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Chris Jericho is your new Ring of Honor World Champion, defeating Claudio Castagnoli for the title at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam Wednesday night.

Jericho captured the title with the help of a low blow, followed by a Judas Effect, ending Castagnoli’s two-month reign. The announcers rightly sold it as a dark cloud being cast on the ROH title, considering a self-avowed sports entertainer cheated to win a championship that symbolizes honorable competition.

Castagnoli seemed to be getting the upper hand when Jericho resorted to grabbing Floyd, his bat, and then capitalized when the referee’s view was obstructed.

Afterward, the Wizard celebrated with the rest of the Jericho Appreciation Society, although ROH Pure Champion Daniel Garcia looked less than thrilled to congratulate Jericho after taking a shortcut. That could be the next wrinkle in the tenuous relationship between the two stablemates.

Claudio won the ROH title, his first world championship, in July at Death Before Dishonor, defeating Jonathan Gresham. For Jericho, this is his eighth world championship, including six WWE world titles and the AEW World Championship.

AEW has been surrounded by controversy and backstage issues ever since the media scrum following All Out, however, some of the talents are not involved in the drama. Six-time former world champion Booker T revealed on “The Hall of Fame” podcast who he believes is the “smartest guy” in the AEW locker room at the moment.

“[Chris Jericho] is the smartest guy in the room,” Booker T said. “You can see how frustrated he is, he was with it. He held it in very, very well. You can see how frustrated he is with those guys around there because you don’t realize how good it is til you’re gone.”

Jericho has been with AEW since the creation of the company, even headlining their first-ever pay-per-view, Double or Nothing 2019 against Kenny Omega. Since then, Jericho has become the inaugural AEW World Champion All Out 2019, holding the title for 182 days, successfully defending it three times before losing the title to Jon Moxley at Revolution 2020. 

The Lionheart has also been responsible for heading up two different factions thus far in AEW. The now-defunct Inner Circle contained Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Santana, and Ortiz, with MJF and Wardlow being part of the faction for a short while prior to them turning on the group and forming their own. Jericho currently is leading a self-serving faction known as the Jericho Appreciation Society with Guevara, Hager, Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, Daniel Garcia, Tay Conti, and the newest member Anna Jay. The faction was created following the implosion of the Inner Circle during Jericho’s feud with Eddie Kingston that lasted from late 2021 until July.

Mount Rushmores, which are groups of four, are talked about a lot when it comes to wrestling. That could be who someone believes are the four best in-ring wrestlers, the four best promos, the four best tag teams, etc. Former WWE and AEW World Champion Chris Jericho named who he would put in his Mount Rushmore of professional wrestlers overall.

“I love Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart, Ricky Steamboat, Hulk Hogan,” Jericho said on “Superstar Crossover” with Josh Martinez. “Those were my four favorites when I was growing up so those will be my Mount Rushmore to this day.”

Hogan and a man Jericho had an iconic feud with years ago, Michaels, both had extremely successful careers as they are both multi-time world champions in WWE and both two-time WWE Hall of Famers. Steamboat and Hart did not find the world championship success that Michaels and Hogan did, but both men held the Intercontinental Championship, with Steamboat also winning the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

Jericho has had quite a successful career, winning major championships in WWE, AEW, WCW, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling over his illustrious 30-plus-year career. Despite the career he has had, Jericho explained why he did not pick himself for his Mount Rushmore.

“You don’t pick your own face to be on Mount Rushmore,” Jericho said. “If that was the case then all of us would have four, four, four of us … The Mount Rushmores and the GOATs and all those sorts of things are such interesting topics of conversation but if you are a GOAT or you are worthy of being on someone’s Mount Rushmore, you probably don’t have to really say it.”

The elder statesman of AEW doesn’t want to embarrass himself. Eric Ball of Bleacher Report recently caught up with former AEW Champion Chris Jericho at San Diego Comic-Con, and the topic of Jericho possibly hanging up his boots after nearly 32 years in the business was broached. “No,” Jericho replied. “It’s been such a great run with AEW and it’s really reinvigorated my love for the business,” Jericho said. “I still think I’m doing some of the best work of my career. I really do.” 

The 51-year-old wrestler is currently leading a group of “sports entertainers” called The Jericho Appreciation society, and after winning a bitter, bloody feud with Eddie Kingston recently challenged Jon Moxley for the Interim AEW Championship, though the former WWE Champion and first AEW Champion came up short against Moxley.

Along with his duties in the ring and on commentary for AEW, Jericho is also touring with his band Fozzy, who recently released an album titled “Boombox” back in May. The lead single from the album, “I Still Burn,” has been climbing the mainstream rock charts. The group is set to tour the United Kingdom and Australia later this year, before embarking on Chris Jericho’s Rockin’ Rager At Sea cruise in February 2023. According to Jericho, self-awareness is the key to longevity. “If I didn’t feel [I’m doing my best work] I might think about ‘it’s time to walk away,'” Jericho continued. “You don’t want to be an embarrassment to yourself or a shell of yourself.”

Chris Jericho remembered the “terrible” time he had working with Chyna during a recent appearance on the Geordie podcast.

The AEW star recalled matches against the ex-WWE favourite at both Survivor Series and Armageddon 1999, and said that he “never got any credit” for “carrying” Chyna to passable bouts on either pay-per-view. In fact, after being encouraged to treat her like he would any other wrestler, Jericho was reprimanded by Vince McMahon for accidentally giving Chyna a black eye in-ring.

Jericho was a company newcomer at the time, so he kept his head down and tried to make the best of a bad situation, but he could see that hauling Chyna to good matches was going to be an uphill struggle; “She wasn’t good, but she thought she was. She also was in a position where they were pushing her really big that she could beat up guys. She couldn’t”.

The then-Y2J was glad when creative moved him onto something else after a follow-up three way that also included Hardcore Holly at the 2000 Royal Rumble show.

He said there were “a lot of issues” when the pair worked together.

MJF appears to not be the only impending free agent All Elite Wrestling and its owner Tony Khan has to worry about in the year 2024. During an interview with “talkSport”, Chris Jericho threw his name into the free-agent pool at the same time MJF has been very vocal about his contract coming up.

“We’ll see how it plays out,” Jericho said in regards to MJF’s current AEW contract situation. “I’m happy with my contract and I know in a year-and-a-half when my contract is done, we’ll have some negotiations to discuss and that’s how it goes.”

“Until then, I want to do the best performances that I can, put on the best shows and the best stories, keep the people interested happy, and excited and when that contract is up, I’ll be rewarded for it.”

Since MJF called out AEW Owner Tony Khan live on “Dynamite” a few weeks back, no one has heard or seen the 26-year-old amidst his comments about wanting to be paid more. Friedman threatened Khan to fire him and called him a “f*cking mark” leading to his microphone being cut off.

Since then, MJF has been removed from all things AEW, including the intro to the showsadvertising, and websites. As far as the situation between his boss and former rival is concerned, Jericho says he’s staying away from it entirely.

“After 30 years in this business, I’ve learned if it doesn’t have anything to do with me I stay the hell out of it. I don’t really care,” Jericho said. “If I had an angle with MJF or if I was involved in the contracts I’d be much more interested in it, but I stay out of it, it has nothing to do with me.

“Only thing I will say is a contract is a contract. If every athlete in every sport wanted to be paid more now, then what’s the point of having a contract, you know what I mean?”

It’s unclear when MJF will return to AEW or if this “work” is actually a “shoot” but according to “The Wizard” Chris Jericho, he doesn’t see MJF leaving AEW anytime soon.

“MJF is [26]. He has a lot to learn,” Jericho said. “He’s not as good as he thinks he is and like I said, it really is nothing to do with me but I’m sure he’ll be back. 18 months is a long time to stay at home and that’s Tony Khan’s prerogative. You’re under contract, you want to stay at home? You can stay at home and not get paid and that’s what happens.

“We see it happen in other companies and that’s just how it goes. If you didn’t expect that, then why did you sign your contract in the first place?”

MJF was in the United Kingdom this past weekend, appearing at the For The Love Of Wrestling convention that took place in Liverpool, England, hosted by Monopoly Events.

The event, similar to that of WrestleMania Axxess, saw The Salt of the Earth enter the ring for a Q&A session. The three-time Dynamite Diamond Ring winner further addressed rumors about his future. MJF’s AEW contract is due to expire in January 2024, amid interest from WWE.

“I don’t know if you guys are aware of this, but on January 1st of 2024, I’m going to be a free agent,” MJF said. “Who here would want to see me in WWE? So let me explain something to you people — I did not get into this business to make any of you happy. I got into this business to make as much money as humanly possible.

“And if Vincent Kennedy McMahon is willing to shell out more money than my good friend Tony Khan, then yes, I would go to WWE.”

Maxwell Jacob Friedman was also asked whether he will ever become better than Chris Jericho. He responded by pointing out how he is currently a minute-for-minute rating draw for AEW at such a young age.

“That’s funny, because at only 26-years-old, I’m the biggest minute-for-minute rating draw in all of AEW,” MJF said. “So I was able to do that in, what, half the time he was? When he was what, at 26, what was Chris Jericho doing? That’s right, jackshit.”

The For The Love Of Wrestling convention also saw names such as Kurt Angle, Sting, Bray Wyatt, Mickie James, Trish Stratus, The New Age Outlaws and JBL appear.

The convention will return again next year on April 29 & 30 at the Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester, England.

As a guest on The TWC Show, AEW superstar Jay Lethal talked about Ring of Honor and the news that Tony Khan has purchased the wrestling company after they announced a hiatus in October of last year.

Being a former ROH World Champion, Lethal spoke about his reaction to the news and why he did not think ROH would survive the hiatus.

“I sadly, and I don’t speak for everyone, I just speak for myself, I was one of the people who thought the company was officially done,” he said. “Not that I didn’t have any faith in the company, I just didn’t think that it was going to bounce back from releasing everybody and trying to do some type of revamping. In my heart, I felt like if this was a real revamp, why do you need to let everybody go first? Can’t we figure out another way to do this?”

Continuing to talk about ROH, Jay Lethal also spoke about Tony Khan purchasing the company and what his reactions were when he found out that news at the beginning of March. The former ROH World Champion talked about the shock and excitement he experienced knowing his Ring of Honor friends would be able to get their jobs back.

“There were a couple of reactions,” Lethal said. “One, I was shocked. I was so shocked, like wow, that was out of left field, I was not expecting that. Although I did think there were a couple matches and such in the Ring of Honor library that AEW would benefit from owning and the second thought, I had extreme joy in the fact that there was a possibility that a lot of my friends that were out of jobs would now have jobs.

“That’s still up in the air, unfortunately, but I don’t run things. Hopefully, this will lead to a lot of my friends who really need jobs right now can get their jobs back, so to speak, with ROH. Those are my two instant thoughts, shocked as heck because it just felt like that was out of nowhere, what, and then oh my god, please, some of my friends really need their jobs because they moved or bought houses and have families and kids depending on them. Hopefully, they can get their jobs back or an opportunity for something.

Since joining AEW in November, Jay Lethal has rarely been used on television till now, having wrestled just four matches on AEW Dynamite since. Lethal spoke about the one All Elite star he’d like to face most and why.

“I have not been in the ring with and I was a big fan of Chris Jericho, especially during Y2J and the big countdown,” Lethal said. “I remember me and my brother going nuts and we would memorize some of Jericho’s promos. I remember there was that one point where he had someone in the Walls of Jericho and he’d be screaming ‘I’m the king of the world! I’m the king of the world!’ I said that for years…

“So yeah, Jericho is definitely on the top of the list for me but just getting to be around him and work with him, if that’s all I can do, then I’m fine with that because it’s been a pleasure talking with him and him sharing some ideas with me, and he’s been nothing but great to me and it’s been incredible. But if I do get to be in the ring with him, it’s the icing on the cake.”

Chris Jericho has told Busted Open Radio that he originally wanted to form a new AEW faction alongside then-on-screen pals Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston.

The Jericho Appreciation Society, which is comprised of Chris, Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia and 2point0, wasn’t the star’s initial plan post-Inner Circle. No, instead, Jericho fancied buddying up with Mox and Kingston as a top tier babyface collective on AEW telly.

Some All Elite fans out there will be gutted that this didn’t end up happening.

It wasn’t until Jericho heard AEW fans boo the phrase “sports entertainment” during a Kingston promo that wheels started turning in his head. Suddenly, the Appreciation Society leader realised that he could piss the hardcore fanbase off by leaning on a Vince McMahon-ism.

That’s when all thoughts of linking up with Moxley and Eddie went flying out the nearest window. Staying face wasn’t something Jericho wanted to do after that – he was determined to reinvent himself as a heel yet again. Perhaps the Jericho/Moxley/Kingston trio is something AEW can come back to in a few years.

Or, maybe it was never destined to be a thing at all.

On a Friday’s episode of SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, AEW wrestler and current FTW World Champion Ricky Starks joined Dave LeGreca and Tommy Dreamer.

Starks opened up about his personal life when he used to work as a gymnastic coach and taught disabled children. Ricky states that he takes his endeavors outside of the ring very seriously.

“It’s very important to me [working with charities and organizations outside of the ring],” Starks revealed. “I used to actually, before pro-wrestling, for a part-time job, I used to be a gymnastics coach. So I would go to different schools and it’d range from ages one to six. And so I would help kids with their motor skills and things like that, agility. It included some kids that actually had autism and other disabilities, so, to me, it’s very important to go out and do these things just because I like to give back.

“It’s cool to have an impact on someone else’s life, you know. To them, I’m just a wrestler. But on the other side of it, this person now has a memory and they feel good, and they can understand that things can be done because they are hearing from someone that they may look up to or whatever the case may be. I work with Culture City when it comes to autism inclusion at our shows, and make sure that they have these sensory rooms, and people can enjoy wrestling without having to be so stressed out, you know, ultimately having a bad experience. The experience should always be good when it comes to wrestling.”

Ricky Starks also opened up about being able to approach wrestlers such as Sting and Chris Jericho backstage to pick their brains.

“I just had a conversation with Sting like two weeks ago where I just went into his trailer and we talked,” Starks said. “Sting is a great person to talk to about literally anything and he gives his own insight that he can from his past experience. Same thing with Chris [Jericho], and we just talked, and he doesn’t talk to me like – I’m so used to people talking down on me and talking to me as if there’s such a difference in levels of where we’re at, that sometimes I don’t always approach them when I should, so I’ve started to get out of that more.

“But Chris is great. Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, all of these people. Christian too, just working with him. All of these people I can gain so much. And honestly, that’s all I ever wanted, like, I’ve always wanted just someone to give me knowledge. Punk is another dude that will watch my stuff. These people, they are willing to give, and that’s always been my biggest thing is like, ‘Man, I’m so hungry but people don’t really look at me. I just fall through the cracks type thing.’ So it’s cool to be surrounded by these people.”