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During the latest installment of the Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T spoke about the future of the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Cody Rhodes has made it clear he wants that title, and Booker believes that could be done. Even if WWE wants Roman to be champion to possibly face The Rock, this could be done in his opinion.

“Yeah, we talked about that, we talked about Cody may be able to slip in there,” he said. “Then somehow maybe it will be able to flip back before WrestleMania, and we can still do The Rock. But, of course, right now Cody Rhodes coming back and saying, ‘the title that my dad didn’t win,’ it seems like we are going that route and doing something along that route, I don’t know.”

While Booker T believes that it is easy to believe Roman Reigns will be champion for the foreseeable future. “I would not be surprised, I’ll tell you right now, I know Cody what he wants. But, I would not be surprised if Roman had the title for the next two years. Card subject to change,” he said.

Booker T also discussed the future of The Bloodline as a faction in WWE. While he wouldn’t be shocked to see new members added, Booker is not sure if that is needed.

“I am not going to sit here and say I would be surprised if I saw something like that. But, I would not want to just start adding members to The Bloodline. It ain’t broke,” he said. “I was reading I think Naomi was considering, they were considering putting her in The Bloodline at one point. You go, okay, ‘what will that do for The Bloodline? What is that going to bring to The Bloodline?’

“It’s just going to bring another element, is it another element that we need? That’s the question, so, I don’t know. I do know this, there’s enough Samoans out there to where if Roman Reigns and The Bloodline and the family was to find themselves in a predicament to be able to insert certain factors at certain times, I could tell you this, wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

Roman Reigns is five days away from reaching the milestone of 600 days as WWE Universal Champion, and WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff is here for it.

On Sunday, Bischoff praised Reigns for his commitment to staying atop the food chain in WWE.

Ya know what’s so cool about this? The journey. In-ring and out. The commitment, from Roman personally, to @WWE. The real-life journey makes the public one so special.

Bischoff also disputed the notion that WWE hasn’t built anyone up to dethrone Reigns.

The WWE on BT Sport Twitter handle recently asked fans to pick the Superstar they wish to see end The Tribal Chief’s historic reign. The poll listed Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins, Gunther, NXT Champion Bron Breakker, Bobby Lashley, RAW Tag Team Champion Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Shinsuke Nakamura and Sheamus as nine potential Superstars to dethrone Reigns from the mountain top.

Speaking of McIntyre, the Scottish Warrior is pushing for a match against Reigns at WWE’s stadium show in the United Kingdom this September.

“I’ve been away from the title for a long time,” McIntyre told BT Sport last week. “Roman’s been so dominant and is doing the best work of his career. We’re on a collision course. It [the U.K. event] is five months away. If somehow we could avoid each other for five months, that would be such a big match. Especially on the U.K. soil, I can’t imagine the atmosphere for that match.”

Fans on social media have been split between Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre as the two frontrunners to dethrone Roman Reigns, who is rumored to wrestle The Rock at next year’s WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles.

Charlotte Flair believes much of her latest SmackDown Women’s Title reign will “be forgotten about” come WrestleMania 38.

The current champion told Bleacher Report that matches with Toni Storm, Naomi and others will be swept to the back of fan minds following the next pay-per-view. That could be a heavy hint that, as expected, Charlotte is about to drop the belt to Ronda Rousey in Texas.

Most people predict that Ronda is taking the win there anyway, but it’s interesting to hear Flair speak to openly and leak some teases for the show ahead of time.

It’s similarly fun to see Charlotte admit that her 154-day reign (at time of writing) could’ve been better. She thinks WWE might’ve stuck her in the ring on more pay-per-views than they have; during the interview, Flair also suggested that she should’ve defended the belt at January’s Royal Rumble rather than entering the 30-woman match itself.

She does realise that entering the Rumble as champ was a cool “first time ever” kind of thing though.

Charlotte closed by saying she “hates to say” that nobody will remember her run, but that she thinks it’s the truth.

Trish Stratus would seriously consider returning to WWE if another championship run was on the cards.

The company Hall Of Famer conducted a virtual signing session with fans for Highspots. During it, someone asked if Trish would be up for holding either the Raw or SmackDown Women’s Titles someday. Being honest, Stratus admitted she’d love to do that if WWE were interested. There’s just one condition.

Her opponent would have to be “perfect”.

Basically, Trish isn’t game for returning to plug a gap last-minute or work with somebody WWE doesn’t have much faith in as champion. No, she’d much rather wrestle the best, enjoy a little run as champ herself and then put someone else over in the end.

That, to the legend, would be a fine way to book things.

Another fan asked if Trish would ever fancy teaming up with Lita again for a few tag matches. That’s something else Stratus is keen on, but she also knows that her old pal enjoyed working some solo shots for WWE recently.

WWE star Big E joined the second episode of Superstar Crossover to talk about both his WWE Championship run and fellow New Day member Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship run in 2019.

Big E talked about how Kofi led by example as champion and handled his eventual loss and move back to the midcard, which Big E compared to his own post-WWE Title run, with grace and professionalism.

“The thing with Kofi is, he’s not a guy who’s going to pull you aside and lecture you, but he’s someone who leads by action,” Big E said. “That’s what I love is, you know, I was able to see the way that he handled things with his title run and the way things ended.

“You know, it’s interesting I’ll say how our runs weren’t too drastically different, you know? Kind of that falling off of a cliff feeling at the hands of one, Brock Lesnar, and then suddenly it just, it feels like you woke up a year prior and you’re back to doing what you were doing before.

“But I’ll say he’s a guy who’s handled it with grace. He’s a guy who, you know, he didn’t complain or he didn’t show up to work pouting. He’s a consummate professional and he’s someone that I think like I said, he always leads by example.”

As noted last night, a new WWE Intercontinental Champion was crowned on SmackDown when Ricochet defeated Sami Zayn in the opening bout of the show.

After the moment passed, Ricochet caught up with WWE interviewers backstage to talk about how special the experience is to him.

“I started in 2003 and started doing this stuff, and then 19 years later, just to be where you started and see where it’s at now, it’s just so rewarding. Everyone can talk about how they’re the best and I’ve talked about it for a long time. And I actually thought I was the best for a long, long time, and now, this just proves it.

“[The Intercontinental Championship], the US Championship, the NXT North American Championship all that is just proving my point of why not only I belong here, but I can thrive here and be somebody here. This proves just that, so the emotions you saw tonight are so real. And just all of that was because of this one moment, because of this. It’s just emotion, that’s what it was. Nothing else.”

His goal now is to put all his effort into this title reign so the IC Championship can be seen in a similar light to the Universal or WWE Titles.

“The Intercontinental and United States Championships were both two of my favorite championships growing up just because the people that were in those divisions making those championships mean just as much as the World Heavyweight Championship, you know? Now, the Universal Championship. You know, I want to be that guy, I want to be that type of professional wrestler to make the Intercontinental Championship mean just as much as being the Universal Champion, as much as being the WWE Heavyweight Champion. I want this title to be — because it’s important to me, I want it to be important for everyone.”

With WrestleMania on the horizon, it will be interesting to see who will challenge Ricochet for the gold at the “grandest stage of them all”. Ricochet welcomes the challengers, and says he’s ready to fight anyone.

“And just so everybody know, if anybody want an opportunity, and I mean anybody, just know that as much Ricochet loves to fly, he loves to fight. So that’s an open invitation.”

Big E has admitted that his recent WWE Title run “fell a bit short” of his own expectations.

The New Day man told Sports Illustrated that the reign was an “appetiser” when it should’ve been a “five course meal”. That’s what he wanted to have going in, but WWE pulled the rug out from beneath E’s feet by putting the belt on Brock Lesnar at Day 1.

That, in fairness, was a last-minute plan when Brock’s own bout (for the Universal Title) was pulled – Roman Reigns was removed from the card due to COVID concerns, and Lesnar was hastily inserted into the WWE Title mix before taking the belt.

E wasn’t in the mood to keep quiet whilst chatting to SI.

He said he’s always “overly critical” of his work, and he can’t say with any sincerity that he was happy with the 110-day stint on top. Most fans would likely agree that the title reign felt largely pointless, but E is keen to “climb back” and cherish a longer, more satisfying run as WWE Champ.

Speaking during an appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet (via ITRWrestling), the former Fandango revealed how The Great Khali cost him a run as WWE Intercontinental Champion.

As Dirty Dango explained, a concussion caused by Khali meant WWE had to scrap plans for the one-time Johnny Curtis to win one of the most iconic prizes in the wrestling business. Instead, WWE opted to go with Curtis Axel as the new IC Champ once Dango was hurt.

“So they were going to put the Intercontinental Title on me, but I got concussed working The Great Khali. I think it got to a week or two before, and I didn’t tell them that I was concussed. I worked Khali a couple of weeks before the PPV, then I worked the week before I think. If you get concussed and you get hit again, it’s easier to get concussed again. I was concussed and kept performing, but I didn’t tell anybody. I took a shoulder tackle from Zack Ryder and I was out. When I got back, I thought I had just wrestled The Great Khali. It goes back to where you originally got fucked up. Then I stooged myself off, and to the company’s protocol I was wrong. But if they [are going to] put the IC Title on you, you don’t want to say. But they took me off for three to four weeks, and Curtis Axel won the title instead.”

Axel’s reign as Intercontinental Champion commenced at WWE Payback in June 2013, with him taking that title from Wade Barrett in a triple threat contest also featuring The Miz. As for Fandango, at this point he was fresh off a huge win over Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 29 three months prior – and he was originally actually booked to compete against Barrett and Miz at the aforementioned Payback.

Dango would never get that IC Title run, with him falling down the pecking order as 2013 rolled into 2014, and he’d be involved in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal by the time of WrestleMania XXX. The Maine native would eventually get to sample gold under the WWE banner, winning the NXT Tag Team Titles with Tyler Breeze in August 2020.

Both Fandango and Breeze were amongst those released by WWE this past June, and Dirty Dango has recently resurfaced in Billy Corgan’s NWA.

WWE star Drew McIntyre sat down with Give Me Sport to talk about his current feud with former 3MB stablemate Jinder Mahal. In particular McIntyre addressed the reason he feels Mahal’s WWE Championship run in 2017 didn’t resonate with fans the same way McIntyre’s run with the title in 2020 did.

“I think a lot of it came because it just came out of nowhere,” McIntyre said. “It wasn’t like myself. There was no build to that big moment and telling the story and history. He has a similar story, the exact same story actually when it comes to getting fired, but the position he was in at the time, it was just kind of hotshotted and I think that’s why people were kind of negative. I think he did a great job with the opportunity that was presented. Perhaps low on experience at the time, but still, in my opinion, whatever he was asked, he did to the best of his abilities.”

Part of the goal of the current feud, according to McIntyre, is that he and Mahal can show just how far Mahal has come as a performer. McIntyre believes he will be able to raise Mahal’s game through his own physical style and a higher quality of work rate.

“Where he’s at now, we’re about to show that he’s at a different level right now,” McIntyre said. “When it comes to the character stuff, being comfortable, no one is expecting him in a top role from his end. When it comes to the in-ring stuff, I’m going to bring some stuff out of him that perhaps no one has ever seen. That’s what I see as one of my strongest points, the physicality and match quality perspective, I want to show every body that he can go at a different level in the ring than you remember him being able to go last time he was in a significant match. You’re going to see a lot, I hate to use the word work rate, higher work rate than you’ve seen in the past from Jinder. From a character perspective, he’s so comfortable and knows exactly who he is. That’s the most important thing when you’re in a deep storyline like we’re about to get into. We’ve barely scratched the surface.”

McIntyre also discussed some of the underlying issues in the feud, outside of what’s presented on TV. He points to Mahal and McIntyre’s runs being compared as a motivational factor for Mahal to go after him.

“You talked about how people resented when he won the title and how universally praised I was when I won the title. For him, that’s a slap across the face,” McIntyre said. “Like ‘wait a minute, I have the same story as this guy. I was fired the same day as this guy. I came back sooner, won the title three years prior to him, and you’re all going to say I’m useless and I’m an experiment and a failed champion while praising the guy who did it three years later?’ That’s BS from his point of view. He’s working extremely hard as well so he feels like ‘okay, there’s a reason I did it quicker than Drew McIntyre and it’s because I’m better than Drew McIntyre. I’m going to prove it to him and I’m going to prove it to everyone else.’ There are so many avenues we can go and with SummerSlam coming up, from a storyline perspective, we’ve barely scratched the surface.”

AEW and Impact Wrestling officials reportedly mapped out plans for Kenny Omega’s Impact World Title run before he won the title from Rich Swann back at the Rebellion pay-per-view in late April.

There’s no word yet on when Omega will drop the Impact World Title, but it was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the two companies collaborated on plans for the title reign, and that their “battle plan” was mapped out before the title change.

It was said that officials decided on what the title reign would consist of, which AEW and Impact wrestlers would be appearing on what shows, and when Impact can get their World Title back. These factors were said to be a part of the deal way ahead of time.

It remains to be seen if the working relationship between AEW and Impact will continue once Omega drops the title.

Omega has defended the Impact World Title just once since winning it from Swann. He retained over Moose at Impact’s Against All Odds on June 12. His next title defense will come against Sami Callihan on July 17 at the Slammiversary pay-per-view.

Omega’s next AEW World Title defense will come this Saturday night on Dynamite as he defends against Jungle Boy. He is also scheduled to defend his AAA Mega Title against Andrade El Idolo on August 14 at AAA’s Triplemania XXIX event.