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Former WWE star Chelsea Green had “amazing experiences” working under Vince McMahon.

Green told The Daily Star that “the madness of Vince McMahon was really, really interesting and cool and positive for me to to witness”. She added that then-boss McMahon was very receptive to all of her ideas and willing to listen to things even when it was clear that he might not be too interested in putting them on TV.

IMPACT’s Chelsea then said that it’s “crazy” to see Vince retire and step away from the pro wrestling business – she likened that to Playboy without Hugh Hefner, which is certainly a comparison.

Green didn’t experience a ton of success on WWE’s main roster after moving up from NXT. She debuted on the 13 November 2020 SmackDown, but suffered a broken wrist during a four-way match to determine one of the blue brand’s team spots for Survivor Series.

WWE eventually released Chelsea on 15 April 2021.

She doesn’t hold that against McMahon though, because business is business. In fact, Green is willing to admit that she had a wonderful time (for the most part) under his rule.

Chris Jericho remembered the “terrible” time he had working with Chyna during a recent appearance on the Geordie podcast.

The AEW star recalled matches against the ex-WWE favourite at both Survivor Series and Armageddon 1999, and said that he “never got any credit” for “carrying” Chyna to passable bouts on either pay-per-view. In fact, after being encouraged to treat her like he would any other wrestler, Jericho was reprimanded by Vince McMahon for accidentally giving Chyna a black eye in-ring.

Jericho was a company newcomer at the time, so he kept his head down and tried to make the best of a bad situation, but he could see that hauling Chyna to good matches was going to be an uphill struggle; “She wasn’t good, but she thought she was. She also was in a position where they were pushing her really big that she could beat up guys. She couldn’t”.

The then-Y2J was glad when creative moved him onto something else after a follow-up three way that also included Hardcore Holly at the 2000 Royal Rumble show.

He said there were “a lot of issues” when the pair worked together.

The pro wrestling world can get bogged down in negativity.

Jim Ross ignored the chance to add more of that via his ‘Grilling JR‘ podcast though. Instead, the AEW announcing great wanted to take some time out to discuss his respect for WWE play-by-play man Michael Cole, and it was one of the most touching tributes you’re ever likely to hear.

Amongst other things, JR called Cole “Mr. Reliability” and “a hell of an announcer”. Also, on Michael’s WWE success, Ross said: “He’s earned his keep, and done so in a very classy way”. That’s classy in itself from Jim – the legend explained to fans why internet rumours about a frosty relationship between he and Cole are 100% false thoughout.

Going on, Ross revealed that he and Cole exchange texts during the festive season, but said he’d like to talk to the SmackDown lead more. This lovely, touching show of warmth cut through the bullshit baggage of their prior on screen feud (which Jim says was strictly on screen) and showed the real human beings behind the characters people watch on TV.

The wrestling world was stunned when KENTA attacked Jon Moxley on AEW Dynamite following the end of the main event. The two are set to face off for Moxley’s IWGP United States Championship at NJPW Strong and follows Moxley’s attack on KENTA at the last NJPW Strong show.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed that AEW and NJPW are in a working relationship. He said that a deal needed to be made for NJPW to have Moxley on their shows to defend the U.S. Title and in return, KENTA would show up on Dynamite.

Post-Dynamite, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega met up with KENTA backstage. Things did not go smoothly between them with KENTA telling Omega to “shut the f**k up.” However, Omega challenged Moxley and Lance Archer to a Lights Out, Falls Count Anywhere Match where he would team up with KENTA.

The future of AEW and NJPW’s relationship is unclear going forward due to the pandemic, travel restrictions and quarantine preventing talents from both companies traveling to and from the U.S. and Japan. Meltzer noted that KENTA could easily crossover because he lives in Orlando, and it is possible for other NJPW talent that live in the U.S. to possibly crossover as well.

Meltzer also noted that there are people in AEW that cannot wait to go back to Japan. He followed up by saying that once travel restrictions and quarantine regulations are cleared up, anything is possible including IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champion Kota Ibushi and AEW World Champion Omega facing off, something that the two want to happen someday.


Sycho Sid made his WWF debut in the early 90s as Sid Justice. It wasn’t long after that he started working with the likes of Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior which likely didn’t sit well with many of the long-time veterans in the locker room.

Sid discussed his early days in WWF and what other performers thought of his initial push when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“Most of them were jealous to the point that I actually gave my notice,” revealed Sid. “At the Royal Rumble when they booed Hogan, Hogan came back into the locker room screaming and crying at Vince and saying he planned that to happen to him. I actually went to Vince that night and offered my handshake and said, ‘Vince, I gotta go.’ Everything he promised me to come there never worked out and I left a lot of guaranteed money in WCW to come work for just a percentage of houses. I didn’t put an ultimatum on them but I took a big chance going there.”

Sid said he was going to be gone right after WrestleMania VIII but Vince McMahon wouldn’t shake his hand that night.

“That time wasn’t any fun,” said Sid before being asked about his current relationship with WWE.

“It’s pretty good. They always want me a part of things and I’ve got a pretty good merchandising agreement with them where I’m making more money right now than I’ve made in my whole career. A lot of it is because the fans today are picking who they want to see on that network. Because of that, I’ve got a resurgence in this business bigger than I ever had.”

Sid is getting exposed to a whole new generation of wrestling fans but says he doesn’t need any validation from them in his eyes.

“But the thing is, I don’t have to have anyone give me certified approval. I know what I did in this business and I know it worked,” stated Sid. “What’s happening today is proving what I did back then and that everything I was doing was working.”

He was then asked about his relationship with Triple H and if they ever worked together in WWF.

“I don’t remember working with him at all. I think we traveled a couple of times. As far as relationships, it’s like any other in the locker room as we got along well. He always respected me and I always respected him. When I did the anniversary show for WWE, we talked a bit. He was very cordial and I was cordial and polite to him,” said Sid who was then asked if him being inducted into the Hall of Fame has ever been discussed.

“No, they haven’t said anything about that.”

Sid’s last match with WWE came in 2012 against Heath Slater. He talked about what that meant to him after breaking his leg during a WCW PPV in 2001.

“To me, it wasn’t much but after I broke my leg it was my moment of victory,” revealed Sid. “They called me to come in to do that and I didn’t call them. I said that in an interview right in front of Vince and I think that made him a little angry at me.”

He also said WWE was going to do something with him that tied into WrestleMania 36 but the whole pandemic situation shut that down.

The last time Sid was in the news was when a WrestleCon promoter called him out for not providing materials they asked for. That led to WrestleCon pulling him from the event and Sid gave his story of events.

“I had one guy try to stiff me on a payoff a few months ago then put out a bad word about the WrestleCon thing which is not true. We all shook hands in Winston-Salem that they were gonna do me and Doug Gilbert so I had someone to hang out with. Then they were trying to leave Doug out of the thing without telling Doug and they wanted me to do that,” said Sid.

“They then asked if not having Doug was going to be a deal breaker. I said, ‘We shook on it and yeah it would be a deal breaker.’ So, instead of telling people the truth that they were too f***ing cheap to pay Doug the little bit he was asking for and keep their word, they put out a false lie about me saying I refused to do an interview. I refused to do the interview because I knew they weren’t gonna bring Doug in and until they told me that, I wasn’t gonna do the interview.”

Sid said he didn’t promote WrestleCon because they tried to stiff him on his payoff. He also said that the promoter was trying to take money from him due to botched travel plans.

“They didn’t wanna say that they were unprofessional with the whole thing and waited until the day before the show to change everything. Then they were gonna deduct my money but I actually had to make him give it to me as soon as I got there. These people that think that they’re not the ones who are shady, they are the ones who are shady. I’ve not met many promoters that aren’t even in the big promotions,” said Sid.

“So, we’re gonna get a few of those things cleared up… But that’s what I hate about this business – so many fakes and phonies. They can say, ‘Oh, it’s Sid’s fault for not doing that interview.’ No, it wasn’t. It wasn’t my fault as I shook hands and we made the deal… But anyways, that’s what we’re gonna be talking about. We’re gonna be following up on what I just said.”


DeAndre Hopkins wants it to be known that he and Bill O’Brien did not exactly see eye to eye.

“There was no relationship (with O’Brien),” Hopkins told Sports Illustrated’s Greg Bishop. “Make sure you put that in there. There’s not a lot to speak about.”

Hopkins was traded from the Houston Texans to the Arizona Cardinals last month along with a fourth-round pick in exchange for running back David Johnson, a second-rounder, and a fourth-round pick.

The return for arguably the game’s best wide receiver stunned the football world. O’Brien, the head coach and general manager of the Texans, was highly criticized for the move. He said afterward the deal was made “in the best interest of our team.”

However, Hopkins was not shocked he was shipped to the Cardinals, stating last week he was “preparing” for a move. Even though he loved quarterback Deshaun Watson and the rest of his teammates, as well as the city of Houston, Hopkins revealed he wanted to be dealt. The league’s 14th-highest-paid wide receiver (by cap hit) wanted more money, and O’Brien wouldn’t give it to him.

“Asking for a little raise would lead to the outcome that I got,” he said. “Which is the outcome that I wanted.”

NFL Network analyst and former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin claimed Hopkins told him that O’Brien once compared him to former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.

“Hopkins has a few kids from different women – (O’Brien) told DeAndre he doesn’t like that he has his ‘baby mamas’ around sometimes, and from that, I think the relationship just went bad,” Irvin said.

Soon after, Hopkins took to Twitter to say the story was “blown way out of proportion,” and that he has the “utmost respect” for O’Brien.

Paul Heyman is currently the executive director of RAW as well as the manager to the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. Heyman’s current role with Lesnar is one that he has held since 2012 when he made his return to the WWE after being fired in 2006.

On an episode of Grilling JR with Jim Ross and Conrad Thompson, Ross talked about the thought process behind bringing Heyman into the company back in 2001.

“Anytime you got proof something works as a promoter, you owe it to your brand and you owe to yourself to try it again, try something along those lines again. You got some good market research. People have paid for it out of their own pocket, so the ECW brand had this cult following. It’s like buying the last bible. This is very religious ground for a lot of hardcore wrestling fans that breathe and embrace ECW,” Ross said. “Heyman and his crew his team did a great job of exploiting the ‘us against the world’ philosophy to encourage an atmosphere that the audience would tightly embrace the brand, and they did that. They just didn’t have enough people to embrace it at the end of the day, but they did a great job with the ones who stayed with them loved them and they still do.

“Once we saw there was still a bloom on the rose, albeit a small rose among all the bushes, there’s still a rose here somewhere, and if we can fit the rose, that means money for the company. We knew the audience was loyal that was not a surprise. The volume of loyalty how many people were loyal was what surprised us.”

Thompson read a report from the time period about Heyman being hard to work with backstage. Ross confirmed the report and mentioned a story about Heyman’s arguments backstage over Little Guido or Nunzio as he was known as in WWE.

“I remember when he came down to my office, after a creative meeting, he pitched some ideas to Vince. One in particular involving Guido, and we hired Guido. He wrestled for us. He was a referee for us. Great guy,” Ross said. “He came in a little pissed off because one of his big ideas just blew out of the water. I said, ‘what was it?’ He said, “I had Guido,” then I said, “whoa. You pitched an idea, a top idea, to the old man involving Little Guido?’ Yeah. I said, ‘you’re dying on the wrong hill. You should know Vince is never gonna allow that to happen. If it happens organically or he see if Little Guido is getting over, then it’ll be his idea, but until then, you ain’t got a chance.’

Ross continued talking about how Heyman was never a person that worked well with others back then. He talked about how it was a relief to the WCW booking committee that Heyman was taken away from the committee and placed on the broadcasting table with Ross.

“Paul has not played well with others over the years. I remember when I put him on as my broadcast partner on WCW. I almost got a standing ovation from the booking committee because now they didn’t have to deal with him because the same thing was there. He was smarter than most of the people in the creative process but that was not the structure and that was not his role. He would often times ignore structure, whatever it may be or the lack thereof, and assert himself. He’s a genius in so many areas,” Ross said. “I’m a big Paul Heyman fan, big time. When Lawler left, and Paul became my partner, seamlessly all the demands of what we had to sell, push and mention on Monday Night RAW, a two hour show that’s packed, we didn’t miss a beat.”

Ross continued to praise Heyman for his genius mindset for the business. He also confirmed a report that talked about Heyman thinking he was smarter than everyone else in the room.

“He’s amazing. He’s a Hall of Fame guy, but sometimes, to be honest with you, his immaturity didn’t do him any favors. Sometimes, he can be indignant. He can get frustrated with people’s stupidity because he is so much smarter than other people in a lot of ways, but his communication skill set, in that era, wasn’t anything to be coveted. He’s gotten better over the years. Obviously, he’s gotten older. He’s got teenage children, and he’s maturing. And look, there’s nothing wrong with maturing in a later age and is expected in our society. I was 67. I know sure as hell there’s some areas of my life I have not matured yet, but I’m enjoying life so what I am gonna do,” Ross said. “That’s Paul. His life is getting better. He’s getting more balance, more stability, but he’s always had some of those issues. I’ll promise you that. He’ll always have an issue where he sees something so clearly so big picture wise so detail-oriented that sometimes the common guy doesn’t have that vision or the ability to have that vision.”

Wade Keller of PW Torch reported at that time that Stephanie McMahon and Heyman did not get along well and Stephanie may have played a role in Heyman’s firing. Ross talked about his experience seeing Stephanie and Heyman work together.

“I know that she and Heyman had a lot of philosophical differences, and I’m sure Paul got close to the edge on how far to take the argument before he backed away because he was just hell bent on getting his way. He was very defiant. Not that she wasn’t, but she had the right last name. He didn’t and that’s how it is. It’s happened a zillion times in our world. They own the goddamn company. It’s not a public trust,” Ross said. “They didn’t get along to any major degree, but she never came to me and said, nor did she have to or need to, but she and I never had a discussion about Paul being a pain the a**, even though I knew she felt that way. We never talked about it other than the occasional eye roll or a head shake something like that, but to have an open discussion about Paul, his good points and his bad points, we never had. Therefore I never thought it would escalate to that level, but maybe it did.

“I don’t know, but Vince liked Paul’s creativity, and the fact that Paul kept Vince alert and on his toes because you never knew what Heyman was going to say or when he’s going to say it or what great idea he was gonna have next.”

Hopes of New Japan Pro Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling forging a working relationship appear to have been revived in the aftermath of the Japanese promotion’s removal from AXS TV in the United States.

This is according to Dave Meltzer, who claimed on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that NJPW’s attitude towards potentially working with AEW has flipped completely, having agreed to incorporate America’s second-biggest company into the upcoming Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Chris Jericho match at Wrestle Kingdom 14.

Recent developments mean that Tanahashi will earn an AEW World Championship shot if he’s able to defeat Jericho in the Tokyo Dome. In kayfabe, this came about when Jericho agreed to Tana’s stipulation a few days ago, with NJPW confirming it soon after.

While Meltzer acknowledges that no deal is on the table at the moment, he notes that a Tanahashi victory would be a huge sign. On top of this, he states that while NJPW’s working relationship with Ring Of Honor isn’t technically dead yet, New Japan is still refusing to send wrestlers over to the declining Sinclair Broadcasting-helmed group.

We’ll see if anything comes of this over Wrestle Kingdom weekend.

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s affiliation with AXS TV ended last week, leaving one of the world’s biggest promotions without a television deal in the United States. Unideal, given their expansion aspirations, though the writing was likely on the wall from the moment Impact Wrestling’s parent company, Anthem, purchased the network to host their own weekly show last year.

Per Dave Meltzer on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, the reason NJPW was booted from AXS was because the company turned down the opportunity to forge a working relationship with Impact.

New Japan would’ve likely been welcome to stay on AXS had they worked with Impact. They said “no,” Anthem said “see you later,” and NJPW is off the network, having expected to remain with AXS TV until their contract expired in 2021.

The heat between the two promotions stems from 2010, when NJPW was upset by how Kazuchika Okada was booked while on an excursion with TNA. Today’s Impact isn’t the same company, of course, and the ownership hierarchy is completely different, but the grudge remains.

US consumers must now consume NJPW’s product through New Japan World and the occasional broadcast, with this weekend’s Wrestle Kingdom 14 two-dayer available on both platforms.

During a recent episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, former WCW president Eric Bischoff was asked about the biggest regret of his career in the wrestling business. Bischoff revealed he still wishes he could redo his working relationship with Ric Flair.

“Probably the whole situation with Ric Flair and how I handled it. I would have done that differently,” Bischoff said. “I can justify it in some respects from a business point of view, but I handled that so badly, and I know I could have done it better.”

Flair has said that he was treated poorly during his second run with WCW while Bischoff led the company. Despite his status as a legend, Flair was moved down the card due to his age and the rise of the nWo.

At one point, Bischoff made a speech to the WCW locker room and declared that Flair was no longer a top draw while Flair was sitting there. Bischoff admitted he should’ve handled the situation with more class.

“I know if I had approached it differently, or if I was wiser and more experienced I would have reacted to it differently, and it probably would have changed things for the better,” he said. “But that is the one thing I guess.”