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The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Triple H just implemented a brand new ‘two year’ rule. Basically, wrestlers have 24 months to become “good enough” to earn a full-time spot on NXT television or they’ll be discarded and released from their contracts.

Dave Meltzer noted that this puts a lot of current men and women “on the clock”. Time is running out for some to make a splash on the third brand and prove they’re worthy of being prepped for featured spots on Raw or SmackDown in the future.

It’s believed that this will impact company new-starts and those who have been on the roster for a while now. So, everybody lives and dies by the same edict – if they can’t turn heads and impress within that two year window, then they won’t get a third to try again.

If this sounds harsh, just consider how small a timeframe athletes in leagues like the NFL have to dazzle. WWE don’t want to mess around wasting time, and Trips figures 24 months is long enough to figure out whether somebody has improved or not.

WarGames will make its first appearance at a WWE main roster event this November, bringing the classic caged double ring match to Survivor Series.

Triple H made the announcement Monday in an interview with The Ringer, where he revealed that Survivor Series will include two WarGames matches: one men’s match, and one women’s bout. He added that unlike recent Survivor Series PPVs/PLEs, this year’s edition will not be a battle for brand supremacy:

“The tradition of the Survivor Series has ebbed and flowed and changed slightly over time, but this will be similar to that,” Levesque said. “This will not be Raw versus SmackDown. It will be much more story-line driven. I still look at it as a traditional component to Survivor Series in there because it’s large teams of people competing. We just upped the ante a little bit with WarGames and made it evolve.”

Originally conceived by Dusty Rhodes as part of the NWA in 1987, WarGames was a staple of NWA/WCW until 2000, with WCW folding less than seven months after the last such match in the company.

WarGames would be revived in NXT in 2017. Much like the original iteration was used as a speciality match for the Four Horsemen, the first four men’s NXT WarGames matches featured the Undisputed Era. NXT also held the first-ever women’s WarGames matches, with three of them on the books so far.

Paul “Triple H” Levesque recalled how the late Dusty Rhodes taught him a lesson that has stuck with him. Rhodes worked behind the scenes on the “NXT” brand as its creative director before passing away on June 11, 2015, and Levesque never forgot how crucial “The American Dream” was to the decision-making process.

Now the WWE Chief Content Officer, Levesque has a platform to put his creative vision on full display, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. In those situations, Levesque remembers the valuable lesson he learned from Rhodes.

“When you’re first starting something, the successes stick with you, but the things that go wrong stick with you even more so,” Levesque told The Ringer. “You’ll have something in mind, and in your mind, it’s gonna be great. And then you watch it come to life and you’re like ‘that was terrible,’ and you beat yourself up. And Dusty would always walk by me and he’d tap me on the shoulder. He’d say. ‘Kid, remember what I said, if you get 70 percent of what you see in your head to come out on TV, that’s a grand slam.’ I keep that thought in my head all the time. It’s been a valuable lesson.”

Levesque believes it speaks volumes to Rhodes’ legacy that his work still serves as inspiration to those in the wrestling business today.

“When we lost him, it was tragic, because he contributed so much to the business, and his ideas and his concepts and his business ideas are still floating around today,” Levesque said. “That should tell you something, because there’s very few people in this industry with that [influence].”

Triple H is the recently minted Chief Content Officer of WWE, guiding the company’s creative direction following the retirement of Vince McMahon and the termination of John Laurinaitis’ contract. McMahon and Laurinaitis were part of an ongoing investigation surrounding hush money being paid to women in return for their silence regarding inappropriate sexual relations.

Triple H has brought back talent that was released from the company while the Vince McMahon regime was still in place such as Braun Strowman, Hit Row (minus Swerve Strickland), Dakota Kai, and Dexter Lumis. WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page praised one NWA Star he believes may be on Triple H’s radar to bring to WWE moving forward.

“I don’t know how [Triple H] couldn’t love [Nick Aldis],” DDP said while on “DDP Snake Pit.” “Guys want to have a beer with him and chicks want to screw him … He’s got the freakin’ look, he’s got the work, he’s got the promo, I mean like all this time, he is a hidden – he is a hidden diamond. He isn’t a diamond in the rough, he’s a diamond.”

DDP also stated that he “would think” that Aldis would have Triple H’s attention.” Aldis has found success in organizations such as NWA and Impact Wrestling, winning world championships in both companies. In 2013, Aldis won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and held the title for 128 days. Aldis then had two lengthy reigns as the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion with the first reign lasting 266 days and the second lasting an insane 1,043 days before he lost the title to Trevor Murdoch at NWA 73.

Triple H isn’t ruling out the chances of Bray Wyatt returning to WWE.

‘The Game’ sat down for an eye-opening interview with BT Sports’ Ariel Helwani ahead of Clash At The Castle in Cardiff, Wales. During their chat, Trips seemed relaxed and open to talking about everything from AEW to possible comebacks for Wyatt, Braun Strowman and more.

His comments on Bray were particularly fun.

Hunter called Wyatt “one of the most crazy creative people [he’s] ever been around” – Trips then added that he meant that “in the best way possible”. From there, WWE’s new head of creative went on to say that Bray is “a victim of his own mind and creative but I love working with him”.


Bray’s departure from the company shocked everyone when it happened in July 2021. He hasn’t popped up anywhere else since, and it seems the door is definitely open as far as Triple H is concerned. The WWE boss even told Helwani that Wyatt needs “someone to point the tornado” in the right direction.

Was Hunter sowing seeds for a ‘Fiendish’ comeback soon?

Triple H wants to control Braun Strowman’s narrative again someday. The head of creative and talent relations for WWE spoke with BT Sport’s Ariel Helwani, and when asked about the possibility of bringing back Braun Strowman, Triple H simply said, “we’ll see.”  Triple H confirms that he’s had conversations with Strowman since Strowman’s release from the company last year. “He’s funny because he’s a like polarizing guy in the business sometimes, but for a guy his size, and what he brings to the table, he’s an amazing athlete,” Triple H gushed. “You don’t see too many guys that big, that fast, that have big personalities.” 

Triple H recalled the first time he met the former WWE Universal Champion. “He came to the PC for a visit. He’d never done this before. He’s a strongman, he weighed like 434 pounds or something like that. I just remember being like ‘Jesus, this guy is huge,’ but I didn’t really care.” Triple H says that he then spoke with Strowman for “about 15 minutes” and saw that the big man was built for professional wrestling. “He’s got this big booming voice and this big personality, and he’s laughing,” Triple H continued, “and I was like ‘this guy is larger than life,’ and the guy that was running development with me came to me and was like ‘I don’t know. A lot of mileage, a lot of issues there.’ I was like ‘Dude, he’s custom made for what we do. His size, his personality, let’s give him a shot.'”

Triple H says he still feels that way about the Control Your Narrative star, saying that if Strowman wants to keep wrestling, a guy like him should be doing it at the highest level. “I would like nothing more than to give him another shot.”

Triple H might’ve just killed the longstanding “sports entertainment” mantra spewed by WWE.

The company’s official Twitter account joined a bandwagon trend doing the rounds that sees organisations describe themselves in just one word. That might’ve stumped ex-boss Vince McMahon, because which word would he choose? “Sports” or “Entertainment”?

Hunter didn’t need any of that: ‘The Game’ picked “wrestling“.

It didn’t take long for comments to come pouring in from fans overjoyed to see WWE embrace professional wrestling after decades of kinda/sorta pretending that they do something different to everyone else in the industry. This, if you believe the fanbase, is a giant leap forwards from Trips.

It’s certainly eye-catching, because WWE previously shied away from using terms like “wrestling”, “pro wrestling” and even “wrestler” to describe its own product. Triple H, a man often viewed as a traditionalist who adores the medium, apparently wants those days to end.

This tweet piggybacks on workers calling themselves wrestlers and commentators using the word “wrestling” on major programming like Raw and SmackDown recently. So, it seems Vinnie Mac’s staunch refusal to embrace wrestling in favour of “sports entertainment” has ended.

Shayna Baszler has been itching to get her hands on a singles title in WWE ever since losing the NXT Women’s Championship to Rhea Ripley at the tail end of 2019. Now, she has been awarded that opportunity, which she sees as an example of more focus being put on the women’s division since Triple H took over as head of creative.

“I think you are seeing girls get more time to tell their stories and do matches,” Baszler told the New York Post. “For me, that’s like an answer you won’t hear from a lot of other people. Now I don’t feel rushed [in my matches]. I can go in and take my time and torture Liv [Morgan] as long as I need to.”

Baszler earned a shot at Morgan’s “SmackDown” Women’s Championship at the upcoming Clash at the Castle event after winning a six-woman No. 1 contender gauntlet match during the August 5 edition of “SmackDown”. Issues between the two women have become increasingly personal since Morgan delivered a bulldog to Baszler through a table during their contract signing on August 12. Baszler has been targeting Morgan’s arm following the injury Morgan suffered at SummerSlam in her match with Ronda Rousey.

“The top guys are the top guys for a reason and we all look up to the vets that have been there, but now instead of like a slow build to introduce someone new, it’s like, ‘let’s put them on and let’s see,'” Baszler said. “Sink or swim.”

Triple H was named the new head of creative in late July following the stark announcement of Vince McMahon’s retirement. McMahon stepped down after allegations surfaced that he had paid off several former female employees millions of dollars to cover up claims of his alleged sexual misconduct.

Clash at the Castle will take place in Cardiff, Wales on September 3.

Toxic Attraction’s Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne were a last-minute addition to the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament, and their success has impressed the man that brought them into the fold in the first place. Former head of “NXT” and current head of WWE creative Paul “Triple H” Levesque took to Twitter to comment on the duo’s main roster debut.

“Seizing the moment,” Levesque said simply, quote-tweeting the official WWE Twitter account’s post about Dolin and Jayne moving on in the tournament.

Dolin and Jayne replaced Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark in their first round match in the tournament to crown new champions. Stark was injured on Tuesday during a WWE NXT Women’s Championship match against champion Mandy Rose, while Lyons was simply referred to as “medically unavailable.” Toxic Attraction went on to defeat Natalya & Sonya Deville on “WWE SmackDown” in their debut, a likely point of pride for the man that brought them into “WWE NXT” as developmental talent — Dolin in 2021, Jayne in 2020. The pair have been two-time “NXT” Women’s Tag Team Champions while backing up reigning “NXT” Women’s Champion Mandy Rose. Dolin and Jayne will compete in the semifinals of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament on August 26.

Levesque took over the creative direction of WWE at the end of July, and in the time since, the televised product has seen the returns of numerous released stars, including Dakota Kai and Dexter Lumis. One of Levesque’s changes also appears to be the renewed focus on the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship — with the titles dormant since May, when they were vacated by Sasha Banks and Naomi when they reportedly walked out of “WWE Raw,” the long-awaited tournament to crown new champions was finally announced at the beginning of August.

“It’s really hard to find the words, to want something so bad and then to have to accept that that’s maybe not a reality anymore,” Karrion Kross said on the latest edition of “After The Bell.” 

Kross and his wife, Scarlett, spoke to Corey Graves about their release from and surprise return to WWE and how it came together. “One day to get a call out of the blue and to be offered everything you were striving for,” Kross said, “it’s pretty incredible.” 

“It was the easiest decision,” Scarlett chimed in. “When Hunter called us, he was the best boss we’ve ever had, so it was a complete no-brainer. No other company has ever compared to it, so we definitely trust him.”

According to Kross, Scarlett felt “respected and heard” by Triple H, with Scarlett herself adding that she always “felt respected and heard by Hunter, bit more so now.”

“Sometimes as a woman you feel very shut down talking to the boss about certain ideas,” Scarlett continued. “Hunter is always there, a text away. We just messaged him yesterday with certain ideas.” 

Kross and Scarlett returned to WWE on August 5th, attacking Drew McIntyre and taunting Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Kross said that the couple had stayed in contact with Triple H since their November 2021 release.

“It feels great to have that kind of relationship with the boss,” Scarlett confirmed. “Who is accessible that way, and who you actually feel [loves wrestling.]” She referred to the new vibe backstage as “refreshing and easy.”

“Ideas are accepted,” Kross agreed, following up with some advice for other talent. “This is the place. You’re gonna want to be here.”