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Kelly Kelly was a staple in the women’s division during her time as an active competitor.

She has also been a staple in the Women’s Royal Rumble since its inception in 2018. In an interview with DropKick Podcast, the former Diva’s Champion talked about how she felt about returning to the Royal Rumble earlier this year for the third time.

“I always love coming back to Rumbles. This was my third one, but it was different because I loved my outfit. It was my favorite of all time. It was cool to be in the ring, not with everybody in there but just Sasha [Banks] and Tamina, and have that moment. I always wanted to work with Sasha so it was really cool to be able to do that.”

Kelly named who she would like to face in her final wrestling match.

“I would say either Sasha or Charlotte Flair for sure.”

Kelly also mentioned a few of her favorite opponents she has ever worked with.

“I have so many. I loved working with Layla, Candice Michelle, Maryse, Beth Pheonix, Michelle McCool, Eve, and the list goes on and on. I’ve been very lucky to work with some amazing women.”

Kelly also touched on how she manages to stay so positive on social media and how she has been able to deal with hate comments.

“I think because I was thrown into it at such a young age when Twitter started to really boom, that’s because I got so much hate in the beginning, I had to learn how to deal with that at such a young age. Now, at my age, I just learned how to get through it. It’s not easy. It takes years to learn how to get through that and how to manage that, and how to tune it out.”

CM Punk hit Twitter for an incendiary burial of former WCW executive Eric Bischoff and wrestling pundits of his ilk on Tuesday, calling for online wrestling fans to stop amplifying their content.

Tweeting in response to user @BackupHangman, who had quote-tweeted a clip from Bischoff’s 83 Weeks podcast (in which Eric claimed AEW needed to improve itself storytelling to grow its audience), Punk called for the “old head bad faith bad take carny dipshits” to “die in the dark with their ego podcasts”:

Bischoff, whose 83 Weeks, Strictly Business, and Eric Fires Back podcasts are hosted on Conrad Thompson’s, made several tweets in response, with this the most notable:

Punk decided against engaging with the 66-year-old further.

The last of Bischoff’s semi-regular AEW appearances came in May 2021, when he hosted a segment featuring The Inner Circle. Since then, the former WCW chief has become one of the promotion’s most notable mainstream critics, conceding, at one stage, that it is unlikely he will ever be invited back by AEW president Tony Khan.

A cottage industry of pundits whose content revolves primarily about bashing AEW, often in the face of logic and data, has sprung up since the promotion’s 2019 inception. Punk’s initial tweet echoes a view shared by many: that quote-tweeting, dunking, and replying only gives oxygen to what are perceived to be bad-faith criticisms. Regular 83 Weeks listeners will obviously disagree.

AEW star Kenny Omega responded to fan comments on Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns earlier today.

The exchange with fans started when Omega noticed he was a trending topic on Twitter, apparently due to fans discussing how Reigns and SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos put on a strong performance as they defeated Drew McIntyre and RAW Tag Team Champions RK-Bro in the WrestleMania Backlash main event on Sunday.

“Umm, why am I trending? I’ve done nothing but get sliced up and struggle through rehab all this year. *checks timeline* Oh, I see. We’re still doing that comparing thing every show…,” Omega wrote with a face-plant GIF.

One fan responded to Omega and said he believes Reigns is better than Omega. Another fan responded to that comment, and said Reigns couldn’t last five minutes in the ring with Omega.

Omega responded to the last comment and gave Reigns some praise, adding that a match between the two would surprise a lot of people.

“I’m sure he could. He’s their top guy for a reason and works hard to be that guy. I think the match would surprise a lot of people,” Omega responded.

Omega has been out of in-ring action since dropping the AEW World Title to “Hangman” Adam Page at AEW Full Gear back on November 13. He took time off to deal with several nagging injuries, and was told by AEW President Tony Khan to take as much time as he needed. Omega originally hoped to be back in action by February, but that was before he underwent other surgeries. He reportedly underwent surgery to repair a sports hernia in April some time, which would require another two months of recovery. There was hope that Omega will be back in the ring this spring or early summer.

WWE Superstar Liv Morgan took to social media this afternoon to plead with people to stop impersonating her online.

Morgan revealed that she has been receiving emails with “horror stories” about people making fake accounts and asking for money.

She tweeted, “Guys I’ve been sent so many emails of horror stories about people making fake accounts and emails pretending to be me & asking for huge amounts of money. This really makes me so sad. Please don’t use my name to con people out of their hard-earned money. Please please please.”

In another tweet, Liv Morgan wrote about a man who sold his home and lost everything because he thought he was helping her.

Morgan wrote, “A man sold his home and lost everything thinking he was helping “me”. This has me so sick. Please know I would never reach out to ask any of you for a single penny. I’m so sad. Please stop.”

Liv Morgan first signed with WWE in 2015. She was in NXT until late 2017, when she was called up to WWE’s main roster. Liv currently has been teaming with Rhea Ripley on SmackDown.

Linda McMahon is trending on Twitter for her recent comments on illegal immigrants entering the United States.

McMahon, a former Trump administration official, shared a few photos of her visiting the U.S. border along with the following note:

The number of illegals entering the US isn’t sustainable!

@ChadFWolf & I visited the border & spoke w/ @CBP as they fight against the overwhelming # of ppl entering the US illegally

We deserve BETTER than a govt that believes in/allows open borders. It’s a danger to our country

McMahon served as the administrator of the Small Business Administration from 2017 until 2019 under former President Donald Trump. After stepping down from Trump’s cabinet, she assumed new responsibilities within Trump’s reelection campaign, and was later named the chairwoman of America First Action, a pro-Trump Super PAC.

Last September, the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) announced McMahon as their new Chairman of the Center for the American Worker. McMahon had already served as Chair of the Board for AFPI.

Linda McMahon served as president and later CEO of WWE from 1980 to 2009, until she quit the company to embark on her political journey. 

During the latest episode of his Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T questioned Tony Khan’s recent social media comments that got people talking by claiming an army of bots is signal boosting anti-AEW comments online.

Booker believes this could back up Eric Bischoff’s recent comments about Khan having thin skin.

“Is Tony Khan losing his damn mind? I know he’s off into analytics, I think he works in that field, but people are going to hate, okay? Everybody is not going to like ya,” Booker T said. “I know Eric Bischoff said that Tony Khan had thin skin, and this came out right after that. I don’t know if that proves that or not.”

Booker T went on to urge Tony Khan not to concentrate on the negative comments via social media noting he gets online hate too, but he has love at the same time. He’s sure that the situation is the same for the AEW President.

“If you think they’re not going to talk about you, you’re wrong,” he said. “And if you think they are talking about you, there again, they say any news is good news, right? So, if they’re talking about you, good or bad, for me it’s good. You should look at my Twitter account, Tony, they hate me. But I’ve got so much love from so many people at the same time.

“I am sure Tony Khan has got a lot of love from so many people, because this guy is delivering jobs. So think about that, not thinking about how people on Twitter, because you will lose your mind thinking about people that is saying negative comments about you.”

While Khan is focusing on those negative comments at the moment, Booker T claimed he has only seen positives about the company. He urged Tony to, ‘kick out,’ as they say in the business.

“That’s all it has got to be, is comments. Because I haven’t seen anything but pretty much good stories about AEW in the social media sphere. So I don’t know, man,” he said. “Kick out, that’s what we say in the wrestling business. You’ll be alright.”

Even though fans have criticized the tweet from Khan, Booker T does believe there are negative comments. He sees them all the time, with fans changing their opinions and used Cody Rhodes as an example.

“I believe it. I believe it as far as people having negative comments because I see them all the time. Cody Rhodes right now is a pariah as far as AEW fans go, they hate him. It’s amazing how one minute they can love you, and the next minute they can hate you,” he said. “But then again, that’s what the wrestling business is. You can be a heel one day, and you can be a babyface the next, I love it, man. If you’re tuning in, it’s good, that’s the way I look at it.”

In a recent edition of 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff discussed his appreciation for FTR, how FTR has set themselves apart from other wrestlers, and much more. You can read Eric Bischoff’s comments below.

Eric Bischoff on his appreciation for FTR and how FTR has set themselves apart from other wrestlers: “I watched Dynamite because of FTR. These guys are just so committed. That’s the one thing I’ve noticed. Social media, I take it with a grain of salt as most people should. But certain people are consistent with the way they present themselves to the public. They’re authentic and real. I’ve talked about Becky Lynch and why I became a fan of Becky Lynch, which is essentially because she did such a great job – I’m talking early 2019 – with her social media. She stood out amongst the rest. She used social media differently than so many other people. That’s what caught my attention. FTR is doing the same thing in their way. They’re not portraying a character. That’s who these two guys are. How do you not become a fan of them? And then on top of it, to overdeliver, not only from their execution and athletic presentation and some of the dynamic things they do, but they’re true to their style which means they’re true to their character. They’re staying true to their entire backstory. I just dig that. I’ve always been fans of theirs.

“Obviously, being around AEW a little bit and being backstage, I got to talk to them a little bit and more importantly, watch them. Watch them interact backstage and watch them with their promos. I was just a fly on the wall and went ‘wow, these two are different.’ I’m not taking away from anybody else, but these two are kind of the real deal. They’re not trying to be a wrestler and not trying to be a character. They’re just themselves and they love to wrestle. They’re staying true to themselves and their brand and as people. These are grounded guys. When you are able to live your real life and your work is an extension of who you are as opposed to being a mirage of who you are, that’s the kind of character I really gravitate towards, and we’re seeing that with FTR.”

On the importance of talent convincing the audience to believe in their actions: “As a talent, if you’re not feeling it and it’s not real to you, it’s not real to the audience. The audience is smart enough to see the difference. Professional wrestlers are not trained actors and actresses. For the most part, you’re learning as you’re growing. Some people just have it, and part of that is staying true to who you are and not trying to portray something you’re not. That’s an art, and you have to be really good at that to convince the audience to believe it. That’s acting. But when you’re able to be yourself and what you do in the ring is an extension of what you truly believe, you go off on a different ride. And again, that’s FTR and there are others like that. But I think FTR, right now in this moment with the heightened awareness and everybody competing for attention, these guys broke way the fuck out of the pack.”

WWE Superstar Paige took to Twitter this afternoon and responded to fan criticism from those who say she should’ve been back in the ring by now because Bryan Danielson and WWE Hall of Famer Edge made their successful comebacks.

A potential return to the ring for Paige remains a hot topic on social media among fans, and Paige herself often comments on a possible return, fueling the rumor mill at times. Paige responded to some of the fans today, who believe she’s lazy, and said her neck still needs to recover as everyone is built different.

“It’s wild that some people are like ‘well edge and Bryan came back you are just lazy’ I’m inspired by them. I’m not lazy. My neck needs to recover. We are all built different. Sorry fam,” she wrote.

On a related note, Paige responded to a fan tweet earlier this week, from someone who remarked how fans always say they want to see Paige return to the ring, but no one ever asks her what she wants.

“I wanna wrestle again,” Paige confirmed.

Paige has been out of action since being forced to retire in 2018 after suffering a neck injury at a December 2017 WWE live event. It was believed that she was under contract to WWE through 2023, but she confirmed last fall that her deal expires in June of this year.

Paige, who turns 30 in August, expressed hope for a ring return in multiple interviews and tweets in 2021, and at one point stated that she is not done. There were even rumors that she was medically cleared to compete again, but that was never confirmed.

Last night on Night 2 of NWA Crockett Cup 2022Matt Cardona retained the NWA World Heavyweight Championship under controversial circumstances.

After a flurry of interference, Special Guest Referee Jeff Jarrett was low-blowed in the ring by Chelsea Green after being distracted. However, Mickie James arrived on the scene to send Green out of the ring. This allowed Aldis to lock in a Cloverleaf on Cardona who proceeded to tap out. Jarrett called for the bell, but awarded Cardona the victory by disqualification, claiming that it was Mickie who had delivered the sinister low blow whilst his back was turned.

Hours after the victory, Cardona joined SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio to discuss the questionable triumph and detailed the impact that he’s had on the NWA as a whole.

“I think he [Billy Corgan] knows this is working,” Cardona said. “He knows that I’m really saving this place. He might not like me, he might not agree with my tactics or the way I do business, but he knows that business is booming. I’m sitting here talking to you about this. If Nick Aldis wrestled insert wrestler, we wouldn’t be having this interview. You’d be talking about something else, you’d be talking about RAW tonight.

“But because I’m involved, and there’s controversy and there’s buzz. The buzz and the attention goes to the NWA. So Billy’s a smart businessman. He knows all about the business. He’s in the music business, he’ll tell ya. It’s not about how good you play instruments, it’s not how good you can sing. Can you create that buzz and that attention? And I can.”

Cardona also spoke about his opponent from last night, Nick Aldis, who went on a 1,043-day reign as NWA World Champion between October 2018 and August 2021.

“I will give him credit,” Matt Cardona explained. “He brought the NWA to new heights. When he had that thing with Cody at All In, all eyes were on the NWA. Powerrr came out and he was the face of the company. It was great. And he did get the NWA to a certain level, but it’s time to get it higher and higher.”

The former GCW World Champion insisted that the NWA would take a step backwards if Nick Aldis or Trevor Murdoch were ever able to take the gold from him.

“In my opinion, yes [NWA would take a step backwards],” Cardona said. “In my opinion, yes. Because listen, not just because of the social media following. My dog has more followers than Trevor Murdoch. Forget the social media following, I’m actually making towns. I am actually travelling every weekend with this title, bringing it on shows whether I’m defending it or not and I’m walking out with it.

“From Bumblefuck shows in West Virginia to GCW, I’m bringing it everywhere. Do these other guys even work? Do they even take other bookings? I don’t know. You gotta get out there. You gotta represent the company.”

If further proof were needed that professional wrestlers are a magnet for vile online abuse, here it is.

Per a study from BonusFinder, who used a Twitter listening tool to analyse tweets sent to female athletes, WWE’s Ronda Rousey receives a higher percentage of negative tweets than anyone else – regardless of sport. The outlet’s data shows that a staggering 83.1% of tweets sent to the SmackDown Women’s Title contender were negative in tone.

In second place with 76.19% is Becky Lynch.

Olympian Simone Biles received a higher volume of negative tweets with 9.165 out of 14,077, though her percentage was considerably lower than the WWE wrestlers at 65.11%. Obviously, that’s still a repulsively high number.

Above all else, the study serves to highlight the volume of abuse sent to female athletes online. This appears to be heightened in pro wrestling, given Rousey and Lynch’s percentages, even with the two currently operating on different sides of the face/heel alignment scale.

Rousey is currently lined-up to challenge SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair as a babyface at WrestleMania 38. Lynch, a heel, defends her Raw belt against Bianca Belair at the same event.