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Jeff Jarrett became one of Owen Hart’s closest friends before his tragic passing, but Jarrett didn’t realize how his friend’s death affected him so heavily until years later. Double J joined Steve Austin on the latest episode of “Broken Skull Sessions” to talk about the entirety of his pro wrestling journey up until this point. Halfway through the episode, Austin asked Jarrett about those moments surrounding that heartwrenching evening on May 23, 1999.

“I didn’t realize how bad it affected me until 19 years later when I got into the darkest part of my life and it all came out,” Jarrett said to Austin. “When it went down, cause I remember it like it was yesterday, he left his house on a Saturday. We were going to All-State Arena, Chicago live event, sold out … but he got there late.

“We were working against Edge & Christian. I’m dressed, Edge & Christian are dressed, we were supposed to go over the match. And Owen comes in and he hears it, and he says, ‘Jeff, come here.’ We get in a little bathroom stall, and he pulls out of his tights these red noses,” Jarrett said. “He wants to play a rib on these kids and throw this together, and me and him got red noses on.”

Jarrett also recalls Hart having fun with Bradshaw and Steve Blackman that Sunday morning as well. He then goes into detail about a WWE ticket person named Matt Miller, whom Hart was friends with, letting him know that it was time to go up in the rafters. Hart left and Jarrett knew he had about 15 minutes to get ready for his match.

Earlier than expected, Miller came back to tell Jarrett that Hart fell and Jarrett’s time to go out was now. Jarrett initially thought that Hart just hurt his knee, and recalls doing his promo and getting to the ring for his mixed tag match.

“They wheel him back, and Francios is on top of him and there’s a whole mass of people going, and I finish the promo and Owen goes that way with the whole medical scene and they tell us to go this way. We go, Steve, go down the aisle. It’s all a blur, but the one thing I’ll never forget, [I] get up in the ring like we do and feel the ropes, but the top rope’s really loose, and I walk over in that corner and there was the divot, and that’s when the whole kind of thing went into, ‘He didn’t just break his knee.’ Cause I thought Matt Miller said, ‘Hey man, he fell,’ and I immediately go, ‘Oh man, his knee’s screwed up, they had to stop the match.’ I’m not thinking the worst at all,” Jarrett said.

“I come through the curtain and Matt and the police officer were there, and I said, ‘I want to go now,’ and they knew it, and I told the cop, ‘Where are you going to be?’ He said, ‘I’m right there.’ I ran up for whatever reason and grabbed my bag and jumped, and went back into the cop car and we’re hauling ass down the road, and I’m knocking on the plexiglass, ‘Officer,’ and he didn’t want to answer. ‘Hey dude, can you help me? I know you obviously can’t say anything but what am I stepping into here?’ Steve, he looked over his shoulder and that’s when he goes, ‘It’s not good.’”

Jarrett talked about the sadness of going through all the events of the week following Hart’s passing, including “WWE Raw” the night after and Hart’s funeral. All that being said, there was never any time to process the intense emotion of it all.

“In a week’s time, we were kind of all back to work. ‘You okay, Jeff?’ ‘Oh, I’m fine.’ Like, a lot of us, it’s what we did. Well, 19 years later when I get into treatment and they sort of drill down on that, man, a flood of emotions came out. So it affected me in so many ways that I had no idea,” Jarrett stated.

“Knowing Owen and the kind of guy he was, and it affected me for a lot of years that I had no idea. I can’t even imagine. It’s one thing [to Austin], you’re closing the show. There was not a right or wrong decision. I would have hated to be in Vince’s shoes. To be put in those circumstances on so many levels, it was – a night we’d all like to forget.”

Paul Wight fka The Big Show told Sportskeeda that WCW higher-ups once told him he couldn’t have entrance music as a singles star before he joined the nWo.

Why? Well, officials in the promotion said, “You’re a giant – you don’t need music”.

That odd explanation is so WCW it almost hurts. There’s a chance management had looked at André The Giant’s run (he never had music) and thought their own Giant needed to mimic that. Or, maybe they got flustered when some massive dude who could crush them like a grape started asking questions about why he was walking to the ring in silence.

Show said that WWE’s attitude was completely different. When he brought up WCW’s thoughts, people thought they were insane. He was always going to get music; nobody in WWE could quite believe that this was even a topic of conversation.

It was WCW though. Few things were logical.

The Giant didn’t get any entrance music until he was part of the nWo. That’s when things started to change, the company moved away from presenting him as André Jr and everyone forgot about the old ‘no music for you, bro’ plan.

The Undertaker admitted that he “wasn’t real thrilled” about WWE’s infamous ‘Higher Power’ storyline during an interview with SHAK Wrestling.

Vince McMahon was revealed as the one pulling the strings behind the soon-to-be-named Corporate Ministry in 1999, but ‘Taker wasn’t happy with the thought that Vince’s involvement “watered down” his pre-existing Ministry faction – the legend wasn’t so sure that melding two groups together was the right call.

Still, as he also conceded, “it all worked out”.

McMahon’s iconic, “It was me, Austin – it was me all along, Austin” line has reached borderline meme levels in recent years, but The Undertaker thought “it took away from what we were doing”. The angle blatantly happened because swerves were more important than logic throughout the ‘Attitude’ era though.

The WWF’s weekly ratings war with WCW’s own Monday Nitro was still raging on into ’99, and Vince was looking for banner moments that’d shock the audience and make people tune in. To ‘Taker, mixing his Ministry and The Corporation together made zero sense from a creative standpoint.


Source: Hannibal TV

WWE Hall Of Famer Road Warrior Animal recently sat down with Hannibal TV to talk about fellow Hall Of Famer Sunny. Below are some highlights:

About Sunny managing the Road Warriors:

“I think it was a very delicate situation. Because Sunny had issues too and everyone knew it. Hawk and I, besides Paul Ellering, we didn’t need any manager. Nobody is gonna believe that a girl is gonna control the Road Warriors, the Legion of Doom at the time.

“Sunny in Madison Square Garden one night, the first night she was with us, was walking around on a muscle relaxer pill and I told her ‘Do not get in the way of my spikes,’ cause we’re going around the ring so far – and my big spikes came and gave her a hairline scratch on the cheek. I came back after the match and Vince McMahon says ‘Is she messed up?’ I nodded yes. I’m not gonna lie man, you can see it on tape. Everybody in the sold-out 22,000 seat arena could see it.”

What he thinks of everything she’s going through now and Sunny doing porn:

“When she was with Chris Candido, back then a sweet girl with Chris. When I first met her she was sweet. I hate to see anybody to have to turn to that to make money. I feel sorry for her. It’s really embarrassing stuff. I don’t know what I would do if anybody I really knew or in my family would stoop to that matter. I would try my best to where they wouldn’t have to. She’s at a point in her life now.”


Source: The Steve Austin Show

Recently on The Steve Austin Show, Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman talked about Joanie ‘Chyna’ Laurer. Topics discussed include how X-Pac’s romantic relationship with Chyna began, their infamous sex tape, and whether X-Pac would like to see Chyna in the WWE Hall Of Fame.

According to the former 1-2-3 Kid, he and Chyna got together when he was coming off of a breakup. Apparently, Triple H had some words of caution for his fellow Kliq member, as ‘The Game’ had firsthand experience dealing with Chyna romantically.

“I had a breakup right before I saw her, so I was kind of down. I was really kind of the ‘boohoo’, that ‘woe is me’ s–t. And she was there to scoop me up. Things just happened, man. I don’t even know how to explain it, but I just remember Hunter texting me, like, ‘hey man, hey kid, what kind of psycho s–t are you getting yourself into now?’ Yeah, it wasn’t like he was mad or ‘hey, what are you doing?’ He was just worried about me. Yeah, well, he had his experiences with her that I don’t want to get too much into. But he was just going by what his experiences were. I’ll leave it at that.”

As for how the sex tape idea came about, X-Pac claimed that a friend of theirs gave them the idea following with attention garnered by Paris Hilton’s sex tape. X-Pac said that he tries not to be ashamed of anything in life, but he certainly wishes that it never happened.

“My best recollection, we were living in Beverly Hills [California] over here off of Beverly Glen [Boulevard] and Wilshire [Boulevard] in one of Donald Sterling’s buildings. One of the people that worked there was always coming up and hanging out and it was a female security guard. I think she floated the idea about [making a sex tape] because of the Paris Hilton thing. And it just kind of built from there and she was down for it. And I was in, at that point, ‘okay, I’ll do whatever’, whatever made her happy. It was both of our [idea]. I would never blame anything on her.” X-Pac added, “I felt like dog s–t, Steve. My kids, man, my family. Not at all [proud of it], man. I try not to be ashamed of things because shame is not a good f–king thing to have. Right, but it is okay to not feel good about s–t you did in the past. And I can’t, obviously, it goes without saying that we can’t change it, man. But, man, I really wish that wouldn’t have happened. And it hurt her, man. Even though we both were in on it, like, the artwork on the cover of the DVD was so humiliating for her and the s–t that was written on it. So I get it, man. And really, that was one of the things that led to the downward spiral and she’s dead now, man.”

One of the few professional wrestlers to be a member of both D-Generation X and nWo stated that money was the motivating factor behind the decision to make the sex tape and he shared that he made “six figures” from the sex tape.

“I’m pretty sure [the motivation behind making the sex tape was financial]. It’s hard to put yourself in someone else’s head. I’m not sure. As far as my own motivation, sure, it was financial. Also, ‘hey, she wants to do it, then, okay. I’m fine with it. Okay.'” X-Pac said, “it’s six figures and I got $50k up front. She got $100. But what happened was, I came back after rehab and we actually filmed after the deal was made, they wanted more footage and we filmed it after. And then, I flew to China and filmed some footage over there, so they could add it to the video.”

Also, the man known as Syxx in WCW indicated that he would like to see Chyna inducted into WWE’s Hall Of Fame in the near future. Moreover, Waltman suggested that he would be uncomfortable with being inducted without her being an inductee as well.

“It’s important to me that she gets in there. I mean, she was part of the reason, like, she was really disappointed when it didn’t happen before when she wanted it. But they wanted her to get cleaned up, get some help. Come on, from their vantage point, when they get somebody to come up on the stage and accept the Hall Of Fame, to be inducted in the Hall Of Fame, they want to not worry about what they might say or make sure they’re kind of stable, so I get it from that point of view. But she deserves to be in there, man. And I don’t know if I’d want to go in without her going in. She deserves that sooner rather than later, man, I hope.”


In news that was first announced by the pair on social media and then confirmed by The Wrestling Observer, former WWE World Tag Team Champions The Headbangers will be returning to Smackdown this week to take part in the brand’s Tag Team Championship tournament.

Chaz Warrington, who competed as Headbanger Mosh (then later had tenures as Beaver Cleavage and Chaz), published a Facebook post about how his son would finally get to see him wrestle live on TV on Smackdown Live’s Dallas, TX show. Glen Ruth, who competed as Headbanger Thrasher, then posted a confirmation of the team’s appearance this coming week on his Facebook page.

Last week, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan announced the creation of the Smackdown Tag Team Titles, and a tournament to crown the inaugural champions. Though there were only six teams present at the announcement – American Alpha, The Usos, The Vaudevillains, The Hype Bros, Breezango, and The Ascension – Heath Slater and Rhyno later joined forces to form a makeshift tandem. later confirmed that Slater and Rhyno would face a mystery team next week.

The Headbangers were a popular team during the Attitude Era, despite achieving little lasting success. The skirt-wearing rockers captured the WWE World Tag Team Titles in 1997, but their reign would be short-lived. They split up in 1999 when Thrasher suffered a knee injury, but they reunited later in the year.

Thrasher was released in 2000, while Mosh was released in 2001.

WWE SummerSlam Press Conference

Stephanie McMahon did a fan Q&A with the Quora website to promote WWE’s WrestleMania 32. Below are highlights:

What is it like to be portrayed as the “bad guy” on TV? Also considering, that your real life character is quite the opposite.

Growing up as Vince McMahon’s daughter, I’ve always had to fight perception of being a “princess” and not earning my place. On WWE programming, I get to project that villainous persona and play into who the audience wants me to be. And I have to admit, it’s a lot of fun. It’s not difficult to explain to our daughters because we compare WWE’s storylines to the Disney movies they love to watch. In every great story there is a good guy and a bad guy. If the good guy didn’t have anything to overcome then you wouldn’t care about them as much. I tell my children that Mommy’s character is no different than Maleficent or Ursula, and just like the movies, what we do on TV isn’t real life.

Do you miss the “attitude” era? Is the parental guidance era more profitable for the business?

WWE programming has been PG for the past eight years (as rated by our network partner, NBCU). This was a strategic move for WWE to reach more families, grow our business and partner with blue-chip brands and yes, it has been successful. The biggest challenge is to write compelling programming that appeals to all members of the family; it requires a different degree of sophistication. In terms of the McMahon-Helmsley era I would say that the Authority puts it to shame. Our characters are a lot smarter now and they are up to all kinds of antics :))). My favorite memory from that era would be the very beginning, the night I “turned” on my father at Armageddon and joined forces with Triple H.

What is it like to work with your father and husband so closely?

Working in a family business certainly has it’s challenges. The biggest advantage is being able to share the passion we have for WWE professionally and personally.

How do you feel after fans negatively react to a major pay per view event?

If we haven’t delivered a program worthy of our fans passion, then it is a huge disappointment.

If you had the opportunity to venture outside of WWE, what would you have probably done?

News anchor, dance choreographer, marine biologist, or poet.

Who was the recipient of your best power slap so far, stirred by emotion rather than script?

Hands down my best power slap so far was when I cracked The Rock last year at WrestleMania. I had so much adrenaline from the crowd and from the setup of where we were going with Ronda Rousey, that the slap may have had a little more sizzle than was originally intended.

What is your favourite part of your job at WWE?

WWE’s mission is to put smiles on people’s faces the world over whether it is through our programming or by giving back to the community. Whether it’s the reaction of our fans in the crowd, meeting families backstage, or getting hugs from the children at schools or hospitals we visit, interacting with our fans is the best part of my job.