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This year’s hugely eventful AEW All Out PPV was headlined by CM Punk defeating Jon Moxley to become a two-time AEW World Champion.

While what happened after All Out essentially null and voided that match – with Moxley last night reclaiming the World Title that had been stripped from Punk immediately after All Out – there now comes word that the PPV was originally to have a slightly different main event.

As per today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, this year’s All Out was initially planned to be closed out by MJF challenging CM Punk for the AEW World Championship.

These plans were thrown up in the air once the Second City Saint injured his foot and was forced to vacate the company’s top prize shortly after Double or Nothing. With that injury, AEW opted to crown an interim World Champ in the shape of Moxley, with there clear question marks over whether Punk would be cleared to compete in time for All Out.

Indeed, the Straight-Edge Superstar managed to make it back for All Out, although whatever AEW had planned for Punk – with many presuming he was on a natural collision course with MJF once again – was thrown completely off the table due to the star now facing a lengthy injury lay-off and being suspended while a third party investigation looks into what exactly went down backstage after All Out.

As for MJF, it’s not known whether the Salt of the Earth’s recent absence from AEW would have happened or not if Punk hadn’t got that initial foot injury after Double or Nothing. Even all these months removed, there’s no concrete details on whether Max’s issues with Tony Khan and AEW were a shoot, a work, or a shoot that became a work.

Jon Moxley Is the new AEW World Heavyweight Champion.

The two-time titleholder made it three thanks to victory over Bryan Danielson in the final of the Grand Slam Tournament Of Champions. The match was the main event of the second annual Grand Slam edition of Dynamite from Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York.

The all-Blackpool Combat Club headline attraction passed without involvement of looming contender MJF, who was shown constantly throughout the contest holding onto the giant poker chip that entitles him to a match for the belt any time he wishes. Moxley submitted Bryan in 19:15, getting on top of him with a chokehold having drilled him with a Paradigm Shift on the ramp seconds earlier.

The two embraced after the show went off the air, with Bryan ceremonially wrapping the belt around Moxley’s waist in post-match scenes.

Moxley became the first ever three-time Champion in AEW history, having previously defeated Chris Jericho in 2020 and CM Punk last month for the strap. He was also entrusted with holding the gold on an interim basis this summer following Punk’s first injury-related absence. His first contender of this reign will be decided by a battle royal set to take place on this Friday’s Grand Slam edition of Rampage.

Speaking on his podcast, “Foley is Pod,” hardcore legend Mick Foley weighed in on the now-notorious CM Punk press conference following AEW’s All Out pay-per-view earlier this month. Foley started off by saying that WWE has done a good job of keeping their top titles feel meaningful with Roman Reigns as champion, but noted that the same can’t be said for CM Punk in AEW.

“Anything that takes away from the joy and the prestige of winning that title is counterproductive. So if Punk is on camera and he’s not filled with joy, and he’s letting bitterness and anger come out, I think that detracts from the title,” Foley said. “By that standard, everything that … Punk did was disastrous, because it put Tony Khan in a bad position. … It was just really unfortunate. You don’t want to see that side of your superstars.”

Foley went on to talk about winning the WWF title belt from The Rock and how a win like that should be treated in the eyes of the fans. “I can’t imagine going backstage and being angry or bitter, or taking the joy out of the experience for our fans,” he said. “There’s a time and a place, maybe, to play with emotions, and if you have something substantial that can make people feel strange in their gut, but not after a title win.”

Overall, Foley felt the press conference and confrontation that followed was not in the best interest of the company.

“That wasn’t good for business,” Foley continued. “I mean, it might pay itself off in some way, but I think it was unfortunate, and sad, and it was a bad statement about the prestige of that title, that anything could be so meaningful that it took center stage over a title victory.”

CM Punk is a two-time AEW World Heavyweight Champion.

‘The Voice Of The Voiceless’ defeated Jon Moxley in a bloody main event of the All Out pay-per-view to reclaim what he’d only lost eleven days earlier and never been able to defend following a first win over former Champion Hangman Page.

Punk hit two Go To Sleeps on Moxley at the climax of a brutal 20 minute war. He joins the former Champion as the only person in the company to be the officially recognised Champion twice, and has reclaimed it one year on from his historic return match against Darby Allin at All Out 2021. Moxley had busted the challenger open early and zeroed in on the cut, but Punk survived every onslaught to nail his finisher twice in a conclusion well received by the partisan Chicago crowd.

His celebrations were cut short by the returning Maxwell Jacob Friedman, who gestured that he intended to take the title following his own victory as The Joker in the evening’s opening Casino Ladder Match. A date wasn’t confirmed for the two as the show went off the air but the upcoming Grand Slam event will be the heavily favoured destination.

Jon Moxley sensationally squashed CM Punk in last night’s AEW World Championship unification match, putting his opponent away within a matter of minutes in a hotly-anticipated match that could realistically have headlined the upcoming All Out pay-per-view.

Few could have predicted what looked like a surefire Match of the Year candidate going down this way. A brisker-than-usual opening sequence played out before Punk blasted Moxley with a high kick. Immediately, the AEW World Champion fell to the floor, selling his surgically-repaired foot, which allowed Mox to shock and awe.

Smelling blood in the water, Punk’s interim counterpart seized the opportunity, hitting a King Kong lariat, the hammer and anvil elbows, and a Death Rider. Wrenching the hurting foot with an immense sense of urgency, Mox inflicted untold levels of kayfabe damage before getting up, landing another Death Rider, and scoring a pinfall.

Jon Moxley is now the undisputed AEW World Champion. The whole affair took less than four minutes.

AEW’s announce team sold the idea that Punk had come back to the company too quickly after suffering the broken foot that triggered Tony Khan to announce an interim World Championship in the first place. Clearly, his injured foot is the story in play – and the kayfabe reason for Moxley’s sudden squash of him.

The All Out 2022 main event remains a mystery, however.

Jon Moxley is an AEW World Champion once more.

The Blackpool Combat Club man took AEW’s interim belt at Sunday’s Forbidden Door pay-per-view, defeating NJPW legend Hiroshi Tanahashi in their long-awaited match. A tough, claret-soaked affair was defined as much by Mox’s ruthlessness as Tanahashi’s endearing babyface brilliance, both of which conspired to turn the crowd against Jon for extended periods, though a post-match settling of differences (interrupted by the Jericho Appreciation Society) put the wrestlers back on the same page.

Moxley took the win via Paradigm Shift, pinning New Japan Pro Wrestling’s celebrated Ace. This came after multiple submission teases emanating from Moxley’s the Bulldog Choke.

The Interim AEW World Championship was created in the wake of CM Punk’s announcement that injury would force him to take time away from the company after defeating ‘Hangman’ Adam Page for the true world title in May. Punk’s return date remains unknown, with Moxley set to anchor the main event scene in his absence.

In victory, Moxley became an AEW World Champion for the first time since December 2020, when Kenny Omega ended his acclaimed 277-day run on top at Winter Is Coming.

CM Punk is the new AEW World Champion, having defeated ‘Hangman’ Adam Page at Double Or Nothing 2022 tonight.

A stiff, gritty bout played out in the main event of a long, 13-match show, with hard shots thrown in both directions. The atmosphere was unique, too, with loyalties split and the Las Vegas more interested in jeering the person they didn’t want to win than rooting for whoever they were supporting. That they were so energised and engaging more than four hours into the pay-per-view eased many a pre-show concern.

Page hesitating on hitting Punk with the World Title belt ultimately cost him. Losing himself for a few fatal seconds, he dropped the strap, hit the outside for a Buckshot Lariat, but leapt into a Go To Sleep. That was enough for the three-count – and for CM Punk to leave Double Or Nothing as the fifth AEW World Champion.

Hangman’s World Title reign ended on 197 days, encompassing six successful defences against the likes of Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole. Punk, meanwhile, is a World Champion for the first time since dropping the WWE Heavyweight Title to The Rock in January 2013.

The new World Champion closed the show in tears, celebrating with his new prize.

Fans don’t have to speculate or wait any longer for the official word: CM Punk will challenge Hangman Adam Page for the AEW World Championship.

The announcement came after the opening match on AEW Dynamite Wednesday night, where Punk was the guest commentator. Dax Harwood defeated FTR teammate Cash Wheeler in a fantastic Owen Hart Foundation Tournament qualifier match, but immediately afterwards, a graphic popped up onscreen making it official that Page will defend his title against #1 ranked Punk at Double or Nothing next month.

The two had a staredown last week on Dynamite after Punk defeated Dustin Rhodes and made the “I want the belt” gesture on the ramp, drawing Hangman out.

Wednesday, the Second City Savior wasted little time in walking down to ringside after the opening bout to talk about how he didn’t know when he came back if he still had it, but he’s proven now that he’s still got it, and that all the matches he’s had to this point were just warmups for this bout, a world title match.

Page was unable to rebut in person because he has tested positive for COVID and was not at the show. However, there is still a full month to build this to a fever pitch, so here’s hoping Hangman gets well soon and returns as quickly as possible.

Hangman has held the AEW world title since November and had six title defenses to date, toppling the likes of Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole and Lance Archer. Punk has been on a tear in 2022, only losing one match to MJF, which he later avenged.

Cody Rhodes has admitted that his decision to not challenge for the AEW World Championship after losing to Chris Jericho at Full Gear 2019 was a mistake.

Speaking with Ryan Satin for Fox Sports’ Out of Character show, the current WWE Raw star reflected on balancing wrestling with behind-the-scenes duties during his time as an Executive Vice President in All Elite Wrestling. Rhodes stated that while he felt he did well in the role and was “very active”, particularly with his involvement in the promotion’s community outreach program, decisions like the one to remove himself from World Title contention weren’t correct (h/t Figure Four Online/The Wrestling Observer):

“But maybe it would have been better served for me at age 45 than it did at age, you know, 33, or whatever it was. I am just now entering the prime of my career. So to make political decisions, like boxing myself out of winning a World Championship, those decisions, in hindsight, were not the correct decisions and what I should have been doing.”

Rhodes emerged as the most obvious number one contender for Jericho’s new AEW World Championship prior to Full Gear (9 November 2019). The build to that event saw Cody claim that if he was defeated by Jericho, he would never challenge for the company’s top prize again, stating that he did not want to receive the same criticism as his father, Dusty, for being on top of a promotion while maintaining an office role.

Jericho ended up defeating Rhodes when Cody’s ally at the time, MJF, threw in the towel on his behalf. ‘The American Nightmare’ did not go back on the stipulation prior to leaving AEW this February.

Continuing, Rhodes stated that he feels he is the best wrestler in the world, but lacked the maturity required to balance this with the EVP role:

“I’m the best wrestler in the world, Ryan. I can tell you that without it sounding braggadocious. And it’s simply because this is all I do. I train to do it. I live and breathe it, I have a school here with four rings. I treat this like an athlete in the NFL would treat a game and their team. But with that in mind, I needed to go and be that. And I wanted to be both and it was just too difficult, and that’s where I did not have the maturity to balance it. It wasn’t a matter of being one of the boys versus not — because I’m no longer just one of the boys. I love it and wish I could be one, but I’ve been in this position before. I’ve been on the other side. I’ve been in these production meetings and things of that nature. And I’ve been part of the technical production. But I just think it would have served me better a little later in my life when I could look at a show and say I don’t want to be in the top spot.”

Rhodes returned to WWE for the first time in six years at WrestleMania 38, defeating Seth Rollins in his comeback match. The duo will rematch at WrestleMania Backlash on Sunday 8 May.

If there was any ambiguity last week, CM Punk made it abundantly clear Wednesday night on Dynamite: He’s coming for the AEW World Championship.

Punk battled and toppled Max Caster (who got off a fantastic Z-pack dig at Punk in his pre-match rap) in Dynamite’s opening match, then did an in-ring interview with Tony Schiavone afterward. Tony asked the obvious question about what Punk’s “I want the belt” gesture last week meant, and the Second City Savior didn’t mince words.

Punk made it clear that he’s dialled in on the AEW World Championship, whether the champion is Adam Cole or Hangman Adam Page. He talked about how he’s going to get grayer and have more scars before his time in All Elite Wrestling is up, but he also pledged to be AEW World Champion before he’s done in the company.

Since debuting in AEW last year after a seven-year absence from professional wrestling, Punk has only lost one match. Punk was just outside the AEW top five rankings heading into Wednesday, though picking up his fifth singles win of the year might move him into the conversation.