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Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai has pledged his support of the coaching staff and front office after Kevin Durant reportedly demanded that the team trade him or fire head coach Steve Nash and general manager Sean Marks

Tsai took to Twitter on Monday, saying, “Our front office and coaching staff have my support. We will make decisions in the best interest of the Brooklyn Nets.”

Durant’s ultimatum is apparently a result of his lack of faith in the team’s direction, The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported earlier Monday. The 33-year-old is firm in his stance, Charania adds.

The former MVP requested a trade at the end of June following a disappointing season that ended in a first-round exit. Little was known at the time about his reasons for the decision.

The Nets have reportedly had discussions with nearly every team in the league in hopes of getting a historic package of players and draft picks in return for Durant. Brooklyn reportedly proposed a trade with the Toronto Raptors involving Rookie of the Year Scottie Barnes and talked about a deal with the Boston Celtics that would include star Jaylen Brown.

The Raptors, Celtics, and Miami Heat are seen as the most likely trade destinations for Durant, sources told Charania.

The Nets aim to take “every last asset” from their trade partner in any deal for Durant, according to Charania.

Nash, a Hall of Fame point guard, has been at the helm of the Nets for two seasons. It is his first job in professional coaching. Meanwhile, Marks has held the position of general manager since 2016 after being an assistant for the San Antonio Spurs.

The Bella Twins, Nikki & Brie, recently joined former WWE Creative Writer, Freddie Prinze Jr. on his podcast Wrestling with Freddie. The pair dropped by to discuss their run in WWE during Prinze Jr.’s time with the company.

Freddie was initially involved with attempting to get The Bella Twins called up from FCW, but his ideas were constantly pushed back. Eventually, Nikki & Brie took matters into their own hands and gave the company an ultimatum.

“You know, it’s interesting because we actually do give you [Freddie Prinze Jr.] a lot of credit because when we were down at FCW for so long, they were like ‘we just don’t know what do with twins,’” Brie Bella said. “We were kind of like, it seems like it writes itself, a natural gimmick, but it was your ideas that you kept pushing, that I think it made the company, a lot of people at the time see like, ‘OK, there is something special.’ The greatest thing is there were no social media, so we could really hide the fact, that like, and FCW didn’t have television at the time, so nobody knew Nicole and me, at all.

“They kept saying they had no idea. I had, at the time, a boyfriend who was like ‘you gave up everything for wrestling’ like, at what time do you start giving back to the people who were there with you. ‘You never see your family, I’m here alone all the time’ and all that. I was like that’s a really good point so I was the one who pushed it. I was like ‘listen, let us know. If you honestly don’t think, you told us at the Diva Search you weren’t looking for two. We begged to then try out again. We drove here, we’re getting paid peanuts, be honest if you have no idea what to do with twins, we can go somewhere else.’ I think that did it.”

The Bella Twins, of course, went on to become two of the biggest stars in WWE. Nikki & Brie had praise for Freddie Prinze Jr. for his work behind the scenes during their initial call-up.

“I loved when you [Freddie Prinze Jr.] were there when we first came up and you were writing,” Nikki Bella stated. “One thing I loved that you did, and I miss so much of WWE is, is that you actually saw the pre-tapes. There would be a story in the pre-tape, but you would see the most random people together, WWE Superstars. Maybe some people running in the background going to another pre-tape that’s going to happen later, and it was just like yeah.

“I just remember, that period of time when you were there, more Superstars were actually watching the show because it was so entertaining. I even remember the fans being so entertained because that, like, that’s why reality shows are so big because everyone gets to see the behind the scenes and I feel that’s the one thing I miss so much. I’m like, pre-tapes don’t really give us that. I see the same people together all the time, like, I want to see this person and this person together that I’ve never seen before and then I want to see this chaos in the back because wow, I’m really looking backstage.

This whole Khabib Nurmagomedov-UFC-Conor McGregor triangle has taken an interesting turn, as the reigning lightweight champion issued a threat to the promotion he currently competes for. On social media Thursday, Nurmagomedov let it be known that he will walk away from his contract if his teammate, Zubaira Tukhugov, is released from the contract.

Tukhugov was part of the crew that jumped McGregor after UFC 229 this past weekend inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Nurmagomedov, who went after McGregor’s teammate Dillon Danis, asked for any consequences to be put on him and not Tukhugov.

“In any case, punish me, Zubaira Tukhugov has nothing to do with that,” Nurmagomedov wrote. “If you think that I’ll keep silent then you are mistaken. You canceled Zubaira’s fight and you want to dismiss him just because he hit Conor. But don’t forget that it was Conor who had hit my another Brother FIRST, just check the video.

“if you decide to fire him, you should know that you’ll lose me too. We never give up on our brothers in Russia and I will go to the end for my Brother. If you still decide to fire him, don’t forget to send me my broken contract, otherwise I’ll break it myself.”

Nurmagomedov also questioned the UFC’s decision to not punish anyone from McGregor’s team that was involved in the incident earlier this year where the former champion attacked two vehicles filled with UFC fighters in New Jersey.

“Why didn’t you fire anyone when their team attacked the bus and injured a couple of people? They could have killed someone there, why no one says anything about insulting my homeland, religion, nation, family?” he asked. “Why do you have to punish my team, when both teams fought. If you say that I started it, then I do not agree, I finished what he had started.”