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Alberto El Patron – formerly Alberto Del Rio during his WWE days – has interest in working for AEW.

Speaking in a recent interview with SEScoops, the four-time WWE World Champion detailed how he’s absolutely interested in competing in an AEW ring, and that he feels he deserves to be wrestling for one of the major promotions of the business.

“I would be interested in going to AEW, or any more company. I deserve to be in a major company. Once is has been proven that I was always telling the truth about those things, I know, I don’t think, I know I deserve to be out there to continue entertaining and to rebuild my legacy in the business that I love. I would love to be in working for any major company.”

There are certainly a fair few faces in AEW right now who are familiar with Alberto. For example, Del Rio did battle with CM Punk over the WWE Title, whilst he also at one point butted heads with Christian Cage over the World Heavyweight Championship.

On whether he’s had contact with any of his former colleagues who now find themselves under the employ of Tony Khan, Albert said:

“I haven’t talked to anyone in that company. I have talked to people from other companies, but not from AEW. I have really good friends over there, like Phil, CM Punk, and he is one of my friends in the business. And Chris Jericho, he was always nice to me and we always had a good relationship while we were working for WWE. I know all the others, and we always got along with Daniel Bryan, Jack Swagger and many others from the indy circuit.”

For what it’s worth, it’s not known whether AEW would have any interest in bringing Alberto into the fold, although the belief earlier this year was that it would be a ‘pass’ from Tony Khan’s organisation.

During six years under WWE contract, across two different spells with the company, Del Rio certainly amassed quite the success in Vince McMahon’s sports entertainment giant. As it stands, the second-generation star has two WWE Title wins, two World Heavyweight Title wins, two United States Title wins, a Money in the Bank win, and a Royal Rumble win to his name. Outside of WWE, Alberto is a former AAA Mega Champion, former CMLL World Heavyweight Champion, and a former IMPACT World Champion.

In terms of the “truth” that the 45-year-old refers to in this latest interview, that would seem to relate to the charges of aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault brought against the real-life Jose Rodriguez in 2020. Following that trial being delayed several times, those charges against Rodriguez were dropped last December.

Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio is set to become one of the Spanish commentators for UFC, according to Lucha Libre Online.

The report noted that Del Rio will be on commentary for this Saturday’s UFC Fight Night: Volkov vs. Aspinall, which will be headlined by the heavyweight clash between Alexander Volkov and Tom Aspinall. The event will be held at the O2 Arena in London, England.

It was noted that while Del Rio has inked a short-term deal with the MMA promotion, there is interest from both sides for a potential long-term partnership.

The report added that Del Rio will also be calling the action for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) in the near future.

Del Rio is no stranger to the world of MMA. In 2019, he was involved in a highly-publicized catchweight fight against former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz. Del Rio lost the bout via first round submission. Del Rio also fought several times for Pride Fighting Championships in the early 2000s. In 2016, he was temporarily named the President of MMA promotion Combate Americas.

Last December, Alberto Del Rio was cleared of all kidnapping and sexual assault charges leveled against him by his ex-girlfriend. Since then, Del Rio has expressed his desire to return to WWE or join AEW. However, a report noted that WWE, Impact Wrestling, AEW and MLW have zero interest in signing Del Rio.

WWE sources have told Fightful Select that “there’s no fucking way” the company will rehire former World Champ Alberto El Patron any time soon.

This news comes in the wake of El Patron himself telling close friends that he’d return to the promotion following his current legal troubles. The former Alberto Del Rio is currently battling a sexual assault charge; legal proceedings recommenced earlier this week.

Judges will decide whether or not Alberto is guilty of assaulting his now ex-girlfriend. After that, the wrestler claimed, it’d be back to the big time on Raw or SmackDown. That seemed far-fetched, and Fightful’s sources just pretty much confirmed that El Patron has no chance of signing a fat WWE contract.

There will be no third run for the Mexican star.

This probably won’t come as a huge shocker to anybody who has been following El Patron’s life and career over the past couple of years. Fightful’s internal source at WWE said it’d cause a shitstorm if the group “let go of some of the people we did” only to then bring Alberto in.

Quite. This won’t happen.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that former WWE star Alberto El Patron has been telling close friends that it’s only a matter of time before he enjoys a third run with the company.

Patron is currently awaiting trial for sexual assault charges – legal proceedings continue on 25 October, and they’ll determine whether or not Alberto is guilty for allegedly assaulting his now-ex girlfriend. After that, the former Del Rio says, he’ll launch a WWE comeback.

The two-time WWE Champ enjoyed a lot of success across his first two spells, and at one time appeared to be the apple of Vince McMahon’s eye. In addition to those dual reigns with the top prize, Alberto also held the old World Heavyweight title twice, the United States belt two times, bagged Money In The Bank and won the 2011 Royal Rumble match.

His second stint in 2016 ended amidst reports that El Patron wasn’t happy with how creative were handling him. He’d previously been part of the ill-fated ‘League Of Nations’ stable alongside Sheamus, Rusev and Wade Barrett.

Now, Alberto reckons he’s on the WWE comeback trail yet again.

Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio (aka Alberto El Patron) recently appeared on Hannibal TV and issued a message to his ex-fiancée, former WWE Women’s Champion Paige.

Paige and Alberto went public with their relationship in May 2016. They were engaged in October 2016 after Paige popped the question in the middle of the ring during a WWC event in Puerto Rico, right after Del Rio’s match with Carlito. Paige dropped to one knee and asked Del Rio to marry her, and he said yes. Del Rio was still married at the time, but was going through a divorce to his estranged wife in Mexico, Angela. The relationship played out in the media and over social media, and was full of ups & downs, until they confirmed their split in December 2017.

Del Rio spoke to former WWE commentator Hugo Savinovich back in April and revealed that he and Paige had a $1 million confidentiality agreement, to safeguard his interests and future. In this new interview, Alberto claims he and Paige lied about their domestic incidents, to protect their jobs, and that there are 3 arrests, with 7 total police reports related to their domestic troubles. He threatened to expose Page and the fake stories they told the media and the fans to protect her WWE job, if he’s not left alone.

There were at least three arrests/incidents that were rumored or confirmed during the relationship – a 2016 incident in Las Vegas after WWE Money In the Bank, an incident in San Antonio where Paige lived with Alberto, and the infamous July 2017 incident at the Orlando airport, where Alberto chose not to press charges against Paige. Alberto claimed back in April that Paige was arrested in San Antonio, Vegas, and Orlando, and had 6 or 7 police reports in just San Antonio.

Del Rio also reiterated comments he made back in April, saying once he signed the $1 confidentiality agreement, he then found out that Paige didn’t own a house or a car, and had just $60,000 – $70,000 in her bank account. Alberto continues to say “enough is enough” and warn Paige to leave him alone, but it remains to be seen where these threats are coming from. He previously stated in that same April interview that he wants the best for Paige. Still employed by WWE, Paige has been in a relationship with Falling in Reverse singer Ronnie Radke since late 2018, and is focused on her Twitch channel these days.

You can see Alberto’s full comments to Hannibal TV below:

“I had another situation with another person accusing me of something,” Alberto said. “What’s your evidence? And thank God now, and I said it in my interview with my great friend Hugo Savinovich, hey, we had a confidential agreement in the past for $1 million. That’s the only reason why I never did anything, never said anything, I never exposed you. I never told the truth about all your arrests for domestic violence when we were together, but please don’t mess with me again. Enough is enough. I have no intentions of… and everybody knows who I am talking about.

“No more, no more. Enough is enough. That confidential agreement is no longer there, you breached the contract so now I can tell the truth about who was and who wasn’t arrested three different times for domestic violence, and it wasn’t me. Seven police reports for domestic violence, and it wasn’t me. They talked, they barked, they were poking and trying to make me talk, and I think they wanted to make me talk to come and collect that million dollars because when we signed that confidential agreement, hey I was WWE Champion, I did good money-wise, and then the other person, after signing the contract I realized that she didn’t own a house, a car, or anything, and only had $60-$70,000 in her bank account. But the contract was already signed when I found out.”

He continued, “I have no intention of affecting anyone. Please leave me alone, enough is enough. And you, all of you, all of that people, you should be thankful it’s because of me why she still has a job, because if I would’ve exposed her in the past… I’m not just talking, barking crap, I’ve got documents of what I’m saying, I have evidence, and if not, hey, come and sue me, come and sue me. But if you try to do something, I will but those three arrests for domestic violence out there, and I will tell the truth of what happened, what really happened. Not the BS stories that we told the media to protect her from losing her job because we did it because we were engaged, we were a couple, we did it together. We threw a b——t story to the media, to the fans, but that’s not a real story, and I have no intentions of entertaining the internet, and I don’t want to affect anyone’s life, but please stop messing with me.”

Alberto has recently expressed interest in a return to WWE, apologizing for past mistakes. He also made it known he wants another WWE Title reign, as noted here. You can click here for his recent comments on WWE and past mistakes, or click here for his recent comments on the major criminal charges he’s facing in August. Alberto is scheduled to return to the ring on Saturday, July 31 in McAllen, Texas at the Payne Arena for the loaded Hecho en Mexico indie event. He will work the Triple Threat main event that night with Andrade El Idolo and Carlito. Alberto is one of the promoters of the event.

WWE sees Damian Preist as its next big Latin American star.

Dave Meltzer reported as much on today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, giving the 38-year-old a “real good chance” of filling that void, talking up his look, promos, and in-ring ability.

WWE has been looking for another Latin star since Alberto Del Rio left the promotion, according to Meltzer. They like Priest, who is coming off really well on television and has benefitted from his partnership with Bad Bunny, as positioning him opposite the world-famous recording artist means Vince McMahon can’t afford to let Damian’s booking waver.

Meltzer added that Priest will be protected until at least WrestleMania 37, and probably after. He won’t be losing many matches until Bunny leaves – if any.

Priest and Bunny have been linked with a WrestleMania tag team match against John Morrison and The Miz. This would be dependent on Miz losing the WWE Championship, which he is expected to do before ‘Mania.

The former NXT North American Champion was called up to the main roster in this year’s Royal Rumble, having been written off NXT television after a loss to Karrion Kross earlier in January.

Former WWE wrestler Alberto Del Rio’s trial for four counts of sexual assault and one of aggravated kidnapping begins in San Antonio, Texas, on Monday 25 January, PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reports.

Del Rio was arrested on 5 September 2020. His victim alleged that the 43-year-old committed assault after accusing her of infidelity, claiming that he slapped her “across the head,” forced her into “wearing a dress and dancing for him,” then threatened to “take her son and drop him in the middle of the road somewhere” when she refused. Allegations of sexual assault were accompanied by photographs of injuries, with reports from FOX San Antonio and TMZ bringing grimmer details to light.

November 2020 saw Del Rio’s alleged victim apologise for any “damage” caused by her “mistakes”, prompting Alberto’s brother, El Hijo de Dos Caras, to brand her words an admission of false allegations.

A conviction of aggravated kidnapping in the first degree could mean a prison sentence of between five and 99 years in Texas, as well as a potential fine of up to $10,000. If Del Rio can prove he let the victim leave voluntarily and is convicted, this would be a second degree offense, cutting the sentence down to between two and 20 years.

Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio was assigned a criminal trial date of January 25, 2021 following his indictment last week, according to a report on PW Insider. Del Rio was indicted last Thursday by a grand jury in San Antonio, TX, on charges of aggravated kidnapping.

Del Rio is facing one count of aggravated kidnapping and four counts of sexual assault. He could be facing life in prison.

Del Rio was first arrested earlier this year in May, after the victim went to local authorities in San Antonio to report Del Rio’s assault. According to the victim, Del Rio allegedly became angry with her and accused her of infidelity, and then proceeded to physically assault her.

The victim claimed Del Rio “slapped her across the head” several times and “forced her to wear a dress and dance for him” when she did not admit to the aforementioned infidelity. He then allegedly told her to not cry, because if she did, he threatened to “take her son and drop him in the middle of the road somewhere.”

The FOX affiliate in San Antonio also provided further details, noting that Del Rio allegedly “tied the woman’s hands with boxing straps, put a sock in her mouth and sexually assaulted her for several hours, using various objects.”

In the state of Texas, a conviction for aggravated kidnapping, if punishable in the first degree, could lead to a jail sentence ranging from 5-99 years or life imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $10,000. However, if the accused is convicted of aggravated kidnapping in the second degree, they could face anywhere from 2-20 years in prison and/or a fine up to $10,000.

Alberto Del Rio, the former WWE Champion, was indicted on Thursday by a grand jury in San Antonio, TX, on charges of aggravated kidnapping, according to a report on PWI Insider.

As reported back in May, Del Rio was arrested and subsequently charged with a second degree sexual assault felony and aggravated kidnapping. Although Thursday’s court order lists the primary charge as aggravated kidnapping, it is unclear if the sexual assault charge resulted in an indictment as well.

The report added that a trial date has yet to be set. Del Rio, who had been out on a $50,000 bond, is slated to be arraigned on Friday, as per court records.

Del Rio was arrested on May 5th, 2020, after the victim approached local authorities in San Antonio and stated that the professional wrestler allegedly grew enraged with her after accusing her of infidelity. She also alleged that Del Rio physically assaulted her.

The victim had also alleged that Del Rio “slapped her across the head” several times and “forced her to wear a dress and dance for him” after she would not admit to the infidelity. Furthermore, Del Rio allegedly threatened to take the victim’s son and “drop him in the middle of the road somewhere.”

The FOX affiliate in San Antonio also provided additional details which noted that Del Rio allegedly “tied the woman’s hands with boxing straps, put a sock in her mouth and sexually assaulted her for several hours, using various objects.”

In the state of Texas, a conviction for aggravated kidnapping, if punishable in the first degree, could lead to a jail sentence ranging from 5-99 years or life imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $10,000. However, if the accused is convicted of aggravated kidnapping in the second degree, they could face anywhere from 2-20 years in prison and/or a fine up to $10,000.


Alberto Del Rio was arrested on May 9 and charged with sexual assault, a second degree felony. His bond was set at $50,000 as records showed that he posted bond and was released from jail around 3:30 a.m. on Sunday.

News 4 San Antonio reports that an affidavit for Del Rio, real name Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan, gave graphic detail of the incident. Court documents state that the victim had been assaulted by Del Rio on more than one occasion.

News 4 San Antonio gave a detailed account of the events. Del Rio allegedly accused the victim of being unfaithful. She alleged that he became angry when she wouldn’t admit to cheating on him so he struck her and then took her to his downstairs bedroom and slapped her eight more times. The victim claimed that he then made her put on a dress and dance for him, but she refused. He allegedly then warned her not to cry or he’d take her son and ‘drop him off in the middle of the road somewhere.’

More graphic details have been released. While the victim told detectives that she does not remember much of the events, she went forward with photographs of what happened to her. News San Antionio reported, “police said Rodriguez Chucuan then tied the woman’s hands with boxing straps, put a sock in her mouth and sexually assaulted her for several hours, using various objects.”

Investigators are stating that Del Rio also punched her in the back during the assault, which caused visible injuries. The woman claimed that she does not remember much after he placed his hand around her throat.