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The ‘King Of Rock & Roll’ is indirectly responsible for one of pro wrestling’s most iconic poses.

Shawn Michaels recently told Sports Illustrated that Elvis Presley inspired the wide-legged muscle pose that he performed countless times in WWE rings. Elvis didn’t flex both biceps the way HBK did, but he did stand in a power stance and make himself the centre of attention on-stage.

A young Shawn loved that, and he decided to make it part of his act when he went solo. He’d noticed that Presley would command attention and bask in the spotlight towards the end of his concerts. That’s something else Michaels changed – he flipped the King’s performance on its head and gestured before and after his biggest matches.

It didn’t take long for wrestling fans to associate the pose with Shawn, but few knew that he’d actually lifted it from Elvis. Remarkably, Michaels also asked ring announcers to tell fans that he’d “left the building” before main events too.

That little add-on kept him in everyone’s minds, and was another sneaky little trick that he’d picked up from Presley.

Soon after the break up of The IIconicsBillie Kay (Jessica McKay) spoke with Chris Van Vliet on The Chris Van Vliet Show. Kay have her thoughts on pursuing on a singles career.

“I think we eventually do want to do some sort of singles career,” Kay admitted. “I think that just all comes down to evolving as who we are, as Billie and Peyton and as The IIconics. So when that happens I think that we’ll both have so much fun doing that.”

It has been reported that Peyton Royce will be receiving a singles push soon with no plans yet for Kay thus far. However, one of the most memorable parts of The IIconics is their signature pose. Kay explained where the influence for the pose came from.

“It’s a funny story,” Kay said. “Peyton and I always get inspired by stuff that we do in our real lives, movies that we’ve seen, inside jokes that we have or when we’re traveling together if something funny happens we always try to bring it into what we’re doing on TV just to make it more relatable and we love to make each other laugh. So we had be talking about the movie ’10 Things I Hate About You’ and when they’re at the party, I can’t remember his name but the model guy he puts his cup on the thing and does that pose.

“We were just joking about that and then one time we were at a live event and we used to always wear our merch shirts out to perform and we would cut them in funny way to make each other laugh. One time, Peyton cut it right up middle, so I cut hers right up the middle too. And then at the next TV taping, we had a promo that was playing on the TV and it came back to us and we did that pose. But we kind of did it subtly in our minds and when we got backstage Xavier Woods was like ‘no, you have to make this a thing!

“You should open up your shirts and pop your shoulders and hold it and everyone will love it, and we were like ‘oh my goodness, yeah!’. So that’s how it started and it’s just become more obscene since then.”

Last year, Royce and AEW star Shawn Spears got married. Kay discussed what she thought when she found out Royce and Spears first started dating.

“He’s an absolutely sweetheart, and absolutely gem in my mind,” Kay remarked. “We used to all travel together, it used to be us three. Same car and everything. He’s like my family too. They are just absolutely perfect for each other. I love them both with all my heart. He’s just an absolute sweetheart, I can’t talk highly enough about him.”

Kay also revealed how she came up with the name “Billie Kay”. Kay admitted that she always wanted to use the name “Billie”, and she always wanted a gender neutral name as well.

“Billie was always my number one name,” Kay revealed. “When I was young, I want to say about 18, I wrote a list of names down that I wanted if I ever made it to WWE and Billie was always the first one. I loved it. I wanted a gender neutral name and Billie Piper from the UK, she’s a singer, made me love the name Billie for a girl.

“That was always my number one pick and I’m so thankful that they let me have that and even the spelling, the ‘I-E’ at the end is exactly what I wanted. And for the last name, I think I suggested a couple but I’m glad that I got “Kay” because it is so close to my real last name.”