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The Hardy Boyz were initially set to become AEW World Tag Team Champions before Jeff Hardy’s recent suspension.

This is according to Bryan Alvarez, who noted that this was very much the intention of All Elite Wrestling management before plans changed upon news of Hardy’s need for a brain scan. Speaking about it on the Brian & Vinny Show, he said;

“The idea was the Hardys were going to win the tag titles in this ladder match, that was the plan for awhile. Apparently, at the pay-per-view when the Hardys and the Bucks had their match, Jeff was not looking good. Apparently, they examined him afterwards and he was all beat up and he didn’t remember the match. Remember when Jeff got pulled over and said he was on his way to a brain scan? He was on his way to a brain scan. So, his idea was to drink whatever he drank and then drive to his brain scan. They had advertised the ladder match. He was never actually going to be in the ladder match. They were going to do the angle where he and Matt were going to be coming out for the ladder match, they were going to be jumped on the ramp and they were going to be carted off and they weren’t actually going to do the match. So, whether he had his DUI or not, Jeff was never going to do that ladder match. It was always going to be Jurassic Express vs. the Young Bucks for the tag team titles with the Young Bucks winning.”

Obviously none of the above eventually went ahead following Hardy’s latest DUI, other than the revised plot to have The Young Bucks win the belts. Jeff has no set return date yet, with AEW confirming that his comeback could only occur following the completion of treatment and maintenance of sobriety.

An eventful night on AEW Dynamite ended with perhaps one of the more anticipated (as in, fans expected it to happen at some point) turns, as Christian Cage blindsided Jungle Boy and leveled him with a one-man conchairto, effectively ending their partnership.

Cage had served as a mentor to Jungle Boy for about a year, acting a de factor manager and occasional trios partner for Jurassic Express. The duo captured the AEW World Tag Team Championship in January, which they lost Wednesday night to the Young Bucks.

Afterward, Christian entered the ring to help Jungle Boy up, only to drop him with a Killswitch before retrieving two chairs and putting Jack Perry down.

The turn has been something fans have kept a wary eye out for for some time, as it was the logical conclusion to this mentorship. Recently, Christian dropped hints as he expressed frustration with Jungle Boy losing a handful of matches. At one point, Cage even called Jungle Jack a loser, but then followed up with some encouragement.

The partnership between the veteran and just-turned-25-year-old star has been hugely beneficial for Jungle Boy, but the impending feud could be equally helpful to the youngster.

AEW’s former TNT Champion Sammy Guevara was a recent guest on Rasslin’ where he discussed his desire to regain the title. The Spanish God and Scorpio Sky have traded the TNT Championship back and forth as of late, but he believes the fans want to see him win it again.

“I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say, I can’t wait till I’m a four-time, five-time champion,” he said. “I think people are clamoring for it, people want it.”

Sammy Guevara reflected on a previous bout he had for the TNT Championship against Cody Rhodes. The ladder match between them was the final time that the American Nightmare competed in the company. The two of them put together an incredible spot, which saw Sammy leaping from the top turnbuckle, over a ladder, and into a mid-air Cody Cutter. He recalled his feelings at that time, simply hoping it would work.

“I just hoped that it was going to work out, and when I jumped off the ladder, I thought in mid-air, ‘Holy shit, I jumped way higher than I thought I was going to get.’ Then we got here, and I was like, ‘Oh, it’s working out,’ he said. “Then when we landed, though, I was like, ‘Oh, I regret this now.’”

Over the course of his AEW career, Sammy Guevara has been given a lot of major opportunities to be spotlighted by the company. He recalled many of those moments that he has enjoyed so far. But for him, his greatest highlight is that he now finds himself in a relationship with Tay Conti.

“That’s the thing, there’s the golf cart, there’s me getting superkicked by Matt Jackson, there’s the Stadium Stampede, there’s Blood & Guts, there’s my time beating Miro. I’ve had moment, after moment, after moment, after moment here in AEW. I’m humble. The thing is, moment, after moment, after moment, but the thing is, the highlight is being with this beautiful woman.”

Scorpio Sky is your new AEW TNT Champion, defeating Sammy Guevara in a ladder match on Dynamite that featured a decent amount of gaga.

Sky ended Guevara’s third run with the title, winning back the championship he lost less than two weeks ago. The win punctuates a feud that has been somewhat confusing to track, as Scorpio, Ethan Page and American Top Team started the rivalry as the clear heels, but by the time Sammy ended Sky’s first reign, he and girlfriend Tay Conti were getting far more boos from fans.

Wednesday’s ladder match was a decent main event, but it devolved into a sideshow when Conti interfered and Paige VanZant ran down to even things up. The women brawled a bit and even jumped on the opposing man’s back as they tried to climb the ladder. Eventually, both women were taken out of the match and things settled back into a battle for the title.

Sky’s victory celebration included congratulations from former tag partner Frankie Kazarian, who had been promised the first TNT Championship title shot after stepping aside to let Scorpio challenge Guevara. Sky ended the night as the clear babyface, which raises interesting questions because Dan Lambert is about the farthest thing from a fan favorite, so you have to wonder what’s going to happen with that dynamic.

As for Sammy and Tay, their PDA-driven shtick has easily steered fans against them, so expect them to lean into it even more, possibly with Guevara becoming a full-on douche heel with a hot girlfriend.

Toxic Attraction’s Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne are your new WWE NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Last night’s NXT Halloween Havoc special opened with Dolin and Jayne defeating Io Shirai and Zoey Stark to win the titles. The match ended when Dolin retrieved the gold from above the ring.

This is the first title reign for Toxic Attraction. Shirai and Stark won the titles back at the NXT Great American Bash on July 6, defeating The Way’s Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae in a Street Fight. Shirai and Stark held the straps for 111 days.

Big E won the Men’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match at WWE Money In the Bank 2021’s pay-per-view.

Big E now has a contract that he can cash in on any champion in the next year.

The Men’s MITB Ladder Match also featured Ricochet, Riddle, John Morrison, Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and King Shinsuke Nakamura. The match ended after Big E delivered a Big Ending to Rollins from the top of the ladder. At one point McIntyre was attacked by Veer and Shanky, who took him to ringside where Jinder Mahal was waiting with a steel chair. Jinder destroyed McIntyre with chair shots and ordered Veer and Shanky to drag McIntyre to the back.

WWE legend Ted DiBiase brought back his old Million Dollar Championship on last night’s episode of NXT, announcing that rivals LA Knight and Cameron Grimes will contest the strap at TakeOver: In Your House on 13 June.

Grimes and Knight have been vying for DiBiase’s respect in recent weeks. This led to last night’s Priceless Announcement segment, in which the Million Dollar Man featured alongside Grimes and Knight, unveiling the belt in a padded briefcase.

Ted also brought down a gold-painted ladder, confirming Grimes vs. Knight as a ladder match.

The Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast’s Andrew Zarian reported last month that WWE was looking at bringing the Million Dollar Championship back. In Your House will be the first time it has been active on WWE television since November 2010, when it was deactivated while Ted DiBiase Jr. was champion.

The title’s history goes back to February 1989, when DiBiase Sr. introduced it ostensibly to compensate for his inability to win or buy the WWE Championship. Mostly used as a prop by the Million Dollar Man, the unsanctioned strap was around until February 1992, before being brought back for the DiBiase-managed Steve Austin in 1995.

Shane McMahon may not be long for WWE’s televised world.

The self-proclaimed ‘Best In The World’ is set to face Kevin Owens in a ladder match as SmackDown debuts on FOX next week, with the rules stipulating that Shane will be forced to leave WWE if he loses. This is exactly what’s going to happen on Friday 4 October, according to

They claim that McMahon will fall to KO in order to write him off television as a competitor and authority figure for the time being, citing WWE’s transition to a more realistic, sports-style presentation on FOX and a desire for “more conclusive finishes” and “fewer interferences from non-wrestlers.”

This news will delight many a WWE fan. While Shane draws plenty of heel heat, his surname means he’ll always be a divisive performer, particularly when he’s taking up as much airtime as he currently is. Droves of audience members will be happy to see him fall by Owens’ hand, though McMahon’s aptitude in such stunt shows should at least guarantee a fun, car crash match.

Here’s hoping that Owens is presented well in victory, too, as this has the potential to be a huge, cathartic moment for him.


Source: Talk Is Jericho

Luke Harper recently made his Talk Is Jericho debut, sitting down with the first-ever WWE Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho, to talk about his WWE career thus far. Harper discussed getting yelled at by Vince McMahon, his ladder match against Dolph Ziggler at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs… and Stairs, advice he received from John Cena, and Braun Strowman’s potential.

Harper recalled that McMahon yelled at him on the November 17, 2014 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW. Harper won the Intercontinental Championship from Ziggler that night, but he failed to speak with a southern accent in his promo before the match.

“I won the Intercontinental title, I beat Ziggler for it. Yeah, I thought it was great. I thought everything was good. [I] came to the back and Vince yelled at me because I didn’t speak in a southern accent, so [it] kind of put a damper on things for a little bit.” Harper added, “I had to say, ‘I’m a team player’ [in the prematch promo], but I had to say it southern because that was his vision of me and it might still be. I hope not. Yes, and our vision of it is our people come from everywhere. [Bray Wyatt’s] message is nationwide. He’s from the bayou, but us, his followers, aren’t necessarily. We kind of pick and choose where he got us.”

According to Harper, his ladder match at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs… and Stairs for the Intercontinental Championship against Ziggler the following month was one of his favorite matches and neither competitor realized how violent the match was going to be. Harper said that he got word the night before that he was going to drop the championship to Ziggler at the pay-per-view. Harper’s short stint with the title gave him more incentive to put on a great match with Ziggler.

“I was pissed because I thought I didn’t get a fair run with [the title], really. I hadn’t really done anything with it.” Harper continued, “I thought ‘this is bulls–t.’ So I remember talking to Dolph and I said, ‘hey man, I want to do something special here because I’m pissed.’ It was in Cleveland [Ohio], his hometown, so it was, like, again, a perfect storm of stuff.”

Harper admitted that he always tries to keep in mind advice that he received from Cena after he lost the Intercontinental Championship.

“I was told by one of the top guys in the [professional wrestling] business, John Cena, that if you have an at bat and you hit a double or something or you hit a single, you’ll get another at bat, so that [has] always been my mindset now. When I get the ball, do what I can with it. Control what I can control. And if I can go out there and do something special, then, that makes them happy and it makes everybody happy, I’ll get another at bat.”

As for Strowman, Harper believes that the newest Wyatt Family member has great potential.

“For as little experience as he has, he’s unbelievable. And the thing is, if he wants it, and wants to continue to learn, the sky is the limit for him.”

Harper said that he thinks the Wyatt Family should continue to add new members and quickly agreed with Jericho’s suggestion that the group add a “creepy” female to its ranks.

“New blood. I’ve always said that, I thought with a cult like that, we should always have kind of [new members joining] and [grow] bigger.” Harper continued, “I think [adding a woman] gives us more diverse things and more ways to go instead of just saying, ‘hey, we’re going to beat you up.'” recently did an interview with WWE star Dolph Ziggler to promote WrestleMania 31, and the following are some interview highlights:

FanSided: The WWE Universe has been very vocally supportive of you over the last year, yet the WWE hasn’t given you the push many fans expect for you to get. Does that bother you that you are very over with the audience yet management has yet to move you to that next level?

DZ: “Of course it bothers me, it pisses me off, but it also drives me to be that much better. Listen, everybody’s favorite can’t always be champion, can’t always be on top, can’t be in the main event, and can’t be in the main story of the show. But if you stick around long enough, killing it with an A+ every single night, there’s a chance you can sneak in through the cracks and break that glass and become the guy.

FanSided: At WrestleMania you are participating in the Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title Match. The title has slowly becoming more and more relevant in the WWE over the last year. What does this match and this title mean to you and your career?

DZ: “I was a big fan of that white belt, I grew up loving those matches with Mr. Perfect, Ultimate Warrior, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, all those guys. I loved that title, not only did it stand out, it meant that you were the next guy in next in line to be a huge star. This ladder match coming up has a bunch of hungry guys who are all one step away, one nudge in the right direction away from not only bringing prestige back to the title, making it mean what it used to, but also becoming a force in the WWE. Becoming that next top guy. This is going to define somebody’s career at WrestleMania and damnit, I hope it’s mine.”

FanSided: You and Daniel Bryan were teasing a possible match a few weeks back with a little Twitter banter back in forth. Was that something that would have been just as special if you weren’t included in the ladder match?

DZ: “Absolutely. I was just pissed that I wasn’t in the Royal Rumble for a long time. I was very disappointed in my performance and I know he was. I know he had his sights set on winning that match, I did too. And I went: ‘You know what? Two guys with chips on their shoulders, with the entire crowd behind them… I want to go out there and not steal the show and shake hands and be your buddy. I want to go out there and beat the living hell out of each other and show people what the real main event can mean, without the story, without everyone behind it.’ Just showing you two guys that love it and the fans love them back, will beat the hell out of each other, and someone comes out on top. And I sure as hell wasn’t going out there to lose.”