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Arn Anderson will now be able to enforce his rights as the sole proprietor to a faction he’s synonymous with. Anderson announced on Twitter earlier today that he now legally owns the trademark to “4 HORSEMEN.” Wrestling Inc. has confirmed with “Gimmick Attorney” Mike Dockins that the USPTO registration is for “THE FOUR HORSEMEN” but legally Anderson now owns both spellings.

“I now own the 4 Horsemen trademark and for those fans that missed out on original 4 Horsemen merchandise, it will soon be available on,” he tweeted. “The Tradition of Excellence LIVES on.”

Anderson will be reunited with four other of his Horsemen when Starrcast V takes place in Nashville, TN during SummerSlam weekend at the end of July. Joining him for a special panel will be AEW colleague Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham, JJ Dillon, and Ric Flair. Starrcast V will have a heavy eye on Flair as he’s billed to participate in his last match which will take place under the Jim Crockett Promotions banner, a trademark Conrad Thompson now owns the rights to. Starrcast is already making the most of Anderson’s ownership of the Horsemen trademark by promoting tees with the classic Horsemen logo on them.

Anderson is one of the several luminaries working for AEW. He along with his son Brock Anderson are on the roster, but both haven’t been seen much on television since Cody Rhodes left the company earlier in the year.

“We’re kind of in limbo as you could imagine but we’re there,” Arn said on an April episode of “The Arn Show.” “Brock has had some matches on [AEW] Dark, hope everybody is finding those and supporting him in that venture. It really is the best way and only way to get some reps in and it be televised, it’s just a different vehicle you have to go to to get it, being on YouTube.”

The reigning Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo, is keen to have a match vs. The Four Horsewomen of WWE.

Speaking to the team at Women’s Wrestling Talk, ‘The Virtuosa’ made it known that she wishes to one day face Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and Bayley in a four-on-four encounter. Her partners? Chelsea Green, Karen Q, and Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

Here’s what Deonna had to say on the matter (thanks to Robert Defelice of Fightful for providing the following transcript):

I also feel like each of us individually have like a, like a dream match with these people. So I feel like us four versus the Four Horsewomen you know, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Becky, like those four. I think we each would like to wrestle one day or if that opportunity presented itself, it would be a dream match for us. So I’m gonna go with whether that’s cliche or not. That’s my answer. Me, Britt, Chelsea, and Karen versus the Horsewomen”.

Despite being let go by the company in April 2020, Deonna doesn’t seem to have any ill will directed towards the promotion. Whether she actually gets the chance to wrestle four of WWE’s greatest ever female superstars is an entirely different story, though. Realistically, it could happen. Six of the mentioned talents are currently signed to WWE – it’s only Purrazzo and Baker who are missing.

Considering how great they’re both currently doing in their respective companies, don’t expect to see the bout going down any time soon.

Arn Anderson has claimed that a life-changing tag team opportunity should soon fall into the lap of one lucky AEW wrestler, doing so during the latest episode of his ARN podcast.

Here’s what the pro wrestling legend said:-

“To be perfectly honest, there’s something that’s going to be happening I hope pretty soon on AEW. I will keep that close to the vest until that does happen, but it will change my life 100% and it will change that individual’s life 100% as far as building a new tag team for the future. That may be the first building block and we’ll just sit on that for now, but there are some plans in the works.”

This followed on from comments on how Tully Blanchard and FTR have benefitted from working together, with Anderson revealing that he’d have liked to have managed Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood at one point.

Anderson filed a trademark application for his old legendary stable, The Four Horsemen, back in September. Said application is still awaiting examination per the United States Patent and Trademark Office. With former members Anderson and Blanchard both contracted to the promotion, reviving the stable in AEW has been rumoured on several occasions, with Arn previously naming Rhodes, FTR, and the tragically deceased Brodie Lee as his ideal modern picks last year.


Whether we like it or not, WWE stars, or any wrestlers in fact, are probably always going to be compared to those of the past, and it’s the same with groups.

One of the most legendary groups in wrestling history is the Four Horsemen, originally comprised of Arn & Ole Anderson, Ric Flair and Tully Blanchard managed by JJ Dillon, although it did also have several other members at different points in time.

There have been rumours about AEW potentially introducing a modern day version of the Four Horsemen, and right now Arn Anderson is acting as the manager of Cody and FTR, and Blanchard is acting as the manager of Shawn Spears.

However, speaking on his latest Experience podcast, Jim Cornette has actually said a WWE faction, more specifically a group in NXT, draws far closer comparisons to the Horsemen than any other group in wrestling.

Speaking about the Undisputed ERA, made up of Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong, Cornette said:

“These guys, everybody talks about who’s the updated Horsemen, was it Evolution or was it this or that, these guys are the updated Four Horsemen. And not in any way because one of them is the Flair spot and one of them is the Tully spot and one of them’s the Arn spot or whatever, that’s making fake Horsemen. The whole idea of the Horsemen was four premier in-ring workers that could all cut a heck of a promo and not only hung out together outside the ring but looked like they should, and looked like they’d get along and be a group, and so these guys are the f**king Horsemen. They fit together and they can all go. That doesn’t mean they have to resemble the Horsemen. Every group since then, there has to be four, and you’ve got to attribute okay this one’s the Tully and this one’s the Arn and this one’s whatever, no. Just the concept. Do you know four guys in the business right now together that are better workers that look like they fit together better? Or any kind of faction, not just four but any kind of group.”


During a recent episode of the ARN PodcastArn Anderson discussed Chris Jericho taking a shot at the Four Horsemen by saying the Inner Circle is a greater faction. “Double A” fired back at the former AEW World Champion, saying there’s no comparison.

“Picking his spots, because he knows we can’t do anything about it,” Anderson said. “I don’t think history will shake out and prove that to be true but Chris is confident in his crew and they are a very talented bunch of guys. It’s hard to argue their success is not well earned and appreciated by all the rest of us that have been around for a while but to try and compare it to the original Horsemen or the version with Barry? I don’t think so.”

In August of last year, Anderson became the on-screen coach of Cody in AEW. Anderson has been at Cody’s side since and was there to watch him win the TNT Championship. Anderson talked about why he wears a sweater vest as Cody’s coach and who gave him the idea to display that look.

“My new boss,” Anderson said. “I had never worn one before hand but he had a vision for this character. Cody is one of the top guys in the company and to be his coach is a pretty prominent position. Mike Dytka is what came to mind in Tony’s mind. We came up with this and I’m happy to say it’s no issue.”

Anderson also noted how long he has spent in the wrestling business and how AEW was his final stop. Anderson has been involved with wrestling now for almost 40 years.

“I’ve enjoyed the career that I’ve had to this point,” Anderson said. “Thankfully, Tony Khan is going to extend that a couple more years and I couldn’t be any happier trying to help him make that product evolve into the vision that he’s had.”


In 2012 one of the greatest factions of all time, The Four Horsemen, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham, and J.J. Dillon were all a part of the induction ceremony, while the most notable and obvious omission from the group to not be inducted was Ole Anderson. Ole Anderson is known as one of the original members of the Horsemen, along with Flair, Arn and Tully.

During the ARN podcastArn Anderson discussed Ole not being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame along with the Horsemen and why he believes Ole would not have accepted the invitation if it was offered.

“My knowledge of what I’ve heard through the grapevine is that Ole doesn’t want anything to do with WWE in any fashion, period,” Anderson said. “Whether or not he was asked to be a part of that group or not I don’t know, if he would have I’m sure he would not have accepted because of all the things that went down years prior when Vince [McMahon] got control of his television which is pretty common knowledge in the business.

“It really was a heated issue between the two of them, there were some conversations and insults that went back and forth, that was probably the biggest reason. There was no interest on either one’s part.

Anderson also discussed Ole and Flair having issues during their time with the Four Horsemen, when and how these issues started.

“I would guess when Ric was making the rounds as the world champion,” Anderson said. “When Ole started back working and we were partners and he was at the arena every night watching Ric in those long matches, I think that is probably where it would start to grain on him a bit. Ole and I would have our match, whenever we’re on, then we’d notoriously have been there till the very end to run in on Ric’s match, after his match. If you’re doing 50 minute matches, and you’re waiting and waiting, for a guy like Ole who was a wealthy man, I’m guessing that might have grated on him. Not sure, not positive, that’s just my guess.”

Anderson discussed joining the WWF in 1988 with Tully, and how difficult it was to not be able to mention the Four Horsemen or do the hand gestures.

“The very first night, and we did it without thinking, [the fans] did hit us with it,” Anderson said. “Without thinking, we shot it back to em, and when we came through the curtain we were told ‘Do not do that, that was then, this is now. That has nothing to do with the Four Horsemen, you guys are in a different company and you’re different characters.’ They only had to tell us once.”