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Cody Rhodes recently had his pectoral muscle repaired after a graphic injury left it torn and hanging off the bone. Rhodes infamously decided to wrestle a Hell In A Cell match with the injury, and it seems his intestinal fortitude has made an impression on fans, as well as WWE.

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer says that Cody is currently scheduled to be away from WWE programming for 9 months, but that many expect it to be much less. Meltzer notes that January’s Royal Rumble is being eyed as a potential return date, with the popular 2nd generation star’s return thought to be a selling point of the show. The Newsletter also states that WWE filmed Cody’s surgery, and will likely use it in future promotional packages, as they’ve done for numerous injured WWE superstars.

If the idea of a triumphant return from injury at the Royal Rumble sounds familiar, that is apparently intentional. Meltzer says that current thoughts are to give Rhodes the same promotion that the company gave Triple H in 2002. Triple H suffered a torn quadricep in a tag title match, which saw the “Cerebral Assassin” fight through the injury alongside Steve Austin against Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit.

Triple H’s return from that injury was met with great ceremony. The former-WWE Champion was hyped up with numerous vignettes of his rehabilitation, set to U2’s “Beautiful Day,” leading to a January 2002 return at Madison Square Garden that is still lauded as one of the louder celebrations in WWE history. Triple H went on to win the Royal Rumble and then defeat Chris Jericho for the then-WWF Undisputed Championship at WrestleMania X8.

If Meltzer is echoing WWE’s own sentiments with the comment about Rhodes getting the same treatment as Triple H, it would further cement claims that WWE sees the former AEW Executive Vice President as a marquee talent.

Cody Rhodes will undergo surgery on his torn pectoral muscle on Thursday, having wrestled through the injury at WWE Hell In A Cell 2022 last night.

This latest update on Rhodes’ status comes from Fightful Select. Following on from his defeat of Seth Rollins at HIAC, the 36-year-old was scheduled for tonight’s episode of Raw in Green Bay, Wisconsin at the time of writing.

News that Cody was carrying an injury heading into WWE’s latest premium live event broke prior to Hell In A Cell. Cody worked regardless, reportedly insisting on doing the match with Rollins, with the duo structuring the majority of the bout around it.

Rhodes’ reveal of the gigantic bruise covering his torso’s right-hand side drew gasps from the HIAC live crowd. For as well-received as the work was, Rhodes and WWE have both come in for criticism regarding the bout being allowed to go ahead, despite Cody’s determination to do it.

Cody cut an impassioned promo after Hell In A Cell had gone off the air, stating that he would probably talk about his injury on tonight’s Raw. This will likely be the case now.

WWE star Seth Rollins has taken issue with Booker T’s suggestion that he took an easy road to the top of professional wrestling.

Booker’s comments came during last night’s episode of Raw Talk. Speaking following the announcement that Rollins and Cody Rhodes will wrestle for a third time at Hell In A Cell 2022 (5 June), the WWE Hall of Famer gave the following answer when asked who needed the win more:

“Of course Seth Rollins needs this win more. I mean, Cody Rhodes right now is 2-0 heading into the rubber match and I must say, Cody Rhodes, he’s not one of those guys that had that easy route. He had to work for everything. Seth Rollins is a guy that made it to the top relatively easy but I must say, he had a lot of help. Cody had to break himself down and rebuild himself and that’s the Cody Rhodes that we see today.”

Rollins caught wind of this soon after WWE uploaded the relevant clip to Twitter. He proceeded with a fierce rebuttal, calling Booker’s narrative “false” before summarising his pre-WWE experiences:

A wrestler since 2005, Rollins has been signed to WWE since first entering the developmental system in 2010. Prior to that, he had made his name as Tyler Black under such banners as Ring Of Honor, Full Impact Pro, and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

Recent premium live events have not been kind to Seth, who lost to Rhodes at both WrestleMania 38 and WrestleMania Backlash in April and May respectively.

AEW’s former TNT Champion Sammy Guevara was a recent guest on Rasslin’ where he discussed his desire to regain the title. The Spanish God and Scorpio Sky have traded the TNT Championship back and forth as of late, but he believes the fans want to see him win it again.

“I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say, I can’t wait till I’m a four-time, five-time champion,” he said. “I think people are clamoring for it, people want it.”

Sammy Guevara reflected on a previous bout he had for the TNT Championship against Cody Rhodes. The ladder match between them was the final time that the American Nightmare competed in the company. The two of them put together an incredible spot, which saw Sammy leaping from the top turnbuckle, over a ladder, and into a mid-air Cody Cutter. He recalled his feelings at that time, simply hoping it would work.

“I just hoped that it was going to work out, and when I jumped off the ladder, I thought in mid-air, ‘Holy shit, I jumped way higher than I thought I was going to get.’ Then we got here, and I was like, ‘Oh, it’s working out,’ he said. “Then when we landed, though, I was like, ‘Oh, I regret this now.’”

Over the course of his AEW career, Sammy Guevara has been given a lot of major opportunities to be spotlighted by the company. He recalled many of those moments that he has enjoyed so far. But for him, his greatest highlight is that he now finds himself in a relationship with Tay Conti.

“That’s the thing, there’s the golf cart, there’s me getting superkicked by Matt Jackson, there’s the Stadium Stampede, there’s Blood & Guts, there’s my time beating Miro. I’ve had moment, after moment, after moment, after moment here in AEW. I’m humble. The thing is, moment, after moment, after moment, but the thing is, the highlight is being with this beautiful woman.”

Can you hear that?

Cody Rhodes will be the next guest on Steve Austin’s celebrated ‘Broken Skull Sessions’ show. The WWE star will sit down with ‘Stone Cold’ on Friday 6 May to chat about everything from his company comeback to WrestleMania 38 and probably AEW.

Being honest, there’s just no way Austin and Cody can have a chat without bringing up Tony Khan’s promotion. That’s one of the biggest lures to any Rhodes interview these days, and it’s not like WWE has been shy to mention All Elite during previous episodes.

They even had Chris Jericho on WWE Network/Peacock for an interview last year.

Cody’s sit-down with the legend comes weeks after Austin’s latest chat with Bully Ray/Bubba-Ray Dudley. That was another fascinating piece of work from everyone involved, and there’s no reason to suspect anything less than awesome from Rhodes.

Rhodes is currently set to tangle with Seth Rollins at WWE’s upcoming WrestleMania Backlash pay-per-view on 8 May. That’s a rematch from their ‘Mania 38 dazzler, and Rollins will presumably come up during the convo himself.

Brace yourselves for another winner from Austin and his team.

As a guest on the latest episode of WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves, The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes joined the show to talk about his time spent away from WWE and his comeback at WrestleMania 38. The former Intercontinental Champion spoke about what he learned from his experience doing independent wrestling and how it made him connect with wrestling fans on a different level.

“At WWE I was spoiled, I started right in front of thousands and thousands of people,” Rhodes said. “The lights are down, the spotlight is on the ring, it’s WWE, the place is going nuts and I felt like I was taking it for granted. Go to the independents and even with the large crowd, independents at the time were booming and they’re doing good again right now, but you did get the opportunity to do these meet and greets, that’s a big part of independent wrestling. To me, the match was almost secondary, I wanted to meet every fan.

“That’s why I started wearing a suit and tie everywhere I went, it became second nature to me. I wanted to meet them and I never felt like I really crossed the isle, I never felt like I really met all these fans over the years because you see the power of television when you travel around and do that loop like I did. That’s also where I developed what I would call a bad habit and a habit that a lot of people disagree with. I will stay out there until I meet every single fan, until I take every single picture, until I sign every type of autograph. It’s because that’s what brought me to the dance.”

Continuing to talk about his return to WWE, Cody Rhodes mentioned how he’s been receiving some negativity regarding his departure from AEW, with people calling him a sell out. The American Nightmare highlighted how integral he was in building AEW and mentioned how people should just be happy knowing that WWE now has viable competition.

“It initially was unanimously positive,” Rhodes said. “I feel like that fanbase, that divide that exists amongst all the different bubbles, if there was any negativity, well I can put some of the blame on my shoulders. Again, the last shows I had done before taking this WWE return, I’m taking little fun and pod-shots talking smack which is what wrestlers do. I think sometimes the fans attach themselves to those statements and forget that we are in the realm of entertainment. I added to the tribalism myself so I can’t necessarily get mad at it when I see it.

“It was unique to see a lot of people burning like my old AEW shirts which was a trend for a few days on social so it felt like you were kind of leaving a sports team. It didn’t break my heart but I thought it was odd because the place doesn’t exist without me. There’s other people that needed to be there for it to exist for sure but I am one of the people that that place exists because of. AEW exists partially because of me. I saw a few times the term ‘sold out’ and I thought like you have this, it’s great.”

As far as what’s next for WWE’s newest acquisition, Cody Rhodes is set to take on Seth Rollins in a WrestleMania 38 rematch on May 8th at WrestleMania Backlash.

Cody Rhodes has seemingly hinted at bringing back the iconic winged eagle belt if he were to win the WWE Championship in the future.

Rhodes recently took to his Instagram Stories to share a close-up shot of the winged eagle belt, a title he has previously named one of his two all-time favorites in pro wrestling.

Rhodes seems primed to capture his first world championship in WWE. On the RAW after his comeback at WrestleMania 38, Rhodes delivered an impassioned promo in which he emphasized that his focus was to win the WWE Championship for his father, the late WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes.

As reported earlier, Rhodes is currently being presented as the face of RAW in a new NBC ad promoting WWE’s two flagship shows.

On this week’s RAW, Rhodes beat Kevin Owens in the main event by Count Out. Rhodes also wrestled in back-to-back matches against Seth Rollins over the weekend, at live events in Erie, Pennsylvania, and Syracuse, New York.

Cody Rhodes will face Seth Rollins in a WrestleMania 38 rematch at the WrestleMania Backlash premium live event on Sunday, May 8.

Cody Rhodes has admitted that his decision to not challenge for the AEW World Championship after losing to Chris Jericho at Full Gear 2019 was a mistake.

Speaking with Ryan Satin for Fox Sports’ Out of Character show, the current WWE Raw star reflected on balancing wrestling with behind-the-scenes duties during his time as an Executive Vice President in All Elite Wrestling. Rhodes stated that while he felt he did well in the role and was “very active”, particularly with his involvement in the promotion’s community outreach program, decisions like the one to remove himself from World Title contention weren’t correct (h/t Figure Four Online/The Wrestling Observer):

“But maybe it would have been better served for me at age 45 than it did at age, you know, 33, or whatever it was. I am just now entering the prime of my career. So to make political decisions, like boxing myself out of winning a World Championship, those decisions, in hindsight, were not the correct decisions and what I should have been doing.”

Rhodes emerged as the most obvious number one contender for Jericho’s new AEW World Championship prior to Full Gear (9 November 2019). The build to that event saw Cody claim that if he was defeated by Jericho, he would never challenge for the company’s top prize again, stating that he did not want to receive the same criticism as his father, Dusty, for being on top of a promotion while maintaining an office role.

Jericho ended up defeating Rhodes when Cody’s ally at the time, MJF, threw in the towel on his behalf. ‘The American Nightmare’ did not go back on the stipulation prior to leaving AEW this February.

Continuing, Rhodes stated that he feels he is the best wrestler in the world, but lacked the maturity required to balance this with the EVP role:

“I’m the best wrestler in the world, Ryan. I can tell you that without it sounding braggadocious. And it’s simply because this is all I do. I train to do it. I live and breathe it, I have a school here with four rings. I treat this like an athlete in the NFL would treat a game and their team. But with that in mind, I needed to go and be that. And I wanted to be both and it was just too difficult, and that’s where I did not have the maturity to balance it. It wasn’t a matter of being one of the boys versus not — because I’m no longer just one of the boys. I love it and wish I could be one, but I’ve been in this position before. I’ve been on the other side. I’ve been in these production meetings and things of that nature. And I’ve been part of the technical production. But I just think it would have served me better a little later in my life when I could look at a show and say I don’t want to be in the top spot.”

Rhodes returned to WWE for the first time in six years at WrestleMania 38, defeating Seth Rollins in his comeback match. The duo will rematch at WrestleMania Backlash on Sunday 8 May.

Tony Khan has reiterated that there is no ill will between himself and Cody Rhodes following the latter’s AEW departure and subsequent WWE return.

During his latest appearance on Barstool Sports’ Rasslin’ show, the AEW founder and President stated that he and his former Executive Vice President remain friends, saying, once again, that Rhodes’s All Elite split was down to the two sides being unable to agree on new contract terms (h/t Figure Four Online/The Wrestling Observer):

“Yeah, I think it’s just one of those things where, you know, we couldn’t reach an agreement on going forward. I think he has found a situation that’s good for him, and we’re in a great position right now. There’s no ill will either way. We’re still friends, and I wish him the best. I think he wished us the best publicly and privately. So it’s all good.”

Though Rhodes had technically been a free agent since his last AEW contract in December 2021, he stayed on company television as TNT Champion, eventually dropping the belt to Sammy Guevara in an acclaimed ladder match. In February, it was confirmed that Cody and wife Brandi had left AEW outright.

Rhodes’ match against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 38 (2 April) was his first for WWE since he asked for (and was granted) his release in 2016. Having re-signed on favourable terms, Cody vowed to win a world championship in his father Dusty’s memory on this week’s episode of Raw.

Unsurprisingly, given the enduring levels of buzz surrounding his WWE return, Cody Rhodes is already a top merchandise seller for the promotion.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reports that WWE sold out of every single ‘American Nightmare’ t-shirt available for sale across WrestleMania 38 weekend. This includes during ‘Mania itself at AT&T Stadium on 2 and 3 April and at the WrestleMania AXXESS Superstore, which was set up around the supercard.

As well as working his first WWE match in six years at ‘Mania, defeating Seth Rollins as the Raw star’s mystery opponent, Rhodes was a special panellist at the AXXESS Superstore.

Cody currently has several different t-shirt designs available for purchase on

Currently the talk of the wrestling world after effectively crossing over from WWE’s closest rival, AEW, Rhodes made further headlines with an emotional promo on WWE’s post-WrestleMania 38 episode of Raw. Touching on becoming a free agent in February, his decision to come back to the market leaders, and his father Dusty (for whom Cody has vowed to win a world championship), it closed on Rhodes shaking hands with Rollins.

WWE is yet to indicate what’s next for Cody following the ‘Mania win.