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Alexa Bliss thinks it’s been “too long” since she held singles gold in WWE.

The Raw star told CricketNext that she’d love to get right back on top of the women’s division on either Raw or SmackDown. Alexa’s last singles title run came back in 2018; the then-Raw Women’s Champ’s third reign lasted 63 days before she dropped the prize to Ronda Rousey at SummerSlam.

Three-time Raw and two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion Bliss hasn’t really come close to winning either belt since. In fact, she’s been deployed more in a tag-team role over the past four years. A union with Nikki Cross/A.S.H yielded two stints as Women’s Tag Champs.

Alexa did hold the lowly 24/7 Title for a few minutes during the 18 July 2022 edition of Raw, but she didn’t even mention that during the interview. Being honest, that’s not a shocker. Bliss isn’t exactly going to look back on 24/7 during her Hall Of Fame speech someday.

Recently, Alexa has been teaming with Asuka in WWE’s Women’s Tag tournament to fill the vacated belts. Maybe she can turn her attention back to singles action now that experiment is over?

Alexa Bliss claims she has a new “version” of herself that she’s “dying” to show the world.

The WWE Raw star told ‘MackMania‘ that she’s just waiting for “the right time” to sell company creative on the idea and bring it to screens. In an interesting moment, Bliss also said that “it’s all about timing” – she isn’t sure this fresh idea would work in the current landscape.

If Alexa was being brutally honest, she thinks her latest character (which is a little no-frills and as close to her real-life personality as fans are going to get) is pretty “boring”. Yes, Bliss actually used that word during the interview to describe her recent run alongside Asuka in the women’s tag-team division.

She wants more then, but knows that timing is everything.

Alexa added that she’s looking to “regroup and reorganise things” so she’s ready to strike when the time is right. That could be later this year, or it might be during WrestleMania season in 2023. Either way, Bliss is looking forward to trying on something new soon.

It isn’t every day you hear a current WWE star describe their work as “boring”.

Alexa Bliss has had quite a career in WWE, winning major championships and wrestling at shows such as WrestleMania and SummerSlam. But does that make The Goddess a certified WWE Hall of Famer in her opinion?

“I think on paper, yes,” former Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss said appearing on “MackMania.” “On paper, I could be a Hall of Famer, 100%. You know, I’ve been very fortunate with the opportunities I’ve had in WWE, especially in my first couple of years on the roster … On paper our whole women’s division technically yes, could be Hall of Famers.”

Bliss has been on the main roster since she was drafted to the “WWE Smackdown” brand in July 2016. Within her first year of being on the main roster, Bliss became the first woman in WWE history to win both the “Raw” and “Smackdown” Women’s Championships, doing so, in fact, within 10 months of her debut. Since then, Bliss has gone on to win a total of five Women’s Championships, three on “Raw” and two on “Smackdown,” and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship twice.

Prior to her main roster run, Bliss wrestled on the “NXT” brand, however, she was never the main focus of the show. More often than not she was the manager of a tag team consisting of Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy.

What does Bliss believe gives her a Hall of Fame career on paper? The Five Feet of Fury has played many iterations of different characters in WWE.

“There is a version of me that I am dying to get to, it just hasn’t gotten there yet,” Bliss said. “Man, I’ve been like nine different people. If you really look at it, from start to now, nine different like, variations of how I look, how I act, how I speak, and right now it’s just me … Lexi is not for TV, I’m boring like as a person, you know? On TV right now I’m boring.”

Some of the well-known gimmicks from Bliss’ WWE career include The Goddess, which was her character when she first came to the WWE main roster. There was also the darker version of her when she was aligned with Brat Wyatt and following Wyatt’s release, she began talking to Lilly (a doll). In “NXT,” Bliss had worked under a bubbly cheerleader gimmick when she first debuted, however, in turning heel and joining Blake & Murphy, that gimmick was dissolved.

Alexa Bliss is a five-time women’s champion, a two-time women’s tag team champion, and a former Money In The Bank winner. But ever since she returned to WWE for the Elimination Chamber match this year following a lengthy break after SummerSlam 2021, Bliss hasn’t had a defined gimmick.

“I’m this limbo right now,” Bliss recently admitted to Metro. “I don’t really know where I’m going with my character yet. I kind of evolved so many times in the last nine years, I feel like I’ve had more characters than any other woman on the roster. So now, it’s finding where I fit, what character is needed for the show. Right now, I’m just me, and I don’t like that for TV. I like me for me outside in life, but for TV – Lexi is not entertaining.”

Bliss’ character work has been strong in the past, whether it was playing a bratty heel or The Fiend’s supernatural sidekick, but right now she doesn’t have anything specific. Bliss had been working with a psychologist on television, having meetings that were seemingly going to lead to a clear character, but that didn’t happen. Her current gimmick sees her dressing the same as she did during her darker, more eerie run, complete with her sinister doll, Lilly, but she no longer uses Lilly as a weapon, and all her supernatural evil has been removed, leaving Bliss portraying a largely generic babyface character.

“I’m stuck trying to figure out what that is,” Bliss said. “Especially after therapy, after taking away all the aspects of what the dark, evil Alexa was, but still having Lilly and being able to understand that Lilly is now an accessory, not as a focal point,”

“It’s finding that creative process of trying to figure out what’s gonna be, one, fun for me, two, what’s gonna relate to an audience, and what’s gonna be easy for the writers to write for,” she explained.”

Recently Bliss has lacked a clear narrative or storyline in WWE, having been used in random matches on “WWE Raw” which have primarily seen her feud with Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H., which did see her briefly become 24/7 Champion for a period. While it seemed for a moment that WWE was planning to have Bliss team up with Asuka, the two did not interact on this past Monday’s “Raw,” and with the WWE as a whole now under new creative management, it remains to be seen where Bliss goes from here.

Alexa Bliss thinks WWE’s decision to push Liv Morgan is “long overdue”.

Bliss defended the 2022 women’s Money In The Bank ladder match during her interview with Metro too – that bout was notable for some sloppy exchanges, miscommunications and botches, but Alexa is just happy that everybody came out of the thing relatively unscathed.

“We’re all safe, which is what’s important”, she said.

Mainly, Bliss is delighted to see Liv rocket up the food chain. Morgan won the women’s MITB briefcase, then quickly cashed in on the same night following Ronda Rousey’s win over Natalya. Now, the new SmackDown Women’s Champion will face Rousey in a rematch at SummerSlam on 30 July.

Alexa can’t wait to see Liv smash it, because she’s really happy that it’s “her time”. Bliss said that everybody else involved in the match had a smile for Morgan, because they all know how hard she’s worked to get to this point.

Regrettably, WWE’s writing hasn’t exactly made Liv look like the strongest champion to date. She’s still very much in that ‘I’m happy to be here’ mould ahead of the match vs. Rousey.

Charlotte Flair once took Alexa Bliss “under her wing” in NXT.

Bliss told Jinny on BT Sport that both started with WWE around the same time, but that Flair seemed a lot more switched on and comfortable than most others. That’s why Alexa was so pleased when Charlotte suggested they “ride to the shows”.

Former WWE man Mojo Rawley was also part of their travel team.

Having company on the road and backstage put Bliss at ease, and she says it definitely helped her during those tentative early days in the company; Alexa has always been rather modest when it comes to putting over her own skills, especially when analysing the old NXT days.

Unlike Charlotte, Bayley, Sasha Banks and others, she didn’t bag a reign as NXT Women’s Champ before hitting major shows like Raw and SmackDown. Bliss enjoyed the “very close group” feel to her trips with Flair and Mojo though.

It may surprise some to learn that Charlotte mentored Alexa in NXT. Keep in mind that Flair herself was literally learning the ropes and trying to carve her own path in the promotion.

WWE star Alexa Bliss has told ‘The Residency‘ podcast that she gets “very bored” and loves “not knowing what [she’s] doing tomorrow”. That, according to Bliss, is why she gets on so well with the company’s creative process.

When asked to clarify just how far in advance WWE stories are mapped out, Alexa said: “Not very far”. She finds that “fascinating” though, because it lets her tweak certain aspects of her work depending on how live crowds respond in arenas – Bliss isn’t locked in to a certain direction, basically, and she likes that freedom.

“I don’t like getting comfortable with one character”, she added.

This would explain why Alexa’s on-screen persona has been erratic over the past few years. She’s gone from a coffee-drinking talk show host to Bray Wyatt’s possessed minion (and, eventually, the ‘Fiend’s’ destroyer) and back again.

Bliss told the pod that “you have to adapt”. If fans don’t like something, then she won’t keep doing it. However, if they respond to something off the cuff, then Alexa makes mental notes to keep pressing those buttons during her matches/promos.

“Mentally, I get very bored” is how she summed it up.

Injuries in the wrestling business are always going to be around due to the nature of the sport.

With that in mind, five-time WWE Women’s Champion and two-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Alexa Bliss confirmed on T95 The Rock Station that she underwent surgery recently during her time away from the squared circle.

“I had surgery,” Bliss revealed. “I had to get my nose all handled because, after six broken noses, it finally collapsed.”

“Little Miss Bliss” took time off after her match against Charlotte Flair at Extreme Rules 2021 for the Raw Women’s Championship. During that time off, Bliss underwent surgery on her nose, as she mentioned, and got married to Ryan Cabrera.

Leading up to her return to WWE TV in February for the Elimination Chamber, vignettes aired where she would be in therapy sessions trying to sort out the trauma she endured under “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt. Bliss then took part in an Elimination Chamber match which saw herself and five other women compete for a match for the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 38 against Becky Lynch. Bliss ended up being the last woman eliminated in the match, with Bianca Belair pinning her for the victory. Belair would go on to beat Lynch at WrestleMania 38 for the title.

Bliss was then off TV for almost three months and was reportedly frustrated with her position. “Five Feet of Fury” made her WWE return on the May 9 edition of “Monday Night Raw” when she defeated Sonya Deville in under a minute. Bliss would go on to pick up singles wins the following three weeks against Deville (again), former tag team partner Nikki A.S.H., and Doudrop.

Bliss competed in a fatal four-way on last week’s “Monday Night Raw” in an attempt to become the number one contender for the Raw Women’s Championship. Alas, she would end up falling short as Rhea Ripley defeated her, Doudrop, and Liv Morgan. On the most recent edition of “Monday Night Raw,” Bliss teamed with Morgan to defeat Doudrop and A.S.H. meaning that Bliss and Morgan have secured their spots in the Women’s Money in the Bank match.

Alexa Bliss’ new character direction continued on last night’s episode of WWE Raw, as she swept Doudrop aside in her latest quickfire Monday night victory since returning as a full-time regular earlier this month.

Raw announcer Corey Graves has made a point of suggesting that Bliss has been working with less ruthlessness and intensity since returning from her hiatus. Clearly, this is a character direction WWE is attempting to take with Alexa, who, despite no longer leaning as heavily on her former Fiend-isms, still carries her toy doll, Lilly, to the ring.

This latest Bliss run was preceded by talk that the former Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion may return to her old ‘Goddess’ persona following a series of counselling segments earlier in the year. This hasn’t happened thus far, but Alexa herself appeared to acknowledge the discourse on Twitter after Raw:

Bliss is currently 4-0 since returning in early May, having defeated Sonya Deville (twice), Nikki A.S.H., and now Doudrop during this run. Previously, she came back to WWE at Elimination Chamber 2022 before vanishing for another two-and-a-half months without apparent reason.

The ‘Goddess’ character’s blueprint was drawn during Alexa’s time managing Blake and Murphy in NXT in 2015, making it to the main roster the following year.

Alexa Bliss made her return to WWE Raw Monday night, showing up as a surprise opponent for the recently deposed Sonya Deville.

Bliss ran through a distraught Deville, who was clearly distracted by learning that she had been fired as a WWE official moments before the match. The win was her first televised victory since SummerSlam 2021.

We last saw Alexa at Elimination Chamber, where she competed in the chamber match as a late entrant. Prior to that, WWE aired a series of videos documenting Bliss’ journey through therapy to return to Raw. The vignettes seemed designed to transition Alexa away from her Fiend-adjacent character to something more closely resembling the Bliss we knew more than a year ago. But then she was just the same childlike character in a jumper at Elimination Chamber.

Bliss notably was not included in any activities during WrestleMania weekend, then was off to get married to singer Ryan Cabrera. She’s commented on social media a few times about how WWE didn’t seem to have any plans for her.

Monday, however, Bliss was closer to her old self, wearing ring gear similar to her old style, and carrying a Lilly doll that she didn’t talk to and didn’t rely on for special powers. It just seemed like something she carried, like a 2×4 or sword.

Sadly, we didn’t get any kind of explanation of why she was returning or hint at a future direction for Bliss, which diminished her return. Hopefully, we’ll get something much more substantive next week, and fingers crossed that this time WWE actually has something planned for Little Miss Bliss.