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The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Triple H just implemented a brand new ‘two year’ rule. Basically, wrestlers have 24 months to become “good enough” to earn a full-time spot on NXT television or they’ll be discarded and released from their contracts.

Dave Meltzer noted that this puts a lot of current men and women “on the clock”. Time is running out for some to make a splash on the third brand and prove they’re worthy of being prepped for featured spots on Raw or SmackDown in the future.

It’s believed that this will impact company new-starts and those who have been on the roster for a while now. So, everybody lives and dies by the same edict – if they can’t turn heads and impress within that two year window, then they won’t get a third to try again.

If this sounds harsh, just consider how small a timeframe athletes in leagues like the NFL have to dazzle. WWE don’t want to mess around wasting time, and Trips figures 24 months is long enough to figure out whether somebody has improved or not.

Mandy Rose has teased that the entire Toxic Attraction group could jump to WWE’s main roster soon.

Rose told Ryan Satin on ‘Out Of Character’ that it’d make sense if she joined Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne on Raw and SmackDown soon, especially if that led to a feud with Bayley’s Damage CTRL faction – Mandy loves the thought of tangling with Bayley, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY.

The reigning NXT Women’s Champion (who has held the belt since October 2021) doesn’t think she’d need to drop the third brand’s top prize before hitting WWE’s flagship shows. Being fair, the fact that Triple H now calls the shots probably means that NXT will get a little more spotlight on Raw and SmackDown anyway.

‘The Game’ is unlikely to scoff at the thought of Rose carrying her title around on Monday and Friday nights.

Mandy thinks Toxic Attraction should be considered the best female trio in pro wrestling, and she’s very proud of how far Gigi and Jacy have come in a relatively short period of time. Now, she’s looking forward to taking the concept further.

Mandy Rose had zero clue she was earmarked for a jump to NXT before it happened in July 2021.

The current NXT Women’s Champion told Ryan Satin’s ‘Out Of Character’ show that she found out the news last-minute. That left her with a choice: Mandy could either grumble to WWE management and view the change of scenery as a demotion/negative, or she could double down on hard work and prove herself.

Rose, clearly, chose the latter.

She’s been NXT Women’s Champ for almost a full year now – Mandy beat Raquel Gonzalez (now Rodriguez) to win the belt at Halloween Havoc on 26 October 2021. Since then, she’s gone from strength to strength as a character and has visibly improved between the ropes.

Being able to lead her own Toxic Attraction group has given Rose more confidence too.

Mandy wanted to “ask a million questions” when WWE informed her she was NXT-bound, but decided against it. Instead, she promised herself she’d use the third brand as a platform to remove “stigma” that had followed her around for years.

Basically, Rose wanted to show that she could be a better wrestler.

Paul “Triple H” Levesque recalled how the late Dusty Rhodes taught him a lesson that has stuck with him. Rhodes worked behind the scenes on the “NXT” brand as its creative director before passing away on June 11, 2015, and Levesque never forgot how crucial “The American Dream” was to the decision-making process.

Now the WWE Chief Content Officer, Levesque has a platform to put his creative vision on full display, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. In those situations, Levesque remembers the valuable lesson he learned from Rhodes.

“When you’re first starting something, the successes stick with you, but the things that go wrong stick with you even more so,” Levesque told The Ringer. “You’ll have something in mind, and in your mind, it’s gonna be great. And then you watch it come to life and you’re like ‘that was terrible,’ and you beat yourself up. And Dusty would always walk by me and he’d tap me on the shoulder. He’d say. ‘Kid, remember what I said, if you get 70 percent of what you see in your head to come out on TV, that’s a grand slam.’ I keep that thought in my head all the time. It’s been a valuable lesson.”

Levesque believes it speaks volumes to Rhodes’ legacy that his work still serves as inspiration to those in the wrestling business today.

“When we lost him, it was tragic, because he contributed so much to the business, and his ideas and his concepts and his business ideas are still floating around today,” Levesque said. “That should tell you something, because there’s very few people in this industry with that [influence].”

Madusa (WWE’s Alundra Blayze) recently did an interview with Scott Fishman for SEScoops.

During the interview, the WWE Hall of Famer spoke about Cora Jade putting her “NXT” Tag Team Women’s Title belt in the trash on the July 19 edition of “NXT 2.0.” It was on December 18, 1995, on “WCW Nitro” when Madusa infamously dropped her WWE Women’s Title in the garbage.

“The Cora Jade throwing the belt in the trash, what was that? They keep trying to steal my gimmick,” said Madusa. “What is that? You’ll never be able to do it. The thing is when I saw that, I said, ‘Well damn at least that b*tch got to keep her job.”

Madusa appeared on the July 27 edition of “NXT 2.0,” a week after Jade’s incident. While on the show, she brought Roxanne Perez the garbage can, where her former tag team partner dumped the title belt and announced a Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Championship match to crown new champions. The winners of the match ended up being Kayden Carter and Katana Chance. The duo still holds the “NXT” Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Also, during the interview with SEScoops, Madusa teased that she isn’t done in the ring. 

“Never say never. That damn saying is such a trademark in this business because you can’t. I’ve never had a retirement match and I would love to have a retirement match, but that may have gone and sailed.”

Mandy Rose has been the “NXT” Women’s Champion for 330 days and counting. Partnering up with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne, the trio known as Toxic Attraction established their presence pretty quickly upon their “NXT” arrival. During Rose’s current reign, Dolin and Jayne have held the “NXT” Women’s Tag Team Championships twice, and the faction has been a focal point on the show since the “NXT 2.0” rebrand. 

On the main roster, a new women’s stable emerged recently with Bayley returning from injury alongside Dakota Kai and IYO SKY to form Damage CTRL. Being the only two all-women groups in WWE today, Rose was asked, while on “Out of Character with Ryan Satin,” about interest in a potential six-woman tag match between them down the road. “Bayley’s trio, I think, is super cool,” Rose responded. “I think it would be really awesome to face off … [against Damage] CTRL.”

Damage CTRL has been on “Monday Night Raw” every week since coming onto the scene as a group at SummerSlam. Kai and SKY have since won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship by defeating Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah, and Bayley looks to add more gold to the mix when she challenges for the “Raw” Women’s Championship, held by Bianca Belair, at WWE Extreme Rules.

Dolin and Jayne have appeared on the main roster previously, registering two tag team matches together on “Smackdown.” Prior to her current “NXT” run, Rose was full-time on the main roster from 2017 to 2021.

“NXT” Women’s Champion Mandy Rose and former “NXT” wrestler Tino Sabbatelli are engaged.

Rose shared the news Saturday evening via Instagram, writing, “My heart is so full.”

Back in May, Sabbatelli spoke with Chris Villet about his relationship with Rose. He revealed that it was her personality and down-to-earth persona that drew him to her. When they first met, they were just friends, as Rose was engaged at the time. After she broke up with her fiance, Sabbatelli noted in the interview that “it just kind of escalated from there.” The couple confirmed their relationship in 2018 during the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony.

Rose has been the “NXT” Women’s Champion since she defeated Raquel Gonzalez (“WWE SmackDown’s” Raquel Rodriguez) on the Halloween Havoc special back on October 26, 2021. Rose defeated “NXT UK” Champion Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport to unify the “NXT” and “NXT UK” Women’s Titles at Worlds Collide on September 4. Rose is also currently part of the stable Toxic Attraction along with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne.

Sabbatelli first signed with WWE in October 2014 and was released in April 2020. His second stint in WWE lasted from October 2020 to June 2021. One of his last WWE matches was at a non-televised “NXT” house show in March 2020, where he lost to Rick Boogs. Before his second stint with WWE, he wrestled once for AEW on “Dark,” where he and Brady Pierce lost to Best Friends. He used the ring name Sabby.

Roxanne Perez signed with WWE back in March, having already won the Ring of Honor Women’s World Championship, and at only 20 years old, the general consensus is that she’s way ahead of schedule.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc’s Nick Hausman, Booker T gave Perez massive praise and went as far as to compare her to a WWE Hall of Famer.

“I talked to the WWE about her when she first signed and I said, ‘This is one that we really got to protect. It’s one that we really got to make sure we do the right things with,’ because she is Lita 20 years from now going into the Hall of Fame,” Booker T said. “She is the one, she is special and I just think with the right hands on her, with me in her ear just trying to make sure she does the right things, and for her to be such a student of the game I see nothing but big things for Roxanne Perez. She’s a diamond, man. She really is.”

The former five-time WCW Champion and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion took Perez under his wing when she was known as Rok-C. She is currently performing on the NXT brand, where she was an NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion with her former partner Cora Jade. During an NXT Women’s Title match with Mandy Rose, Jade turned her back on Perez while they were still tag champs, allowing Rose to pin Perez, and leaving the WWE NXT Women’s Tag Championships vacant.

I’m afraid we’ve got some, well, pretty decent news, actually…

Speaking during an interview with BT Sport, Wade Barrett revealed that he has interest in an in-ring return, should the right opportunity arise.

As the five-time Intercontinental Champion detailed:

“Yeah, I can still move, I can still lift. Body is feeling good. I’ve always said, ‘Look, I’m in shape, I’m fit, and I’m healthy. If the right opportunity presents itself at my door, then maybe we’re gonna see a Wade Barrett return in the ring one day.”

Barrett continued on:

“I’m not chasing anything. Sometimes guys in these interviews start floating ideas up because they secretly really want to get back in the ring. I love my gig in NXT, I love commentating, it’s the happiest I’ve ever been. I don’t have a strange itch I’m desperately trying to scratch. With that being said, I don’t think you ever really retire when you’re a wrestler. So, if the right opportunity presents itself at the right time, then yeah, we might see me back in the ring at some point.”

It’s been over six years since Wade last wrestled, with that coming during the 4 April 2016 episode of Raw – as Barrett and Sheamus lost to the New Day in a Tag Team Title contest.

Nowadays 42 years of age, the former Nexus leader first signed with WWE back in 2007. He would famously win the first season of NXT in 2010 before then shortly leading a faction of ‘rookies’ on the main roster. In addition to those aforementioned IC Title wins, the Brit also picked up a King of the Ring win during his time as an active competitor.

Of course, these days Wade can be found alongside Vic Joseph as part of the NXT 2.0 commentary team. Prior to rejoining WWE in 2020, Barrett filled a similar commentary role for Billy Corgan’s National Wrestling Alliance.

With the main focus of the NXT brand currently on this weekend’s Worlds Collide special, there’s now word on what the brand’s next special will be.

As per PWInsider, NXT will deliver the next edition of its Halloween Havoc event on Saturday 22 October.

This marks the third time that NXT will run a Halloween Havoc event, with the 2020 edition being headlined by Io Shirai retaining the NXT Women’s Title against Candice LeRae in a Tables, Ladders and Scares offering, and last year’s show being closed out by NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa holding off the challenge of a certain Bron Breakker.

Prior to Halloween Havoc becoming a part of the NXT brand, the event was an annual WCW PPV which ran from 1989 through until 2000.

In terms of the aforementioned Worlds Collide, that takes place this Sunday and features the below card:

– NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes vs. Ricochet

– NXT Tag Team Champions The Creeds vs. NXT UK Tag Team Champions Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs vs. Pretty Deadly vs. Gallus in an elimination title unification match

– NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Katana Chance & Kayden Carter vs. Doudrop & Nikki A.S.H.

– NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose vs. NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura vs. Blair Davenport in a title unification match

– NXT Champion Bron Breakker vs. NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate in a title unification match