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Rhea Ripley has admitted that her on-screen character was “slowly starting to get stale”.

The Judgment Day member told ITR that she “really needed” to turn heel and embrace a different side to her personality, because her character was regressing badly. Pre-Judgment Day, Rhea was stuck in female tag-teams alongside both Nikki A.S.H and Liv Morgan – neither role particularly suited her.

On that, Ripley said: “I felt myself just sort of shifting back to that. I was like, Nah! Nah, fam. I don’t want this, I don’t like this!”. Rhea was keen to “be a menace and just be chaotic and brutal”. She also fancied switching up her ring gear and look a little too.

Going under Edge’s learning tree alongside Damian Priest, and then ousting Edge from power to replace him with Finn Bàlor, let Ripley experiment with some new gear choices. She’s very happy about that, and recognises the value of freshening things up occasionally.

Rhea told fans that she’d “lost [her] brutal steak” and was “becoming too lovey-dovey” on TV. That, she thinks, needed arrested before things went too far and she lost purpose.

Finn Bálor thought his babyface character was “monotonous” before turning heel as the new leader of Judgment Day.

The Irishman told Gorilla Position that he’s “enjoying being a true heel”, and views his current persona as “a p*ssed off version” of himself – it’s also similar to “hungry Finn”. Yep, Mr. Bálor gets hangry! Seriously though, turning rogue was important to Finn, because he really wasn’t digging his “monotonous” baby guise.

It’s hard to argue that Bálor as a babyface in WWE is severely limited. Fans noted years ago that he was super-smiley on camera but lacked any depth as a personality, and it seems Finn himself agrees with that. He admitted during the interview that he’d been “going through the motions” pre-heel turn.

Now, he’s “reinvigorated” and loving life.

WWE did try on a heel run in NXT back in 2019, but plans changed when the COVID pandemic hit in March 2020. By then, the company had decided to turn Bálor into a tweener and skirt the fine line between heel and face.

He’s much more comfortable as an out-and-out villain these days though. Long may it continue.

Dominik Mysterio finally stepped out of his father’s shadow Saturday at Clash at the Castle, turning on Rey and Edge after their tag team victory over Judgment Day.

Since debuting in WWE, Dom has always been Rey’s son rather than his own superstar, and rumors have floated for months about the younger Mysterio turning on his dad. However, nothing ever came to fruition.

That changed Saturday when Dominik kicked Edge low and then clotheslined Rey to turn heel and step out on his own.

Dominik actually helped Rey and Edge defeat Judgment Day, but he had to resent being forced onto the sidelines as Rey chose the Rated-R Superstar as his tag partner. Then during the post-match celebration, Dominik was seemingly excluded despite being integral to their win.

At the same time, the turn comes after Judgment Day spent months trying to woo Dominik unsuccessfully, so it will be interesting to hear Dom’s reasoning for abandoning his family.

Sink or swim though, at least Dominik will hopefully get a chance to stand on his own apart from Rey and not be defined solely as Mysterio’s son.

Trish Stratus would love to turn heel in 2022.

Stratus, who returned to screens on Monday’s episode of Raw, told ‘Ring The Belle‘ that it’d be “fun” to heel it up on TV again. Basically, Trish yearns to play the same evil character she did in 2000-2001, and again in 2004.

However, the Hall Of Famer is aware that wrestling fans might not accept “heel Trish” these days – she’s a bonafide company icon, and is credited as one of the earliest leading lights in what eventually became known as the “women’s revolution”. Sure, Stratus was a “WWE Diva”, but she broke down several barriers for women in the promotion during her core run.

Trish remains one of the most respected females to ever lace up some boots, and that would definitely make a heel turn tricky. She’d love to try it on for size though, and thinks a feud opposite Becky Lynch would be just the ticket.

Stratus also teased a match with Bayley on Monday’s flagship. Fans on Twitter already anticipate Trish vs. Bayley on pay-per-view before the year is out.

It could happen, but Stratus would rather go rogue.

Coming out of WWE SummerSlam 2022, it appears that two of the company’s top female talents have undergone character changes.

After coming up short against Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, it seems Becky Lynch has now turned babyface. Post-match, Big Time Becks shared a handshake and a hug with the EST, before then later standing side-by-side with Belair once the returning Bayley came out to confront Bianca. Of course, the Role Model wasn’t alone, for she had Dakota Kai and IYO SKY (the former Io Shirai) with her.

Elsewhere, it appears that Ronda Rousey is now a heel. With her SmackDown Women’s Title match ending controversially, Rousey attacked Liv Morgan after the bout, putting her in an armbar before then doing the same to the referee. As for that controversial finish, Morgan retained her prize after countering an armbar into a pinning combination and getting the three count. The issue here, was that Liv tapped out one second before the referee counted three.

These character changes, the return of Bayley, and the main roster arrivals of Kai and SKY certainly shake things up where the WWE’s women’s divisions are concerned.

AEW booked a main event full of twists and turns for last night’s special Fyter Fest episode of Dynamite, with Chris Jericho ultimately overcoming Eddie Kingston in their Barbed Wire Everywhere deathmatch thanks to multiple interferences.

One of these came from Anna Jay, who, to the audience’s surprise, turned heel and reunited with estranged partner Tay Conti.

TayJay served to dispatch Ruby Soho at ringside. Soho, who had her hand broken when Conti slammed it in a car door a few weeks ago, was safeguarding the controls to the shark cage suspending the Jericho Appreciation society above the ring. Jay initially hit ringside to neutralise Tay, who attacked Ruby mid-match, but ended up siding with her old partner, helping her beat Soho down before lowering the cage – and allowing the JAS to escape.

This facilitated the ending. Although Ortiz and the Blackpool Combat Club hit the ring to neutralise the Jericho Appreciation Society after their escape, Sammy Guevara came out afterwards, setting Jericho’s bout-winning Judas Effect up.

Jay was recently confronted by Conti in a backstage segment, with the Brazilian saying that if Anna had more of an edge, she might be on television more often. Having quietly gone their separate ways following Tay’s heel turn earlier this year, they now appear to be back together.

Julia Hart turning heel and aligning with Malakai Black was a slowly-built situation but one fans did see coming, and even though Griff Garrison was on the other side of the turn, he has confessed that “it’s a good move for her”.

Garrison has been teaming up with Brian Pillman Jr. since early in his AEW career and Hart was a big part of their overall gimmick as she accompanied them to the ring with her cheerleader character. But her personality began to change after she was sprayed in the face with Black’s mist. This ultimately led to her joining forces with him and his darker faction.

The entire storyline was the biggest opportunity The Varsity Blonds have had thus far in AEW, and he admitted to “The A2theK Wrestling Show” that he doesn’t “want to believe something is happening until you do it,” which is why he was reserved about the idea of working against the former “NXT” Champion until it actually came to fruition.

“It led to probably the coolest moment of my career thus far, which was being able to wrestle him [Black] one-on-one on prime-time television in my hometown, at the Greensboro Coliseum,” he said. “Just because I went to every wrestling show that there was at the Greensboro Coliseum when I was a kid, just to be able to go back and have a singles match on national television against him in front of all my family and friends, it was probably the coolest moment of my career.”

Hart eventually turned heel at AEW’s Double Or Nothing, which took place six months after the first interaction she had with Black. She appeared as a surprise in the middle of the ring, spitting mist at PAC in order to help the House Of Black pick up a victory, and since then, she has been working with them, signified by the paint to her eye.

She has completely changed up her look since turning heel, with the current character being a far cry from the happy-go-lucky cheerleader she was previously. Garrison weighed in on the opportunity that Hart has been given and how the darker elements actually suit her as a person.

“I think that fits her, honestly. Yes, she’s a cheerleader but I think that fits her, knowing the real Julia Hart. I think that gimmick fits her and I’m happy for her,” Garrison said.

Reigning ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham turned heel and aligned himself with Tully Blanchard on the latest edition of AEW Rampage.

Gresham was teaming with Lee Moriarty to face The Gates of Agony, who were already managed by Blanchard. Agony members Kaun and Toa Liona isolated Moriarty during the bout’s early stages before the underdog babyface went to make a big hot tag to Gresham.

That’s when the turn happened.

Jonathan refused the tag, stepped off the ring apron and then hugged Tully at ringside. Later, during a follow up promo, Gresham bitched about AEW’s treatment of him since Tony Khan purchased Ring Of Honor – that’s why he’s decided to link up with Blanchard.

The heel turn came across well on TV, but there are some worries that All Elite continues to dilute its product by featuring so many moving parts; IMPACT was previously an affiliate, then they booked the major Forbidden Door pay-per-view alongside NJPW.

Now, ROH is getting some valuable minutes on top programming like Dynamite and Rampage.

Khan went on to book Gresham vs. Moriarty for the ROH Title at next week’s Fyter Fest.

Lacey Evans has shifted alignments again.

The WWE star berated fans for their tepid response to her entrance on Friday’s SmackDown. Demanding more, Lacey went through her introduction a second time before then refusing to team with ditzy babyface Aliyah in tag action.

Evans slapped Aliyah and mugged for the live crowd before leaving.

This, for those keeping score at home, is the fourth time Lacey has turned since returning to action on the 8 April episode. Before going on maternity leave, she was a villain, but that changed for her inspiring babyface comeback (turn one). Then, WWE changed their minds and shifted Evans to Raw as a heel (turn two).

Then, Evans was moved back to SmackDown and resumed her babyface gig (turn three). Finally, Lacey has just gone back to the heel side by slapping Aliyah and ripping into fans for failing to show her enough respect (turn four).

Hopefully, WWE’s creative team can resist the urge to turn Evans yet again before SummerSlam. These constant flip-flops between heel and baby are certainly doing her no favours. Are they trying to break records here, or something?

Could Dominik Mysterio be turning to the dark side soon?

On Monday’s “WWE Raw,” The Judgment Day’s Damian Priest and Finn Balor confronted The Mysterios in the backstage area. The segment began with Balor listing out Rey Mysterio’s long list of accomplishments in the WWE.

“You are loved and respected by everyone in the business,” Balor told Rey. “So I’m a little confused – what is that you are not teaching Dominik?”

At this point, Priest interjected to make a case for Dominik to join The Judgment Day.

“Our door is always open, especially for the people who are tired of hearing the same thing over and over again and are being led by so-called leaders that just lead you down the wrong path.”

Priest then spoke to Dominik in Spanish, which led to Rey responding with a few words of his own.

In conclusion, Balor would blame Dominik’s underwhelming WWE career on bad parenting.

“Maybe it’s not bad luck, maybe it’s a bad father,” Balor told Dominik.

The segment ended with The Mysterios challenging Priest and Balor to a tag team match on next week’s “Raw,” which would emanate from their hometown of San Diego, California.

Dominik Mysterio last won a match on WWE TV on the May 29 “Raw” where The Mysterios & Ezekiel defeated Chad Gable, Otis & Kevin Owens in a Six-Person Match. He last won a singles bout on the Feb 7 “Raw” defeating The Miz in an upset victory.