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Dominik Mysterio finally stepped out of his father’s shadow Saturday at Clash at the Castle, turning on Rey and Edge after their tag team victory over Judgment Day.

Since debuting in WWE, Dom has always been Rey’s son rather than his own superstar, and rumors have floated for months about the younger Mysterio turning on his dad. However, nothing ever came to fruition.

That changed Saturday when Dominik kicked Edge low and then clotheslined Rey to turn heel and step out on his own.

Dominik actually helped Rey and Edge defeat Judgment Day, but he had to resent being forced onto the sidelines as Rey chose the Rated-R Superstar as his tag partner. Then during the post-match celebration, Dominik was seemingly excluded despite being integral to their win.

At the same time, the turn comes after Judgment Day spent months trying to woo Dominik unsuccessfully, so it will be interesting to hear Dom’s reasoning for abandoning his family.

Sink or swim though, at least Dominik will hopefully get a chance to stand on his own apart from Rey and not be defined solely as Mysterio’s son.

Dave Meltzer has reported in this week’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the planned main event for WWE Clash At The Castle, emanating from the Principality Stadium at Cardiff, Wales on September 3, 2022, is Roman Reigns Vs. Drew McIntyre.

“The plan for the show as of right now is Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre as the main event,” Meltzer reports, before adding “but if Tyson Fury is part of the show, it could change to him against McIntyre”.

How this impacts WWE’s other large-scale stadium events is unclear, since WWE has not built another act on SmackDown to McIntyre’s level; then again, the brand split is hardly enforced in 2022. It would be strange for WWE to book such a massive and potentially lucrative event, only to job out the home nation (just about) hero and kill the territory, so this might – might – even play host to the biggest title change in all of wrestling.

In news related to the event, ticket sales have failed to meet projections. 30,000 tickets have been sold at time of writing, despite WWE hyping up that 85,000 tickets had been signed up for to investors.

Historically low product interest in the UK, or the effects of the ongoing cost of living crisis?