk in a mirror backstage.

Just saying.

Kevin Nash is well aware of the post-All Out brawl in the AEW locker room and he has some thoughts. Nash is no stranger to locker room incidents. He had an encounter with Roddy Piper once, and he went after The Nasty Boys with a bat after he felt the team took liberties with Scott Hall during a match in their WCW days.

The most recent real-life pro wrestling brawl on a major scale occurred after CM Punk took aim at AEW’s Executive Vice Presidents and others. This led to a fight in the locker room involving Punk, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Ace Steel.

During an edition of the “Kliq This” podcast, Nash shared the moment he thinks the situation escalated and wasn’t just for show anymore.

“The fact is that it came to blows,” Nash said. “So, when it comes to blows now it’s not a work anymore. I’m not letting you punch me in the fucking face, for the sake of fake wrestling? Are you fucking kidding me? Fuck that. Let me tell one of the guys in the back, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna fucking waffle ya.'”

Nash made sure to point out what Steel allegedly did to Omega.

“The one guy, [Ace] Steel bit fucking Omega,” Nash said. “It was a fucking fight. A chair got thrown.”

As far as whether or not AEW Owner Tony Khan should turn this into an angle, Nash brought up an interesting point.

“I look at it as, in my cunning brain, how convenient that the guy that you’re gonna maybe toss out of your company or maybe wants to leave has your world title. How does that make you feel? You got put over, now you got the bargaining chip, and now you go into business for yourself.”

Khan vacated the AEW World Championship held by the Punk and the AEW World Trios Titles held by Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks following the altercation after All Out.

CM Punk Tony Khan

Retired wrestling great Ric Flair has described CM Punk’s fiery post-AEW All Out media scrum comments as “very entertaining”.

The ‘Nature Boy’ told listeners tuning into his podcast that he’s never really been around Punk backstage – they’ve exchanged pleasantries, but didn’t exactly hang out a lot on the road when both were in WWE. Ric did, however, side with good pal Triple H following issues between Hunter and Punk in the past.

Now, he views the exiled AEW man as someone who is “creating excitement” everywhere he goes. That might be an understatement from Ric there! All Elite boss Tony Khan decided to strip Punk of the AEW World Title and suspend him following a controversial press conference immediately after Sunday’s pay-per-view.

The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and several others were also suspended.

Flair pointed out that Punk’s willingness to fight his own corner is “old-time stuff”, but knows it has “divided” AEW’s locker room. He’s enjoying looking on from afar though, and followed the situation alongside other wrestling fans on social media.

Later in the pod, Ric said he found The Bucks and Omega “really easy guys to get along with”.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson has confirmed that All Elite Wrestling’s Ruby Soho did, indeed, suffer a broken nose while competing at All Out 2022 on 4 September.

Soho was teaming with ally Ortiz in a mixed tag defeat to Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo. She appeared to suffer the injury during the finish, as she went down clutching her nose after Melo threw her knee towards her face for the pin-preceding Tay-KO. Holding her nose while Rick Knox counted three, Soho was tended to by the referee who then helped her to the back.

There is currently no word on whether or not the injury will force Ruby to miss any television time.

Soho was mixing it up with Guevara and Melo as an extension of a long-running feud with The Jericho Appreciation Society, born of Chris Jericho’s singles rivalry with Eddie Kingston. Soho, as a friend of Kingston, entered the feud to combat the JAS’ Melo and Anna Jay, working five mixed tag team bouts with Ortiz as her partner along the way.

Guevara was originally set to face Kingston one-on-one at All Out, though this was cancelled when Eddie was suspended for touching Sammy’s face in a backstage confrontation. Kingston wrestled NJPW’s Tomohiro Ishii instead.

All Elite Wrestling crowned a new World Heavyweight Champion at “All Out” in Chicago, with CM Punk becoming the second two-time champion in company history after defeating Jon Moxley in the show’s main event. However, the title was not the most talked about thing coming out of the pay-per-view, nor was the long-awaited return of MJF after the match.

All anyone is talking about is what Punk had to say during the “AEW All Out” post-show media scrum, where he verbally attacked “Hangman” Page, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Scott Colton aka Colt Cabana. Punk detailed his level of disdain for something The Elite allegedly said during an episode of “Being The Elite,” suggesting the reason he’s been getting such mixed reactions is because of their constant campaign to defend Cabana on their show.

“If you’re an EVP, you don’t try to middle your top babyface, trying to get your niche audience that’s on the internet to hate him for some made-up bullshit rumor,” Punk said. “Really pisses me off, stepping on your own dick trying to make money, sell tickets and fill arenas and these stupid guys think they are in Reseda [reference to PWG].”

Not only did Punk bury the group for comments they made in the past toward him, but “The Best in the World” also heavily criticized Page for comments he made during an interview he had at GalaxyCon, in which he stated that he doesn’t “take advice.”

“We have a locker room full of pretty brilliant minds, Jerry Lynn, Dean Malenko, Mark Henry,” Punk said. “When I came back [from the foot injury] and cut my second promo here, I thought it was pretty decent. Blurred the lines a little bit, crazy Phil, he’s going into business for himself, and really I was just defending myself. You mix that in with attacking Moxley and you mention Kingston being the second-best Kingston which is a pretty great line.

“Our locker room, for all the wisdom and brilliance it has, isn’t worth shit when you have an empty-headed idiot who’s never done anything in the business and does public interviews and says, ‘Nah, I don’t really take advice.’ Who the fuck do you think you are? Yanno? That’s stupid. I’m on a team with Barry Bonds, Mark Maguire, and Sammy Sosa and I don’t need to work on my swing, I’m not going to listen to these guys when they tell me how to swing a baseball. Fucking go fuck yourself. That’s how I feel about it. I dare you to say that to Terry Funk’s face. Fucking grow up.”

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is back in All Elite Wrestling, returning on tonight’s All Out 2022 pay-per-view.

The comeback began in the Casino Ladder Match that opened the show. Before the mystery Joker could enter, a gang of black-clad unknowns assaulted participants Rush, Andrade El Idolo, Rey Fenix, Penta Oscuro, Wheeler Yuta, Claudio Castagnoli, and Dante Martin. One scaled the ladder amidst the carnage, pulling off their veil to reveal Stokely Hathaway.

Hathaway seized the briefcase as each of the wrestlers handed business cards by him in recent weeks revealed their own faces. W. Morrissey, Lee Moriarty, Ethan Page, and Gunn Club had all been recruited for this purpose, it seemed. Seconds later, the Joker made his entrance (wearing the same black garb with a grey mask), hit the ring, and was handed the briefcase by Stokely, without revealing their face.

So far, so secretive – but a reappearance came after CM Punk’s World Championship triumph over Jon Moxley in the main event.

Audio from a voicemail message left by AEW founder and CEO Tony Khan played after the house lights dropped. Within moments, it was clear Khan was talking to MJF, as he referenced his ongoing hiatus, reported pay demands, and more, before the devil revealed himself.

The Joker put a Burberry scarf over his shoulders in a pretaped segment. MJF’s music then hit and the man himself walked onto the ramp, shouting that he was coming for CM Punk’s belt. Victory in the Casino Ladder Match guarantees him a shot, of course.

MJF had been absent from AEW programming since June, when he embarked on an indefinite hiatus amidst reported pay disputes, a festering relationship with Khan, contractual issues, and more. A fire promo surely awaits on next week’s Dynamite.

CM Punk is a two-time AEW World Heavyweight Champion.

‘The Voice Of The Voiceless’ defeated Jon Moxley in a bloody main event of the All Out pay-per-view to reclaim what he’d only lost eleven days earlier and never been able to defend following a first win over former Champion Hangman Page.

Punk hit two Go To Sleeps on Moxley at the climax of a brutal 20 minute war. He joins the former Champion as the only person in the company to be the officially recognised Champion twice, and has reclaimed it one year on from his historic return match against Darby Allin at All Out 2021. Moxley had busted the challenger open early and zeroed in on the cut, but Punk survived every onslaught to nail his finisher twice in a conclusion well received by the partisan Chicago crowd.

His celebrations were cut short by the returning Maxwell Jacob Friedman, who gestured that he intended to take the title following his own victory as The Joker in the evening’s opening Casino Ladder Match. A date wasn’t confirmed for the two as the show went off the air but the upcoming Grand Slam event will be the heavily favoured destination.