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Count LeBron James among the NBA stars to call out Boston Celtics fans for their behavior.

When asked during an episode of “The Shop” to name a city he hates playing in, the Los Angeles Lakers forward chose Boston.

“They racist as fuck,” James said. “They will say anything. And it’s fine. I mean, fuck, it’s my life, I’ve been dealing with it my whole life. I don’t mind it. I hear it.”

James referred to the time a Celtics fan poured a beer on him after a playoff game in 2012. He also called out Boston spectators for wearing “Fuck LBJ” shirts before jokingly suggesting they were “sold at the fucking team shop.”

James joined Fenway Sports Group (FSG) as a partner in March 2021. FSG is the parent group company of the Boston Red Sox, as well as the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins and English Premier League side Liverpool.

Other players have criticized Celtics supporters for being racist as well.

Kyrie Irving pled with the Boston faithful to avoid “subtle racism” upon his return to TD Garden last May. He added that he was “not the only one that can attest” to Celtics fans directing racist remarks at players.

More recently, Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson said Boston supporters were “dropping F-bombs with children in the crowd” during the NBA Finals before sarcastically calling the fan base “classy.”

When asked in 2021 about players characterizing Celtics fans as racist, Boston wing Jaylen Brown said “painting every Celtics fan as a racist would be unfair” before adding that Boston has “a lot of work to do” in that regard.

The Philadelphia Phillies were eliminated from postseason contention during their series against the Washington Nationals, and fans at Nationals Park let Bryce Harper hear about it.

Harper engaged with hecklers who were sitting in the right-field bleachers during the eighth inning, as he was unhappy with the treatment he received in his old home ballpark.

“I get it everywhere I go,” Harper told reporters after Wednesday’s game, according to Scott Lauber of the Philly Inquirer. “That’s nothing new. But that last inning was just not right. It’s part of sports. I guess it is what it is nowadays.”

“There’s 60,000 fans up in Philly that appreciate me as a player, appreciate me as an individual, my family as well,” Harper added. “I owe a lot to those people in Philly because they show up for me every single night. They’re there to cheer us on, to boo us, keep us going as a team.”

The 26-year-old also said that the fans crossed the line on Wednesday, according to Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports.

According to one fan who claims to have been sitting in the bleachers, the back-and-forth between the crowd and Harper began when a guy yelled, “Your son is disappointed in you.”

Harper spent the first seven years of his career with the Nationals after being selected first overall. He made the All-Star team six times and unanimously claimed the National League MVP in 2015.

This past offseason, Harper signed a 13-year, $330-million contract with the Phillies and hit .260/.375/.507 with 34 homers and 14 steals in his debut season with his new club. 

Harper wound up being in Washington for both Philadelphia’s elimination from playoff contention and the Nationals clinching their third postseason berth over the past four years.

It’s been a rough month for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Not only are they on the verge of matching the longest losing streak in team history, but the Lakers also lost Friday to the Charlotte Hornets and Dwight Howard, who’s despised by the fan base, as evidenced by the boos he receives each time he sets foot in Staples Center.

Howard was jeered yet again on this night, but he got the last laugh with Charlotte’s 108-94 win. Afterward, the big man – who finished with 15 points and 10 rebounds – knocked Lakers fans for how they treated him during the disastrous 2012-13 campaign, his lone season in L.A.

“I thought I played very well despite coming off of back surgery and also tearing a labrum, which I guess means nothing to people,” Howard said of his time with the Lakers, according to Matthew Moreno of Lakers Nation.

The Lakers were expected to win a title after dealing for Howard and signing Steve Nash in the summer of 2012, but they fell woefully short of expectations. Kobe Bryant dragged an otherwise lifeless team to the playoffs, where Los Angeles was promptly swept in the first round.

Howard made for an easy scapegoat. Not only did he butt heads with Bryant and the coaching staff, but he also missed time with injuries and was a shell of the MVP-level player from his days with the Orlando Magic. Fans quickly soured on him, and were largely happy to see him leave in free agency.

“I don’t think about it. At some point they get over it,” Howard said of Lakers fans.