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AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa spoke with Sportskeeda this week.

As noted, on Tuesday, an 18-year-old gunman walked into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and killed at least 19 children and two adults. Several wrestlers including Cody Rhodes and Jordynne Grace had reacted to the tragedy.

During the interview, Rosa revealed that she will be auctioning off her Double Or Nothing ring gear to help families, who lost their children in the Texas school shooting.

“This Sunday, I will be remembering the beautiful souls that just passed away, murdered, at school in Uvalde Texas,” announced Rosa. “I actually want to auction the gear that I’m wearing to help families with funeral services for the kids.”

Rosa is set to defend the AEW Women’s Title against Serena Deeb at AEW Double Or Nothing on Sunday, May 29.

AEW Double Or Nothing will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will air on B/R and traditional PPV providers in the US and on FITE TV for international audiences.

WWE star Rey Mysterio may not own 5,000 masks, but he sure owns a lot of them. In an appearance on Rasslin with Brandon F. Walker, Mysterio revealed that he owns well over 1,000 masks, and that doesn’t include ones he once owned and has given away over the years.

“Less than 5,000,” Mysterio said. “I think it’s a little bit over 1,000, somewhere around 1,100.”

Having a lot of masks requires a ton of space needed to store them, and Rey Mysterio noted where he kept all his gear, and that has caused problems over the years. He also noted that most of his gear he uses only a few times if even that.

“Everything I use, I use once,” Mysterio revealed. “Especially for PPV’s. And I kind of put it in storage. Every now and then, when I feel like it’s been quite some time, I’ll go ahead and bring it back out and use it for TV. What really sucks is back when I was with WWE, my early years when I was wearing the baggy outfits, a lot of that material, unfortunately, due to the climate, I would have them hanging just like clothes. And a lot of those outfits got stuck with each other and just ended up going to waste. But now I’m very picky with my outfits, and I like to position them in a certain way. I have OCD.”

Many of Rey Mysterio’s masks and costumes are elaborate, as much planning and designing go into creating them. Mysterio revealed just how long he likes to give himself to prepare these ideas.

“I like to go anywhere from 4 to 6 months,” Mysterio said. “Or I might have an idea already popping into my head, let’s say right after WrestleMania. And I’ll write that down so that way I don’t forget.”

Recently, Rey Mysterio was revealed as the cover star for the upcoming WWE 2K22 video game. It’s a great honor for Mysterio, who sees it as a chance for him to represent his people and his background in Lucha Libre wrestling.

“It’s awesome, man,” Mysterio said. “It’s a huge honor for me to be able to represent all my people, Latinos, my sport of Lucha through the cover of 2K22. I’ve shared covers before in the past, whether it was at WCW, we did the nWo. I’ve shared the cover with other superstars. This time it was strictly surrounded on my mask, my image. It’s a huge, huge honor, especially after 20 years of being with WWE, and kicking off the year of 2022 with all these crazy times that have been going on. It’s a blessing.”

Smackdown Superstar Aliyah recently sat down with Denise Salcedo to discuss her excitement heading into her first Royal Rumble match and what she expects.

“Oh my goodness, it feels incredible. Because growing up, I used to watch Lita, I used to watch Mickie James, I used to watch the Bellas,” she said. “You know what I mean? So it’s just so cool. Then, on one hand, I get to see all these legends, and then, on the other hand, I look to my right and I’ll see Liv Morgan, whose been my best friend forever. I’m just so excited, it’s going to be a great time and I’m ready to go in there and kick ass and win.”

Aliyah also dished on why the Royal Rumble is special to her and her favorite thing about the event.

“It’s going a crazy amazing dynamic, my favorite part about the Rumble is just not knowing who is going to come out next,” she stated. “There’s still a bunch of people that haven’t even been announced, so just the surprise within that I am so excited for. That’s always been my favorite part.”

Aliyah’s focus also extends beyond this year’s Royal Rumble. The SmackDown discussed her goals for 2022 and hopes to become the first-ever Arab female superstar to perform in the Middle East.

“We’re heading to Saudi for Elimination Chamber, and no matches have really been announced. It would be an honor to be the first-ever Arab female superstar to perform in the Middle East. That’s always been a huge goal of mine.”

During the interview in an effort to get to know Aliyah better, she was asked details on who inspired her wrestling character and ring gear.

“Trish Stratus, Mickie James, a little bit of Dolly Parton. Earlier on when I started getting newer gear when I first saw the first season of Euphoria I was obsessed with that show. So I kind of pulled, there’s this character named Maddy, I kind of pulled a bunch of things from her.”

Former 5x, 5x, 5x, 5x, 5x, World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently sat down for an interview on an episode of Rasslin’ with Brandon F. Walker to discuss Booker T’s A&E documentary, which also had some controversy surrounding it that Booker T recently addressed.

During the interview the WWE Hall of Famer was asked if he thinks the legacy of WCW is misremembered by fans today. Booker T said he does think that WCW is misremembered, but that is also the case with numerous things throughout history. Booker T also had praise for Eric Bischoff, who recently revealed he was moving on from pro wrestling.

“Yeah, I think that they do perhaps,” answered Booker T. “But that [happens] with everything that kind of goes away and is not there anymore, and it’s not something we can actually touch. All the WCW guys pretty much faded away after that time period. But it was an awesome 10-to-12 year run that WCW had, as well as changing the model of the way that the business was run as far as guys getting guaranteed money and stuff like that.

“I remember Eric Bischoff telling me personally, that he wanted professional wrestlers to get paid like football players. He really wanted to put us in the seven figures for mainstream wrestlers. And he pretty much did that in a lot of ways. A lot of guys right now are getting guaranteed money because of WCW.”

While on the topic of his time in WCW, Booker T was asked if he had any input in his entrance music or wrestling gear, both of which largely stood out in the company. Booker T says he did in fact have creative input in his entrance music and tells a funny story about how Harlem Heat got their first set of flashy leather gear.

“The music we had input in,” shared Booker T. “We had a whole list of music that we had to go through, [what we picked] turned out to be the best one. I used to date this girl who was in the entertainment business, [laughs] the adult entertainment business. The lady that used to make her outfits, she was the one who made our first black leather outfits that my brother and I came out in. It totally shocked the wrestling world and took the wrestling world by storm. And those outfits costed us $850, but I’ll tell you it was worth every penny. [Stripper gear] is exactly what it was [laughs]!”

While on the topic of entrance music Booker T recalled having his music changed in order to promote a WWE rap album at the time. Booker T recalled hating the music so much that he met with Vince McMahon to see about getting it changed.

“I remember in the WWE we did a rap album,” recalled Booker T. “And I had one of the, ‘Booker T, Can You Dig It?’ And they made me use that music for about a month, and I hated it. I hated coming out to that rap music, it just wasn’t me. I just didn’t feel [it]. I went to Vince McMahon and said, ‘Vince, I need my old music back’. And because we were promoting the album, he said, ‘Just ride with it a little longer and we’ll get your old music back’. And it was so refreshing getting my old music back.”

Dominik and Rey Mysterio made history at WWE WrestleMania Backlash when they became the first father/son duo to win tag team championships in WWE. Joining WWE After the Bell, Dominik spoke about the journey it took him to arrive in WWE, saying his debut was very unexpected. Being the son of one of the greatest masked wrestlers of all time, Dominik spoke about how surprised he was to debut at SummerSlam against Seth Rollins and how the original plan was for him to wear his father’s mask.

“It kind of just happened,” Dominik said. “It was so weird, we never expected anything. Opportunities were kind of just presented and I ran with them. One day I showed up to tapings and it said ‘Dominik Mysterio’ on the screen and it threw me off because there was music and everything. I sat there scratching my head and I asked my dad ‘Is this for me?’ [Rey said] ‘Ain’t nobody else here that’s Dominik Mysterio.’

“When he first told me too that they wanted me to have a match with Seth [Rollins] at SummerSlam, I thought he was kidding, never in a million years would I have thought that I’d debut at one of the biggest pay per views against the biggest names. It was kind of just like, we had no idea who Dominik Mysterio was and whether I was going to wear the mask. We had this whole plan set up on how I was going to debut, mask, everything but everything happened so fast we just ran with it.”

Rey recently spoke had talked about Dominik wearing a mask. The 46-year-old said Dominik will still have a chance to earn the mask someday.

“That was the idea from day one when he started training,” Rey said. “I said Dom will continue with this legacy and carry it on. We never really had the opportunity to sit down and discuss our plans which now in retrospect we can look at it and say it’s still not late to make things happen like we had it planned out. I think Dom is going to have to earn the mask now. He’s on his way, eventually one day, maybe the mask will be on.”

Over the years, Rey Mysterio has had some great wrestling attire, including Joker, The Flash and Captain America inspired gear. Dominik said that he loved his father’s outfits throughout the years and wanted to pay homage to his father someday with his gear.

“That’s all I think about when it comes to gear and stuff, like what can I do to not replicate but almost honor in a way,” Dominik said. “At the same time it’s so hard cause all of his outfits have been so badass. I literally told him, I just want to come out with your gear. I would love to bring back some of his old stuff and put a unique twist to it.”

The pro-wrestling fraternity is still mourning the loss of Brodie Lee who passed away due to Lung issues back in December 2020.

Brodie Lee is also best known for his time in WWE under the ring name Luke Harper as a part of the Wyatt Family. Lee earned himself the respect of his fellow wrestlers, and as a part of the plethora of tributes, The New Day donned an attire dedicated to their friend & co-worker at the 2021 Royal Rumble PPV.

Big E took to his Twitter last February that he along with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston have decided to auction off their Royal Rumble gear and donate the entire proceedings to the Foodlink charity in Brodie’s native Rochester, New York.

Big E has once again announced on Twitter that the auction went quite well, and they have raised an impressive $11,354.37. As promised the entire proceedings have been sent to the Foodlink charity. The reigning Intercontinental Champion expressed his gratitude and thanked everyone who placed their bids.

Brodie Lee’s legacy will live on forever, and the continuous outpour of tributes proves the kind of impact he made throughout his career. It’s also highly commendable that the pro-wrestling fraternity steps up to support such causes and it shows their passion for the sport.

Former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam will be spotlighted in an upcoming episode of the WWE Icons docuseries airing on the WWE Network.

Speaking with The Dropkick Podcast, RVD discussed signing with WW, where he found success as a singles star. While Van Dam was a very unique character, his move-set occasionally got him compared to the late Eddie Guerrero. RVD said he pushed back on the comparisons, but that didn’t stop WWE from trying to alter his character.

“I was resisting it because I didn’t want to change,” Van Dam said. “And you know, I had everything, but one time they wanted me to get rid of my airbrush outfits. WWE wanted to make me outfits that were made out of material like Kurt Angle’s and you can see pictures of it because it’s black and has a red dragon, it’s so basic.”

When RVD first jumped to WWE, he revealed he was supposed to work a romantic storyline with Stephanie McMahon. RVD revealed that the angle did not happen because of his girlfriend at the time, and noted that his real-life persona was too intertwined with his wrestling character.

“Something that comes to mind is when I first got there they wanted me to do a bit of a romance angle with Stephanie and myself. And my evil ex was like the most insecure b—h on the planet and I was like thinking, ‘oh my God, this gonna cost me so much grief at home.’ We had a talk, me and Stephanie, and she said, ‘you know, just think of this like you’re an actor’. I was like, ‘that’s cool, except you call me Joe Blow because I’ve been Rob Van Dam for the last ten years’.”

RVD will be spotlighted in an upcoming episode of the WWE Icons docuseries airing on the WWE Network. As for his future, the former Intercontinental Champion revealed that he is working on his own podcast.

“I am preparing to start streaming on one or two platforms,” Van Dam said. “It’s called RV Theology.”

The New Day’s Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E paid tribute to the late Brodie Lee (Jon Huber, aka Luke Harper) with their custom ring gear at last night’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Lee’s wife Amanda Huber took to her Instagram Stories and reacted to the tribute.

“My favorite people,” she wrote. “Words can’t express the love I have for these 3 incredible men I’m lucky to call my friends. Just, wow. I had no idea they were doing this gear and I’m in tears.”

Big E later revealed that The New Day is auctioning off their custom Royal Rumble gear with proceeds going to the Foodlink NY non-profit based out of Brodie’s hometown, which is Rochester, New York.

“The city of Rochester meant a lot to Jon. @FoodlinkNY is a Rochester-based nonprofit that’s dedicated to feeding those in need in the area. We’ll be auctioning off our Royal Rumble gear with all of the proceeds going to @FoodlinkNY,” he wrote.

Amanda reacted to the auction announcement and said she’s lucky to call them her friends.

“The men in The New Day are in a whole different league of humans. The kindness and thoughtfulness is astounding to me. I’m so beyond lucky to call them my friends,” she wrote. She continued, “Big E is a true gem of a person and I’ll never be able to accurately express my love and gratitude for him.”

The first piece of the gear is now live on eBay. Kofi’s jacket currently has a top bid of $2,025.00.

Tay Conti, one of the rising stars in AEW’s women’s division, took to Twitter on Tuesday to explain why she is trying to overcome her “mental insecurity” when it comes to wrestling without long sleeves and with low waist shorts.

While stressing that she does not feel the same way while posing for bikini pics, Conti revealed she underwent therapy to feel good in her own skin and wear revealing outfits inside the squared circle.

“I know I always post bikini pics but being in the ring without long sleeves and with low waist shorts was a challenge. A mental insecurity that almost nobody believes I have it but yes I do. After a good amount of therapy and mind work, I did it. We all should feel good in our own skin,” she wrote on Twitter.

The Brazilian was in action earlier on Tuesday during an episode of AEW Dark, defeating Red Velvet with an unorthodox choke submission hold.

Conti, who signed a contract with AEW earlier this month, has a black belt in judo and a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. She spent four years in WWE until she was released back in April as part of the company-wide cuts brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zelina Vega recently spoke with Scott Fishman of TV Insider. The interview was done before last night’s RAW episode, which saw WWE confirm Vega vs. RAW Women’s Champion Asuka for Sunday’s Clash of Champions pay-per-view.

Vega recently split from Andrade and Angel Garza, and is now pursuing an in-ring career on the main roster. She was asked how she bring such confidence to everything she does on WWE TV. Vega mentioned how she has two sides to her now – the striking side, due to her husband Aleister Black, and the lucha side, from what she learned working with Andrade.

“It was legit hunger I had because it took me about seven or eight years to get to WWE,” she said when asked what she attributes the confidence to. “It was the constant tryouts, being turned away and being told it wasn’t the right time yet. It was always something. I’m the type of person who doesn’t have thin skin. I just said, ‘Okay, how can I make this better? How can I improve myself?’

“Then when they paired me with Andrade, it was like lightning struck. It felt like the perfect timing for me because I felt I’ve worked so hard to get here and prove myself. Then he was hungry because he knew the talent he had. He just needed that extra spice or sizzle to him. We are each other’s yin and yang. It just worked out perfectly. I just felt like for me it’s this constant need to prove myself. Even now where people think I’m just a manager and haven’t been wrestling for 11 years. They haven’t seen what I can do. You can see now two different sides to me where it’s the striking side due to [my husband] Aleister [Black]. Then I get the more lucha side due to Andrade. It’s a nice combination in my arsenal.”

Vega has wrestled around 30 matches since debuting with WWE NXT in February 2018, and most of those matches were mixed tag team matches or multi-person bouts. She was asked how she stays ring ready when she’s not booked to wrestle regularly.

“To switch my mindset, I knew eventually [wrestling more] was going to come,” Vega said. “I always try to stay ready. Whether it was training at the Performance Center or training with co-workers behind the scenes if there is a ring. It’s fine-tuning what I knew already.

“Amazing Red is my cousin, so he kind of started this whole thing with me back when I was 18 years old. Working with that and what I learned from Andrade and now learning from Aleister, it’s a cool combination of all those things. It’s something I think the universe is ready for. Seeing a whole different side of me.”

Vega was also asked if she was initially disappointed when WWE signed her and informed her that she would be used regularly as a manager, instead of a wrestler. Vega revealed a conversation she had with Triple H, where he said the company saw big things for Vega as a manager.

“Honestly, no,” Vega answered when asked if she was initially disappointed. “I saw it as another challenge for me. I had the conversation with Hunter [Triple H] too. He said, ‘I know you want to wrestle, but I feel this is a great starting point. If you want to get to wrestling still, we’ll absolutely go there. But if you fall in love with this role, let’s go with it. We see great things for you in this role.’

“I feel looking at people like Paul Heyman or Sherri [Martel], even Melina. They really helped shape who I became eventually. I didn’t come out being a manager. I learned to be that way. It’s funny when people ask me to make the face I do when Andrade gets hurt. I can’t because it’s my genuine reaction. It’s all real. I genuinely get scared for him. I care about him like a brother, so I think it just adds an extra layer of authenticity to my character.”

Fishman also asked Vega about what kind of creative input Vega has when it comes to her look and overall presentation as she has a different outfit each week. Vega confirmed that she has complete creative control over her look.

“When it comes to my outfits, I have complete creative control,” Vega said. “I kind of know the vibe we are going for. I just play with it, especially if it’s for a pay-per-view or something important. I love bringing my life into it.”

Vega continued and revealed where her ring name came from.

“Vega, I got that last name from Street Fighter because I love him. I got to bring that into my last name,” she revealed. “I dressed like him for the Royal Rumble. Then when I wanted to do something more intricate, I did Sombra from Overwatch for SummerSlam. Depending on what I’m going for in the moment and what the story calls for, it decides who I might be bringing into my character that day. Who I’m trying to shed some light on.

“I always try to be different because I look at the other girls, and nothing I wear looks like anything they wear. I take pride in that because there is something to, ‘Oh, Zelina looks like this.’ Like if Zelina was a doll, what would she look like? Everybody would know exactly what she would look like, and that is important to me.”